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    I found some missing libs yesterday. I almost pushed a new build but decided to wait until I investigated a2dp a bit more. Should have a new build in a few hours either way.
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    Thanks to tdm, mccreary, and everyone who has contributed to aosp, cyanogenmod, and lineage OS, as of test6 we now have keyboard shortcuts, referred to as Bookmarks. Since the lineage thread is getting long and too many topics, thought it might be worth starting a thread to share this info. The Fxtec logo key (Fx, now assigned as Meta) in combination with various keys will perform certain functions and with letters open certain types of apps. The first time you use it, it'll let you choose which app to set as default. Here's the App Bookmarks I've found to work: Add (Calculator) Browse (Web) Contacts E-mail List (Calendar) Maps Notifications Play (Music) And other functions: BACKSPACE: Android Back DEL: Android Forward ENTER: Android Home SlantArrow+P: List Keyboard Shortcuts For reference, these come from AOSP: https://github.com/aosp-mirror/platform_frameworks_base/blob/6bebb8418ceecf44d2af40033870f3aabacfe36e/core/res/res/xml/bookmarks.xml Others that could be added by developers, like Y for youtube, and plus alt for capslock is supposed to be hardcoded i think, but doesn't seem to work for me.
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    test7 is up. This has some missing audio libs that should make audio behave better. Please test and let me know. a2dp is still broken but other bluetooth functions seem to be okay (tested file transfer). @EskeRahn this will hopefully make [email protected] behave better. @EskeRahn no I didn't do any screen calibration that I'm aware. @Kabbone yes double tap to sleep works.
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    I had asked the same message via Email and got the following response:
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    So I said other cool features. How bout wake on keypress? Now it works for every key. And backlight too. You can move the status bar time back to the right in settings. You can select which orientations are permitted during auto-rotate. If you think your phone works better in portrait upside down, disable 0degrees and enable 180. If you dont want it to accidentally upside-down landscape and confuse you when you try to open the keyboard, then disable 270. Also by default, it displays LTE to indicate 4G connections. Someone complained about this in stock, I assume this user prefers LTE as they wouldn't want to confuse themself and think they were using some other top-secret 4G technology they hadn't heard of - problem solved! You may recall the emoji keyboard that pops up on stock when you release Alt without pressing another letter. Well now we also get a symbol keyboard the same way with the SYM key (now assigned to Right Alt). I think this requires gboard, but not 100% sure, as I do have gboard. (Terminal is included with Lineage; enable it in developer settings.) And, if you hold down a letter that can accept an accent, you get choices: e
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    I see these ghost touches when a certain charger is connected. On another phone, I had ghost touches in strong winds...
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    When I tapped the third one down in the list, nothing happened. Then 20 minutes later someone banged on my door. When I opened it there was a guy standing there with a take-away demanding ยฃ15. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
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    One more feature request - a way to lock from keyboard. I often leave my device sitting on my desk in landscape, and its awkward to reach around back to lock. If I could do from keyboard somehow, that'd be great. If its possible as a bookmark, meta/Fx+something would be great. Otherwise, left-slant-arrow plus something would be just as good.
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    I recently contacted support because I hadn't recieved the update mails and they wrote that part of the staff is already at the factory again. There might still be problems with recieving components from suppliers and obviously they cannot produce at full output, but at least it seems like something is going further a bit :)
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    Unfortunately, not speaking about F(x)tec, the same case applies to Chinese manufacturers... basically nobody knows what is going to happen.
