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    After using my Pro1 for a little bit, I wanted to share my Tasker profiles here. Tasker is that one app I've had bought just in case but never really used before. But on the Pro1 it turned out to be very useful to create workarounds for some of the software issues. That also means I'm pretty much a beginner when it comes to Tasker. This stuff does work on my phone, though. Not going to explain how to import these, nor do I have actually tried to import them back myself, but the files look like they contain everything needed. If problems arise, just ask. Force Landscape on Keyboard Out Have Tasker set the forced orientation. This lets you have auto-rotate off and still have landscape mode in apps that the Fx's orientation changer does not affect, i.e. Discord. Note that the keyboard out state is only set on the Pro1 when the "landscape orientation lock" option in the Slider settings is enabled, so leave that on. As disabling forced rotation enables auto-rotate by default, the task explicitly disables it as my preference. You can remove that if you don't like it. Also seems like there are some actions left over from when I had Edge Block in that profile, oops. They're disabled, so they do nothing, but can just be removed entirely if they bother you. Force_Landscape_Keyboard.prf.xml Edge Block Blocking accidental touches via overlays like some other apps do, but with just Tasker. This means less apps to run, one that might already run anyways and could be a bit more trustworthy if you have concerns with the other apps. You also have the freedom to adapt the overlays on certain triggers if you ever need to. This adapts to landscape orientation by blocking the keyboard-facing side. As exported, the overlays are visible and 40 pixels wide. You can edit the scenes' color to be fully transparent and change the width if you wish. The profile currently also uses 3 separate scenes for the overlays. Portrait and Landscape 1 could possibly be merged, but I haven't bothered since it works well as is. Note that these overlays do not cover the status or navigation bar. Edge_Block.prf.xmlEdge_Block_Landscape.scn.xmlEdge_Block_Portrait.scn.xmlEdge_Block_Portrait_2.scn.xml Re-Enable Keyboard Backlight (needs root) Automatically turn on the keyboard backlight when the screen is turned on and the keyboard is out. Simple. This is done by simulating a F6 press, just like the slider sensor does right now when the keyboard is opened. Re_Enable_Keyboard_Backlight.prf.xml GCam Camera Button Hack (needs root) This is a somewhat convoluted solution which could be streamlined with other mapping apps or AutoInput. I decided to skip all of these nice things and do this instead. But hey, it works! It enables using the camera button to launch GCam and to take photos with it. Here's how it works: Uninstall the Snapdragon Camera via ADB to free up the Camera button launcher. (that one you need to do yourself) Listen to the Logcat logs the camera button launcher outputs when the camera button is pressed. Then either... ...launch GCam. ...or simulate a Volume Down press when the app is active to take a photo. No focus button, but GCam seems to be constantly auto-focusing anyways. Button state is written to a variable as one profile listening to Logcat seems to consume the message. Not sure if there's a better way. And no, the Camera Button event unfortunately doesn't work in Tasker. Probably because the Snapdragon Camera launcher application is still hogging the button, but it doesn't seem like that's a normal app rather than a random system binary. Set_CamButton_State.prf.xmlCamera_Launcher.prf.xmlCamera_Button_Take_Photo.prf.xml This stuff is pretty much simple enough for anyone to make themselves, but maybe this helps someone anyways. Edit: The stuff marked as needing root could possibly be used unrooted if the Shell actions are replaced with ADB Wifi actions. ADB Wifi is a bit cumbersome to set up and doesn't persist through reboots, though. So, should work, but haven't tested.
