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    • Yeah, I think that once the battery goes to sleep, nothing short of taking the phone apart and providing a direct jolt of energy will allow it to charge and supply power.  Something that would be waaay above my pay grade. Maybe you could tie it to a kite and fly it in a thunder storm... 😄  
    • Thanks! I wrote them an email through the support form. Looks like this is happening to quite a few people. And getting ADB to do anything also seems impossible with the battery in its current state, because recovery/fastboot modes won't work.
    • It looks like you've run into the dreaded battery protection issue.  Most Pro1xs are fine when delivered. Even sitting for a year in the warehouse, the batteries should have 30-50% charge (Mine, delivered in early April 2023 had 50% charge), but the battery protection apparently has a flaw they are investigating.  If the battery becomes somehow completely deleted, it enters a sleep state and won't charge.  You should contact FxcTec at [email protected] to open a support ticket. Sorry 😞
    • Hi! I got my Pro1X today, but it refuses to charge or turn on. When I plug in an USB cable, the LED lights up for a second, but then nothing happens. No charging/battery display, the screen stays black, can't turn it on, etc. Is there anything I can do? Thanks!   [EDIT] Things I tried, both with and without a cable connected: -Holding power button down for 60+ seconds -Power button + Vol up and down -While connected to the PC, using Power + Vol down to enable that recovery mode or whatever it's called. Here, the LED lights up for a bit after a while, but nothing else happens.   Nothing so far. 😞
    • I read some messages in this thread, but not all.  Have the pro1X wifi problems been resolved by any of the beta firmware? Based on my very limited testing, it seems like it might have problems with interoperability with some wifi access point hardware/firmware.  In my case, I noticed some oddities with a couple 2.4 GHz access points.  Thankfully my main one seems to work reasonably well.  All my 5.8 GHz access points have horribly weak (unusable) signals at distances that my pro1 worked on fine (and my pro1 is much worse than any other phone I have tested). Oddly enough, the rebooting when connecting to one of my 2.4GHz access points, which happens with my pro1, does not happen with my pro1x.  I've come across a few access points over the years that cause my pro1 to reboot the instant it connects to them.  My pro1X also reboots when starting a test on the speedtest app on *any* 2.4GHz wifi connection.  The pro1x doesn't do this. I read speculation in the forums that USA cell issues are difficult for developers in china or the uk to reproduce.  I would hope wifi issues would not be so difficult to see, regardless of location.  The fact that these issues still persist after months of the phone being released is concerning.
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