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    As a longtime physical keyboard lover I waited with a lot of anticipation for the Pro1. And waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, January 2020, when the $650 I spent on the phone seemed the most ridiculous, the phone arrived. Nevertheless, I was excited and immediately unboxed. Right away I had such a miserable and frustrating time applying the screen protector. Never had such a pain with other phones but no matter what I did countless bubbles and dust particles made the final product look like total crap. The whole sheet ended up crumpled in a mess in the garbage can. This would set the tone of my entire experience with the Fxtec Pro1. I am here now to vent - I really towed the line to friends and family for awhile. I really wanted to LOVE this phone. Now it is broken in two pieces in a trash can and I am back on my old G5. The Good aka Not a lot of meat on this bone. - The keyboard is cool when you finally are in a position to use it - Good battery life - AMOLED display looks nice I wish I could say more. This is all that comes to mind. The Bad aka Total UX Death by a thousand clunky cuts. - The curved screen edges. Jesus god, this one design 'feature' is probably the main reason I am done with this phone. The accidental touches are CONSTANT. Forget using the phone one handed unless you can palm a basketball. Yes, it is possible to hold the phone without touching the screen but it is not intuitive and 9/10 times your natural hold will be an issue. They also make opening the phone's keyboard even more difficult. - Accidental touches. In addition to the touches from the curved screen edges I am CONSTANTLY hitting buttons with my cheek during calls. I have never had another phone with this issue. Its like it just randomly decides to activate the touchscreen. Speaker, Mute, whatever my cheek grazes. - Big and heavy. The price for the physical keyboard. I knew there would be some bulk from the keyboard but I saw the specs and did not expect it to be that big a problem. Sitting next to any other phone it is pretty dramatic. This compounds with the awkward way you have to hold it thanks to the curved edges; you really notice the heft. - Accidentally button presses. The wake button is dead center along the right hand edge of the phone. So the natural place you'd hold the phone one handed, and a number of other instances (like getting leverage to open the keyboard) causes you to frequently hit the button. - Software is clunky. Frequently had issues where the keyboard would stop working & had to reset the phone. When the phone is in landscape with the keyboard open, you could only wake the device with the keyboard sometimes. Other times, you had to reach behind for the sleep button, swipe open, resume your task. The stock camera app is grotesque. - The UX for opening the keyboard is awful. Mechanically the design seems solid enough but the action itself is like opening a mouse trap. With one hand it is a difficult and perilous maneuver at best. Even with two hands you always have to be "holding on" or the phone is likely to jump away from you. The above constantly pokes at you, slowly but surely making you miserable. Today, the phone fell from about 2 ft (box spring+mattress) to the floor. The edge of the screen cracked pretty good and with it, my patience for the phone. I tore it in half and threw it away. No, I don't typically do that to my phones. Yes, it was cathartic. I am sorry FXtec, I will still be looking at the Pro2 if it ever exists. But I no longer us the Pro1. Thanks for letting me vent everyone, -
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    Logged in hoping to catch @fxyo1 before it's too late: Please dig it out of the trash!!! There are LOTS of useful components, I would personally pay you cash for it. I'm sure others here or on Ebay would too. Like hundreds of dollars. - Battery - Keyboard - Shell - Main Board / CPU / RAM - Buttons / Sensors - etc It's just that these phones are so rare. Having one for parts is still super valuable!! I hope I caught you in time... otherwise what a waste ๐Ÿ˜ญ
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    @Craig I'll respond once here... In theory gapps should persist from install to install. If that is not working, someone may need to investigate. You do not need to re-install the recovery once you have it. I'll try to get the instructions updated. The slant arrows are fully dead keys in the current Lineage build. I would like to make them customizable but haven't gotten there yet, as there are higher priority issues. After they are customizable, however, you will still need to keep at least one key as KEY_FN (or whatever I decide to make it) for a fully dead modifier. But you will be able to use the other however you wish. You are currently able to make KEY_FN+KEY_# into KEY_F# (but obviously there are only ten digits so I don't know what you have in mind for F11 and F12). You are also able to remap KEY_FN+KEY_DEL into KEY_INS. There is no GUI for this, you need to know the physical key numbers and the Linux key codes. Reference the keyboard driver here for the physical key numbers and the Linux header here for the key codes. You remap keys by writing to the file "/sys/bus/i2c/drivers/aw9523b/6-0058/keymap" in a format that I mentioned earlier: "key:code:fn-code", where "key" is the physical key number in decimal, "code" is the regular Linux key code in hex, and "fn-code" is the slant-arrow Linux key code logically OR-ed with any modifiers (0x8000 for shift, 0x4000 for ctrl, 0x2000 for alt). So let's make KEY_FN+KEY_1 send KEY_F1. The "1" key is physical key 57, KEY_1 is 2 (0x02), and KEY_F1 is 59 (0x3b). Note you will need to be root to do this (adb root, adb shell): echo "57:02:3b" > "/sys/bus/i2c/drivers/aw9523b/6-0058/keymap" To send a shifted F1, you would use "57:02:803b". To map KEY_FN+KEY_DELETE to KEY_INSERT, use "21:6f:6e". I think I will probably make it the default for next build, thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚ Locking the screen may be done with either KEY_SCREENLOCK (152 or 0x98) or KEY_POWER (116 or 0x74). You'll need to decide which physical key to use for that. Perhaps KEY_FN+KEY_SPACE? This is all very tedious, error prone, and time consuming. So you can create a file "/persist/data/keyboard/keymap" that has the keymap that you like and it will be loaded at boot.