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    Though this technically works, no 5) should be taken with more than a pinch of salt, as this comes at a cost&risk - that for some will be acceptable and for others not. 5a) Reduced functionality. Depending on the selected "Display size" & "Font size" (under normal Settings, Display, Advanced) you will have troubles accessing the standard vertical ellipsis top right menu selector in many apps, unless you reduce the border size - and reducing it obviously make the app less useful also. The scroll-bar slider in e.g. the Apps list or your browser will also be inaccessible, or at best harder to access. 5b) Security! There is a missing step after "Open EdgeNull" that is that you has to allow it the "Draw over other apps" permission. It will (for good technical reasons) need that to work as it is supposed to, BUT this also gives the app access to all touches you do on the screen(!). So at the least in theory, it could detect you entering your code to say your banking app, or entering credit card info and misuse it... And even if we assume that this version is perfectly benign a later update might not be. So know that it comes with a security risk. And no I'm not saying anything on whether this is a risk worth taking or not, I'll leave it to your personal paranoia to decide. I personally am not happy with it.... There is a similar app with the long name "No more accidental touching", that (obviously) have the same principal pluses and minuses but let you control right and left independent. It is inactive in landscape Optimally a functionality limiting the edge touch sensitivity should be build in, and not a third party app, for security reasons. AND it would be great if the zones were not fixed, maybe using the gyro-sensor and the like, so detecting that we are holding it (almost) still should have these inactive borders move away, but kick in as soon as we start handing the device, as this is the most likely time of accidental interaction. I'll tag @tdm here, as this might be an idea to add on the LineageOS, if the stock will not do it - so I better tag @Waxberry also hoping they will add something like this stock.
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    Not dismissing your frustration or criticizing your venting (we're here for you, pal), but for anyone new and curious about the Pro 1, this is NOT my experience with my Pro 1. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I'm impressed. I'm not sure I could (strength-wise) rip my Pro 1 in two, though I won't make the experiment.
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    It's not perfect out of the box, but with Gcam this phone actually ended up surprising me. With Gcam: And even with Snapdragon camera, this concert photo isn't exactly the best but it fits the purpose:
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    As a longtime physical keyboard lover I waited with a lot of anticipation for the Pro1. And waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, January 2020, when the $650 I spent on the phone seemed the most ridiculous, the phone arrived. Nevertheless, I was excited and immediately unboxed. Right away I had such a miserable and frustrating time applying the screen protector. Never had such a pain with other phones but no matter what I did countless bubbles and dust particles made the final product look like total crap. The whole sheet ended up crumpled in a mess in the garbage can. This would set the tone of my entire experience with the Fxtec Pro1. I am here now to vent - I really towed the line to friends and family for awhile. I really wanted to LOVE this phone. Now it is broken in two pieces in a trash can and I am back on my old G5. The Good aka Not a lot of meat on this bone. - The keyboard is cool when you finally are in a position to use it - Good battery life - AMOLED display looks nice I wish I could say more. This is all that comes to mind. The Bad aka Total UX Death by a thousand clunky cuts. - The curved screen edges. Jesus god, this one design 'feature' is probably the main reason I am done with this phone. The accidental touches are CONSTANT. Forget using the phone one handed unless you can palm a basketball. Yes, it is possible to hold the phone without touching the screen but it is not intuitive and 9/10 times your natural hold will be an issue. They also make opening the phone's keyboard even more difficult. - Accidental touches. In addition to the touches from the curved screen edges I am CONSTANTLY hitting buttons with my cheek during calls. I have never had another phone with this issue. Its like it just randomly decides to activate the touchscreen. Speaker, Mute, whatever my cheek grazes. - Big and heavy. The price for the physical keyboard. I knew there would be some bulk from the keyboard but I saw the specs and did not expect it to be that big a problem. Sitting next to any other phone it is pretty dramatic. This compounds with the awkward way you have to hold it thanks to the curved edges; you really notice the heft. - Accidentally button presses. The wake button is dead center along the right hand edge of the phone. So the natural place you'd hold the phone one handed, and a number of other instances (like getting leverage to open the keyboard) causes you to frequently hit the button. - Software is clunky. Frequently had issues where the keyboard would stop working & had to reset the phone. When the phone is in landscape with the keyboard open, you could only wake the device with the keyboard sometimes. Other times, you had to reach behind for the sleep button, swipe open, resume your task. The stock camera app is grotesque. - The UX for opening the keyboard is awful. Mechanically the design seems solid enough but the action itself is like opening a mouse trap. With one hand it is a difficult and perilous maneuver at best. Even with two hands you always have to be "holding on" or the phone is likely to jump away from you. The above constantly pokes at you, slowly but surely making you miserable. Today, the phone fell from about 2 ft (box spring+mattress) to the floor. The edge of the screen cracked pretty good and with it, my patience for the phone. I tore it in half and threw it away. No, I don't typically do that to my phones. Yes, it was cathartic. I am sorry FXtec, I will still be looking at the Pro2 if it ever exists. But I no longer us the Pro1. Thanks for letting me vent everyone, -
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    I can access scroll bars with 30 quite well. I just need to touch screen where the curve starts. It is not ideal of course but better than nothing in my opinion. There is also app called "No more accidentally touching" which allow you to have different settings on left and right. Then you are able to have 30 on right and 40 on left for example.
