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    • Check if your SD partition gets mounted with a SELinux context (see my edited post above regarding this aspect). If yes, I would first try to disable the latter ("/vendor/bin/setenforce 0"). In fact, I'd do that anyway, just to be sure. ^^ If you mean this bug: https://gitlab.com/LineageOS/issues/android/-/issues/3321 reported by @EskeRahn, I think that was introduced only in LOS 18.1. As far as I understand, things were fine in 16.0 and 17.1. I do not know for sure, though, as I'm not using multiple keyboard layouts on my 16.0 ROM. If you provide me with sufficiently precise test-case instructions, I can check the functionality in question on my device if you want ...
    • Not sure, but it is true for the Pro1 and Pro1x.  It will brick the device.  I've never tried to relock a bootloader on any previous device, so I don't know.  Had Dirty Unicorns on my Nexus 5.  I miss that phone.  😉
    • Thank you @david for this insightful post! I'm sure this is going to help a lot of people who have similiar battery issues on the Pro1. Unfortunately, we do not plan to make any additional boards for Pro1 and Pro1-X. Though, we do have Pro1-X antenna boards in stock for repair and replacement.    The batteries on the Pro1-X have different connectors and protection boards compared to the Pro1. 
    • Yes, the apps may be detecting the bootloader being unlocked. You obviously bought yours second hand.  If it is rooted, it was most likely done using Magisk.  See if Magisk manager is in the app tray.  If you open it, it should offer to uninstall Magisk, which I assume unroots, although I have never tried it (I have never unrooted after rooting unless I was wiping and reflashing everything). I have no idea if a Factory Reset would get rid of root, maybe someone else knows.  
    • Oh. Sorry then. Is it new thing? Once I locked bootloader on Nexus 5 with Lineage OS. But it's much older device.
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