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    Ordered September 20, no tracking number, no stock assigned. Didn't think of canceling. Waiting for production to restart.
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    Ya now you mention it its possible with keymapper too. But I was thinking something built in, ideally I dont want to have to run keymapper or tasker, be able to do everything just by editing files or settings etc (even with adb root shell is fine).
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    Most humans do start with a tricycle before bicycle for that very reason, sometimes for years. And then some even switch up to four wheels for a while before going to 2....
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    @roland I love how 'stiff' the keys are. And after just a couple minutes typing on it I can almost type blind. Always interesting to see how different our silly human brains work ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    Unlikely, but we shall see. The change that enables the accent chooser is the same one that enables sticky shift: setting the keyboard type to ALPHA in the kcm file (instead of FULL). I'm not sure if that can be overridden. Perhaps others could investigate.
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    This can easily be done by setting it to thumb keyboard instead of full keyboard, which I expect they'll fix in next OTA But, I dunno if this particular feature will play friendly with the longpress shortcuts they added to their launcher. Longpress accents would most likely still work other places outside launcher of course... (and the bookmarks I mentioned above are global, unrelated to launcher, can switch app to app that way) and you don't need them while using the launcher, just dunno if it could interfere.
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    It has come to my attention that the Edge Block profile didn't actually export with the scenes, so I've edited the post to add them as separate files.
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    My friend told me about this strange behaviour a few weeks ago. Before that I ran into this problem but as pressing an other key solved it, I didn't really care of it. A little bit after he said it I ran into this thing again and showed him if he is speaking about this behaviour. It was not after a reboot but I have opened the keyboard and started typing... so I showed him I pressed one of the buttons several times and nothing happened... then I have pressed a button nearby which appeared and then the previous button also worked. Anyway, I thought it is much better than the previous "keyboard stopped working" bug, so I can live with it. Otherwise, the keyboard driver has improved a lot since then by @tdm and @netman so I really hope stock firmware will also contain these improvements...
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    After using my Pro1 for a little bit, I wanted to share my Tasker profiles here. Tasker is that one app I've had bought just in case but never really used before. But on the Pro1 it turned out to be very useful to create workarounds for some of the software issues. That also means I'm pretty much a beginner when it comes to Tasker. This stuff does work on my phone, though. Not going to explain how to import these, nor do I have actually tried to import them back myself, but the files look like they contain everything needed. If problems arise, just ask. Force Landscape on Keyboard Out Have Tasker set the forced orientation. This lets you have auto-rotate off and still have landscape mode in apps that the Fx's orientation changer does not affect, i.e. Discord. Note that the keyboard out state is only set on the Pro1 when the "landscape orientation lock" option in the Slider settings is enabled, so leave that on. As disabling forced rotation enables auto-rotate by default, the task explicitly disables it as my preference. You can remove that if you don't like it. Also seems like there are some actions left over from when I had Edge Block in that profile, oops. They're disabled, so they do nothing, but can just be removed entirely if they bother you. Force_Landscape_Keyboard.prf.xml Edge Block Blocking accidental touches via overlays like some other apps do, but with just Tasker. This means less apps to run, one that might already run anyways and could be a bit more trustworthy if you have concerns with the other apps. You also have the freedom to adapt the overlays on certain triggers if you ever need to. This adapts to landscape orientation by blocking the keyboard-facing side. As exported, the overlays are visible and 40 pixels wide. You can edit the scenes' color to be fully transparent and change the width if you wish. The profile currently also uses 3 separate scenes for the overlays. Portrait and Landscape 1 could possibly be merged, but I haven't bothered since it works well as is. Note that these overlays do not cover the status or navigation bar. Edge_Block.prf.xmlEdge_Block_Landscape.scn.xmlEdge_Block_Portrait.scn.xmlEdge_Block_Portrait_2.scn.xml Re-Enable Keyboard Backlight (needs root) Automatically turn on the keyboard backlight when the screen is turned on and the keyboard is out. Simple. This is done by simulating a F6 press, just like the slider sensor does right now when the keyboard is opened. Re_Enable_Keyboard_Backlight.prf.xml GCam Camera Button Hack (needs root) This is a somewhat convoluted solution which could be streamlined with other mapping apps or AutoInput. I decided to skip all of these nice things and do this instead. But hey, it works! It enables using the camera button to launch GCam and to take photos with it. Here's how it works: Uninstall the Snapdragon Camera via ADB to free up the Camera button launcher. (that one you need to do yourself) Listen to the Logcat logs the camera button launcher outputs when the camera button is pressed. Then either... ...launch GCam. ...or simulate a Volume Down press when the app is active to take a photo. No focus button, but GCam seems to be constantly auto-focusing anyways. Button state is written to a variable as one profile listening to Logcat seems to consume the message. Not sure if there's a better way. And no, the Camera Button event unfortunately doesn't work in Tasker. Probably because the Snapdragon Camera launcher application is still hogging the button, but it doesn't seem like that's a normal app rather than a random system binary. Set_CamButton_State.prf.xmlCamera_Launcher.prf.xmlCamera_Button_Take_Photo.prf.xml This stuff is pretty much simple enough for anyone to make themselves, but maybe this helps someone anyways. Edit: The stuff marked as needing root could possibly be used unrooted if the Shell actions are replaced with ADB Wifi actions. ADB Wifi is a bit cumbersome to set up and doesn't persist through reboots, though. So, should work, but haven't tested.