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    Speaking of helping, I was going to mention I would be happy to be a US supplier of black dots to folks who need them. I'll set aside what I need and then dole out to others as needed. There will be no cost to those I dole out to. ๐Ÿ™‚ I count 7 black dots. Anyone know if that's correct or are there ones under the keyboard I can't see?
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    Well I have learned to use it without the edge being an issue also, but we have to admit that due to the need of pushing at one side and&or pulling up at the other, the Pro1 has a higher likelihood of accidental edge-interaction than ordinary slabs with edge-screens.
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    Thanks to the guys at MediaDevil, after a couple more attempts we found that their iPhone 6/7/8 Plus leather pulltab case is a far better fit for the Pro1. They ship internationally and I could not recommend their customer service enough. Also the quality and workmanship of the case is excellent. https://mediadevil.com/collections/apple-iphone-8-plus-accessories/products/artisanpouch-leather-pouch-case-apple-iphone-6-plus
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    Fx Qwerty v0.1.1 layout. EDIT: This is now outdated, check out Fx Qwerty home page for up to date versions.
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    I used a product called Dragon Grips. I bought a collection of stickers https://www.amazon.com/tablets-computer-sticker-nonskid-rectangles/dp/B07DD532WM and played tetris, but I think it could be done better by cutting a 5x7" sheet (which they also sell). I would have wrapped it around the corners more if I had thought about it when applying it, as that might have added a tiny bit of protection; I mainly did it for grip, but it does stick just fine around curved edges. I forgot not to cover the mic hole the first time so fixed that after the fact, would have done it better if I'd thought of that. Feels real good.
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    In addition to that, DragonBox has a nice "Hints and fixes" page for Pro1. https://www.dragonbox.de/index.php?fc=module&module=ybc_blog&controller=blog&id_lang=1&id_post=9 I am using Edge Null with "Detect Edge Swipes" activated. I would add Google Camera to the list also (either BSG or PocoPhone F1 port). @fxyo1 If you want to sell the broken unit I would like to have it for spare parts.
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    Workarounds for most of the issues are documented here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15uE12Yv5nMvIF42U33cY5FQoF6M66QIn00cC876uf7Y/edit#gid=0
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    I just decided to review my original essential feature request list. As stock development appears stalled, I'm comparing Lineage test6. #1, check. #2, check. #3, check. #4 check. #5 check. Nice ๐Ÿ™‚ (Plus keyboard shortcuts and symbols too, both on sym key and on longpress for accented letters). Let's hope stock does the same when the next OTA comes thru.
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    My biggest disappointment is the keyboard itself. Typing on it is just so damn hard. It feels like one or those dreams where you want to run but just can't.. It's that frustrating to me. I was so looking forward to having a phone with a keyboard again but in practice I hardly use it. And I hate onscreen keyboards so go figure. Sigh... I remember the old days like it was yesterday. My HTC Wizard back in 2005 was my closest buddy back then. I just totally loved the simple keyboard slider and how fast I could type on it. But the Pro1 keys are so hard to press. It's really a struggle to go from one letter to the next. Instead I want to be able to fly over the keys as if it's nothing. That's simply impossible with the Pro1. Now I can live with the clunkiness but the weight and the fact it's so slippery already caused the phone to slide out of my hands and straight onto the floor. There are no signs of damage so I was really lucky. Since then I'm way more careful. But now since I hardly use the keyboard the weight is starting to feel like a downside. Like the OP I really really wanted to love this phone. I very much appreciate all the efforts of Chen and his team. They all went to hell and back for us to make this device possible. But now I very much wish they'd made different design choices. I think the hinge system is over designed. It is quite hard to open and that creates a mental barrier everytime I think I would prefer a physical keyboard. Then I also think about how stiff those keys are and these two factors simply have kept it closed for most of the time. In fact I now only open the keyboard to use it as a glorified stand when watching YouTube. That's not the kind of use I was anticipating at all. So yes, I typed this entire text using SwiftKey instead of the physical keyboard. Now I'm really thinking to sell the phone. Unfortunately my old phone died just after the Pro1 arrived. Its life was already hanging by a thread and I got really lucky with timing. So that means I'm in the market soon for yet another new device and then I'm afraid I will never use the Pro1 again. And it saddens me to say it. That old phone was a Moto Z Play by the way and I very much had wanted the keyboard mod for it. (And I will never buy a Motorola again seeing as how they simply dumped Chen and his team in the end but that's another story). I sincerely hope Fxtec will come up with a Pro2 and that they will get rid of all the Pro1's downsides. For me that means keys with less resistance, a fully flat screen with a proper edge to push against to open it, the fingerprint sensor moved up and above the volume buttons to prevent accidental unlocking (or even better but probably too far-fetched for a start-up: behind the screen), and pure black amoled instead of the weird grays it displays now (this is my 4th amoled phone and it's the first with these symptoms). And instead of a complicated hinge I would really like to suggest a simple sliding mechanism so that with a simple push against a proper screen edge it slightly clicks and then slides open with minimal effort. And then when fully opened it is optionally possible to hinge the screen but I don't mind a design without. All the best for the development team! Thanks so much for all your efforts. It's really much appreciated.
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    ...And you find that mentioned in the middle of my reply to the OP... ๐Ÿ˜œ
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    (then again I'm on holiday for the middle three weeks in March so there will be limited help in that period)
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    I bricked my phone, so in fact I followed the directions Chen Posted to reflash both the A and B partitions via ADB, and then retook all OTAs. However, I suspect factory reset might be enough, if anything here is working and it isn't just some weird alignment of the planets for David and myself. Lol.
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    regarding LED lights for incoming SMS i realized the following thing : messages sent to my mobile number as regular SMS do *NOT* elicit any LED activity, or just a short little green blip. however, when messages are sent to my mobile phone SMS address as email such as [email protected] then a beautiful green light starts blinking regularly and right away, together with sound and vibration. i need to point out that this email address get forwarded by Bell to my gmail address. so this fact may perhaps facilitate something googly inside the Android OS ? importantly, i don't read email at all directly on my Pro1 but remotely on a server via vpn/ssh/alpine. the only app i have installed and currently active is "VolumeControl" to separately control the volume for incoming phone calls vs txt messages - though it's somewhat useless and i may remove this app altogether - just like so many other apps i tried for the LED business, for volume control, rotation control etc. the only useful app so far is EdgeNull for me. regarding missed calls - i don't know (yet) much about the response pattern of the LEDs - seems somewhat erratic anyway...
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    I really love the work you are doing here, but for me, the big issue that keeps me with FinQwerty is the intuitive functioning of the shift keys to get the symbols over the number keys, even at the cost of displacing the "/" and the "?". By the way, where is "?" on your layout-- I'm assuming it's still on th eL key, but just was accidentally left off your print. What I'd really love is for shift to work and "/?" to be moved to the right yellow arrow key, but not sure that is doable or I think FinQwerty would have. Most of your red layer I don't really care much about, but does your software allow those things like "agenda" to be defined as to which app they launch? I don't ise many Googl apps and would hope they aren't tied to specific choices. Again, great work!