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    Well, yes, but if you register the part of your hand that causes inadvertent reads, the reads would be successful, and there'd be no lockouts, correct?
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    first of all, thanks for all your effort you put in this, great work @tdm! I'm not sure if this is still an standard option in the vanilla LOS, but it was available some time ago that you can lock your device by double tapping the notification bar, is this still a thing or is there any other way to lock it without the power button? I'm using mine as a daily driver, that's why I'm still waiting a bit before changing, otherwise I would just have tested this myself.
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    I'm beginning to get a little better with mine, with regards to accidental touches. Not happening as much, but I'd still like a stock setting where you can lock out different edges of the screen.
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    Possible from Tasker, but I am guessing you mean with a system setting?
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    There are only 7 actual keys in row 0. https://github.com/tdm/android_kernel_idealte_msm8998/blob/lineage-16.0/drivers/input/keyboard/qx1000.c#L252
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    Is this a layout given by LineageOS, or something within your control? If within your control, it would be awesome to extend it to mimic the four top rows of physical keys, and then let the corresponding key pressed when displayed give the symbol. e.g. Press and release of Sym displays the map, a press on the 1-key, then gives the top left symbol displayed. etc. (preferable with the printed letters faintly printed on the image to ease orientation) Make it even more awesome: allow Sym used as a modifier to give the same, e.g. Sym+1 .... And this could be extended to more complex modifier combinations, giving access to and help for even more symbols.... ...Just wishing/brain-storming...
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    I cracked the screen 2 weeks after I got it - and got it replaced a bit over a month later. It slipped because I was careless (had nothing to do with opening the keyboard).
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    Will this device get on the AER list? My employer only allows for Android devices on AER.
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    Yes, it may be related... and it may depend on if it communicates at that transition or if it is idle. Theoretically, it was idle for me but I have it connected and I have also enabled IMAP idle so it may have communicated or also not communicated depending on software state. Also, I have two SIMs inserted if that matters... on one of them, I have LTE and mobile internet enabled. On the other, mobile internet is disabled.
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    I think that it cannot be SYM since if I press SYM first then I am able to get respond from others non working keys (7 for example). Maybe it is one of the space bar switches? I don't know if am able to hit only one of them so I cannot test it. I tested every other keys earlier and they are working.
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    Just for the record... as I have mentioned it yesterday, I ran into the same problem again today near the same place at motorway (I usually go there by every two weeks). It has rebooted, asked my PINs but my fingerprints remained set which is not usual between reboots. Also uptime was 45 mins when I have noticed it, so it has really rebooted.
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    Thanks. Around 20 MB/s sequential read/write is consistent with what I and others have gotten. Something is making it perform well under the UHS-1 speeds.