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    At least with the help of Titanium, it allowed me to do batch freezing and unfreezing with filters I set up, and I did half at a time, so it only took several attempts to find it. I refuse to call Windows applications "apps". They are programs or applications. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been meaning to organize my apps for a while now. I'll probably end up uninstalling some that I feel I will never use, but if there is a chance I might use it, I'll keep it around... "just in case", and then never remember that I have the app. ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Sorry, couldn't resist the thread title. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I posted this in the protective cases thread, but this isn't really about directly protecting the Pro1 but increasing the grip on the back of the Pro 1 which is quite slippery. I don't like putting cases on my phones (a bumper might be nice), but even if you are using a pouch or a case, if you ever use the phone outside the case, this could be relevant. I love how the naked Pro 1 feels in my hands, but I worried about the slickness of the back, especially when drawing it out of my pocket. A number of folks have used different non-case solutions and I hope they post here too. Here is my solution: This is a matte black DBrand skin intended for a Note 10. I tried a Huawei P20 Pro skin but it seemed to have the bezel to camera hole proportion not quite right for the Pro 1. The Note 10 Skin was too wide, but the camera to bezel proportion was perfect, the camera window fit fine,including the flash, and the microphone hole was *almost* right (minor Exacto surgery involved). I trimmed the width (portrait) and that's about it. My production skills with trimming are not the best, even with an Exacto and metal straight edge lol, but the matte black color hides most of my flaws. It definitely gives the phone more grip while leaving the nice feel of the phone in your hand. I wasn't brave enough to try a cutout for the F(x) Tec logo. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I've had it on for a week now and no problem with the skin not holding tight or catching. It feels so comfortable in the hand and I no longer have any concerns about my grip on the phone. It has just enough texture without any sense of added bulk. By the way, I purposely cut the width so tat it didn't wrap around the edges. I did that so I wouldn't have to didle with cuts for button placement. Also, going around the edges has little benefit to my purpose of giving more grip to the backside. And finally, DBrand shows using a hairdryer to heat the wrap around edges and I didn't want to do that. ๐Ÿ˜„ The skin grips perfectly without heat on a flat surface. There might be cheaper skins out there. There are also more imaginative designs, even in the DBrad offerings. I liked the subtlty of the matte black. I want people to see a Pro 1, not a phone with a fancy tattoo. What do you have? I love this.
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    The "Edge Null" is a workaround that comes with cost and risk, see also this
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    I just love the helpfulness of people in here, thanks. ๐Ÿค—
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    I have bought a foil from https://www.bestskinsever.com/ and cut it, then applied to the back of my Pro1 just before I started to use the phone. I think it is a very good and strong material - it was not really easy to even cut a small hole near noise microphone using a sharp pliers when I found it during the apply of the foil. First I have almost cut it in the wrong place but it can not be seen. So I want to say it is stronger than I thought it first. Unfortunately, they are not selling pre-cut foils for Pro1 but I am thinking to cut my own also for display. However, I am afraid how perfectly I can cut it near speaker (earpiece).
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    Thank you for your answers ๐Ÿ˜Š I think I am convinced enought now that I "need/want" a pro1! But I am still a bit worried about the random reboots ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
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    These are all valid complaints yet most of them are not an issue for me anymore after getting used to them. I have not much problems handling the phone carefully to not press the side buttons and screen edges, am used to huge phones already, and I simply like the hinge mechanism as is. The issue with cheeks pressing the screen during calls is supposed to be prevented by the proximity sensor turning off the screen in calls, and at least for me it seems to try but I have to admit it has happened to me once or twice, but it did so for phones before that too, maybe it can be tweaked in software but I don't know if it's even possible. These issues will most likely be fixed relatively soon with a firmware update... Of course until then they are still here. And the option to have Lineage or Sailfish right from the start really offsets a lot this to me personally also. And like @Hook I also don't intend to be dismissive, these are all issues that exist and it's good to have complaints out there so people can make up their own mind about whether they'd like the phone or not. Just felt the need to explain it is not the same as my experience. I guess I am more forgiving towards phones and especially when they have a keyboard ๐Ÿ˜„... PS: If you are interested to sell the broken Pro1 I may be interested to buy it, feel free to PM about this.
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    The next OTA should pull either your or my keyboard driver and fix this.
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    He said MI6 was asking questions. I told him to send them to @EskeRahn.
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    It's a known bug in the keyboard driver. Certain keys are "dead" at reboot until you press any other key. I have not heard whether there are plans for a fix soon. But it's already fixed in Lineage.
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    I just published what's basically a modified variant of FinQwerty called Fx Qwerty with focus on Pro1 usability.
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    Maybe it depends on the hand size / type or anything related but I like its keyboard. So it seems unfortunately it is not suitable for you. ๐Ÿ˜ž I don't feel pressing keys are hard anyway. Now I have compared it against three of my N900s. Two of them have a really similar strength of keypresses - maybe only a very little bit easier to press than my Pro1 but I am unsure if there is really a difference so I may say there is almost no difference. The third N900 has much easier keypresses anyway. I don't really like the curved screen either but I can live with it... fingerprint sensor is much better since I use a case for it but i agree it may be placed towards the top of the phone. I don't know what grey you are speaking about related to the display. I think its colours are basically good but it goes wrong below 40-45%. Maybe you refer to it as problem with grey... I hope they will find a solution for that. Anyway, I like this sliding design. I agree it is not the easiest thing to open it at first but it can be learnt and it only opens if I want it to be opened. When I used my N900, it could open up partly while it was in my pocket. It will never happen with my Pro1 and I am happy with it this way.
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    Does this happen regardless or where you go or only in one room/house? I've seen wandering lost souls EMI (electromagnetic interference) drive things like touchscreens mad before, albeit only in fairly extreme cases like firing a stun gun close to a device.
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    Time to get out the ouija board app!
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    And some apps like the stock Contacts have a narrow scrollbar BUT it is actually possible to access it touching beside it, and that reduces the problem. And some apps seems to have a slider that is completely inactive, and indicative only (I have not succeeded in grabbing it in the language list of SwiftKey yet...), so for those it does not matter either.
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    I also found out that out of X-Plore (long press, Open With), Solid Explorer, Total Commander and Explorer (the one @Hook uses), only Explorer opens Gallery Go in the way it would be opened if you opened Gallery Go and opened an image. The other 3 open it in some sort of restricted mode, where you can share, but the other editing functions aren't available. Some sort of read-only mode. That may be due to an android change that the others haven't caught up with yet, or they did it on purpose.
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    Great news! Thanks for your effort!
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    I made the above halfway as a joke at getting more grip, but it really has grown on me, and a shorter piece is all it need to do the trick. It is especially useful with a flip-case, as it would be a nuisance in&out of a sleeve or pocket if exposed. If you place a piece of just say 2-3 x 15-20 mm above the fingerprint reader, you will be able to unlock an lift in one movement. Touch, await the haptic feedback, and lift. (The red lines are reflections from my red table used as standard background)
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    That is always the risk of having many apps (lol, more than 3 I sometimes think). I remember back when I was using Palm PDAs. When things went screwy, the best, but most painful, approach was to hard reset and then install one app (they were called programs back then ๐Ÿ˜‰), test, install another app, test and so forth until you found the culprit.
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    Yes, AppWereRabbit can be confusing and it is still in development. E.g. the author wants to implement batch data recovery, which is missing so far. Looking at the list of issues with oandbackup on GitHub, you can see for yourself whether oandbackup would work for you or not. The author is still active and does release new versions every now and then. The last update made oandbackup ready for Android Pie. IF you are a messy like me, and have 500+ apps installed, any backup solution will fail for at least one app ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    We know from the help others thread that @Serolfic is in the UK, so maybe he would like to help. But note that the seller does not say that they ONLY send to the OK, it just says So I have sent a mail asking for shipping charges. As it is just a matter of a plain envelope, I guess it can not be much. I mean should it be bent so we loose a few stickers it does not matter at all...
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    Only some see those reboots, I have not seen it at all. And from another thread it seems like it might be related to carriers using certain network bands. and when the carrier passes the phone between those bands. One have reported that he gets it when he travels a certain route by train. They did have an issue on an earlier version of the software where running particular programs made the phone reboot, but that was fixed early December, if I recall correctly.
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    This is a massive improvement, thanks for the hint!
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    Mr Laska's right. His workaround solves cracking sound issues. The Magisk module is available from Magisk Manager - it's name is "Audio Compatibility Patch". I run it with LineageOS, also with Viper4Android 2.7 (installed as Magisk module, but not available from Magisk Manager). Installer demanded also "Audio Modification Library" module for multiple patches to work together. As I found somewhere on the internet, the issue is caused by too small audio buffer - crackles happen on buffer underruns.