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    Not quite the same, but I did discover the stock keyboard layout (QWERTY, here) supports some accents using the Alt key. E.g., alt+e is a dead acute accent, so alt+e, a will generate รก. Alt combinations I have discovered: Alt+` = dead grave accent (e.g., ร ) Alt+e = dead acute accent (e.g., รก) Alt+u = dead diaeresis (e.g., รค) Alt+i = dead circumflex accent (e.g., รข) Alt+s = sharp s (รŸ) Alt+c = c with cedilla (รง) Alt+n = dead tilde (e.g., รฃ)
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    In The Neherlands one of the larger retailers has stopped advertising and increased prices. So, I think it's safe to say that if this continues any longer you won't even be able to get an Iphone ๐Ÿ˜…. Trust me, I feel your pain. My family members are also still awaiting their phones. A Priv with a cracked screen, an S6+ over 4 years old and an... my point being, shit happens. My family has seen and held/felt a Pro1 (mine) and are still anxiously awaiting theirs ๐Ÿ˜‰. So, think before you act ๐Ÿ™„.
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    But, like you said later in your post, now exfat is open. It's in linux 5.4 kernel. We have 4.4. I believe it can be backported but I dunno about such magic, doubt we'll get it on stock. Unless it comes with like Android 11 or something.
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    The screen IS very sensitive, I can often interact with it from 1mm above the display. So my GUESS would be a screen-protector applied with some liquid that has not yet disappeared. Could that be it?
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    Time to get out the ouija board app!
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    It's not perfect out of the box, but with Gcam this phone actually ended up surprising me. With Gcam: And even with Snapdragon camera, this concert photo isn't exactly the best but it fits the purpose:
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    Priv has or is entering end of support. So what's your question? I've had both. If the Priv was updated to newer versions of Android I would personally have replaced the battery. I was very happy with my Priv. The only gadget I missed was the fingerprint reader. Now on my FxTec, yes a lot of nuisances, but what's the alternative? Titan? Never liked that style. Also, I'm glad I could go back to landscape keyboard. That Priv started working on my nerves once in while during long typing sessions, too narrom for my taste. The Priv is a good phone (IMHO). But the lack of upgrades killed it for me. Enter the Pro1...
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    So I "agree" with both of these just want to point out its not the curved screen, its the touch recognition parameters my Priv never had these issues. I am constantly activating the camera via the physical button, really not even sure how, bugs the hell out of me. The screen activating while on a call is also never an issue I have had with any other phone but happens every call with the Pro1. Also likely a software issue where they aren't interpreting data from the sensor correctly.
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    Not dismissing your frustration or criticizing your venting (we're here for you, pal), but for anyone new and curious about the Pro 1, this is NOT my experience with my Pro 1. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I'm impressed. I'm not sure I could (strength-wise) rip my Pro 1 in two, though I won't make the experiment.
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    This is what a black to white gradient looks like on mine with the brightness set as low as possible, though the cut-off already starts being clearly visible about 50% or something. I have the latest update installed, unless I really managed to flash the wrong boot image when rooting. If so, I guess it'll be taken care of with the next OTA instead. This unit is from the latest batch, #344.
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    Got the same problem. Fixed that issue by finding updater app in all applications list and clearing its cache.
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    Would it be possible to remap a key (the FxTec key perhaps) as a SEARCH key that would work with the existing Android global shortcuts mechanism?
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    Yes there is! Problem solved (for me at least). I had the very same problem (continuous "too many attempts" warnings even caused hiccups for my banking app...) and I stumbled onto an excellent fix. Go to the Play Store and install the app Admin Control by Dave Hewitt. Very simple small app, totally free, no ads, doesn't use internet, open-source (Github). This app has just one on-off switch and what it does is very simple: it disables the fingerprint sensor JUST for the lock screen. Meaning that on a locked phone the fingerprint sensor is inactive, but once the phone is unlocked, the fingerprint sensor will work normally in all your other apps. This also means, of course, that every time you need to unlock your locked phone, you will need your PIN code. For me this is a minor inconvenience (but I can imagine this would be less ideal for people who need to unlock their phone 50 times a day). The little app works really fine for me, I've seen no more "too many attempts" warnings since I installed it two days ago. Note that to disable the fingerprint sensor for the lock screen, the apps Device Administrator permission, it will ask for permission the first time you use it. OK, I hope this will help some other users too.
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    Guys, I just registered the part of my hand near the reader (at the base of my index finger) as a new "fingerprint", and now all I have to do to unlock my phone is hold it. I was initially confused by the placement of the fingerprint reader as well, but I think this may end up being an even better placement than most other fingerprint reader placements. I'll have to see over the next few days how it goes, but it at least has potential.
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    I've never met a fingerprint reader I didn't hate, so I didn't configure it, and I don't encounter the failed attempts as a consequence. I guess that's the nuclear option until a patch comes through.
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