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    My point of view as well, I'm afraid. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I only have a "lockscreen" to keep from accidentally launching icons when pulling my phone from my pocket and it opens with just a swipe. I didn't keep a padlock on my old physical datebook with a lot of personal information. Why do I need to lock my phone? (I know how people would answer that question-- but I really don't like being inconvenienced ๐Ÿ˜€). Still, on principle, if there is a fingerprint reader on the phone, it should be made to work properly.
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    Main issue with the camera seems to be that the lens they used is quite bad. Lots of distortion. Test taking a picture of a calibration pattern. Sharp in the middle but quite blurry and distorted at the edges. Sure this can be compensated for to some extent by software, but a good sensor isn't worth much if the optics in front of it are bad.
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    @lzb, here is a picture of my Relay 4G in a holster case, next to the holster case for the Pro1. The Pro1 is not in the case at the time of the picture, because it was taking the picture. The smaller holster sits up higher, but there is a considerable difference in length between the two.
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    Starting off, I know FR still uses mostly the AZERTY keyboard but who knows if they like this? I'm a Portuguese person who found out about this phone only yesterday. I'm very interested in it and, because of that, I want to propose a keyboard that should work well for latin-based languages. To make this economically viable, I believe many destinations require the same keyboard. Here are the keyboard layouts I believe should be able to fit in, in a single fxtec keyboard layout. (Images courtesy of wikipedia) pt-PT: pt-BR: es-ES: ES-[nearly all others] fr-CA (maybe similar to an fr-FR) With these in mind, I created a few layouts in http://www.keyboard-layout-editor.com, which I share here as attachment for discussion. I made different layouts for what I believe to be acceptable compromises for all these languages. If the keys can change shape, I believe this to be the optimum: f(x)tec_pro1_lat-layout__balanced_compromise_plusOwnรง.json I do understand if keys cannot change chape, so, for now, I have compromises below. Do note that PT-* does not make use of "รฑ". So, if you can have 2 keyboard choices where the difference is just swapping "รฑ" with "รง" in the dedicated "รฑ" key, I believe that can work well for PT-* keyboards in contrast of ES keyboards. If PT people want to use รฑ, we just use the composite of "~" and "n". All below seem to be a proper compromise where all keys stay in the same shape. f(x)tec_pro1_lat-layout__balanced_compromise.json f(x)tec_pro1_lat-layout__least_compromise.json Here are two keyboards that have success where I live. Do note, I only know mobile keyboards that ended up in Portugal. Nokia 5510 (90's) HTC [I forgot the model] TyTN II (No longer works but I keep it to show to people how a good keyboard was made in the past): Nokia Asha 210. In my opinion, all of those photos of keyboards show good keyboard layouts. The HTC one has not good to type in, even though it has a good layout. So I throw the discussion. What opinions are there about my keyboard layout proposals? I rather have "รง" in its own key and I believe Spanish people will agree. Portuguese doesn't use "รฑ" key but I believe Spanish will want that one. The best option for me appears to be the first layout but it requires changing the shape of the keys, which can ruin the fine tuned feel. The alternative best option, for me, appears to be the 2nd layout where "รง" and "รฑ" keys can be swapped depending on PT-* or ES-* destination. Do you you all have to say?
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    Yeah, I guess that opening the phone voids the warranty but they could still advertise it as an answer to predictable lifespan of the device. The answer could be something like "After the warranty expires, replacing screen, battery or the USB port to prolong the lifespan of your device doesn't require special tools for gluing/soldering because these parts are accessible by removing screws. Remember that removing screws before warranty expires voids it.". So it says that the phone is expected to work ever after warranty and any malfunctions past the warranty period won't turn it into piece of electronic trash. I think it's especially important because I'm sure that most of small, local phone repair services will see that phone for the first time ever after someone brings it to them after the warranty expires. People will know that the Pro1 isn't some kind of devilish phone that nobody will try to fix for them because of complexity or because it's exotic phone and also will know that with enough skill they can repair it by themselves and save some money. I'm sure that in 5 years Pro1 will still be used by people who bought it. I guess that for many people Pro1 will be their most expensive phone ever bought, however when looking at the fact that Pro1 is a phone made to work for a long time then buying it or few budget 250 euro phones that are made to survive only 2 years means practically spending the same amount of money over all these years, suddenly 650 euro doesn't seem like that huge price.
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