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    Hi SailfishOS community port has been updated to and is available in the testing: repository for general use. The testing: repo is for general users, and the devel: repo for devs...the initial SailfishOS releases were made using the devel: repo so you need to switch them or install a release built from testing: If anyone needs to know how to do than then ask. Update process is as always: devel-su ssu 32 ssu ur zypper ref zypper dup
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    I've so far found Nova (on the Moto Z series of phones) to be ok if: I don't try to squeeze too many lines and columns on a screen, so that there's enough space between icons regardless of orientation, even though that means wasting some space I add more screens instead of letting a screen become too crowded I'm very selective in what widgets I add – there are some which work well enough for both orientations, too, like a weather app I use or my preferred calendar app (DigiCal) I'd prefer a "better" solution, too, but every other launcher I've tested so far has some other things which I find even more unpleasant than Nova's shortcomings, so Nova probably is what I'll initally be using on the Pro¹, too. Anyway, getting the Pro¹ launcher's source code published would of course be cool!
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    Send TDM an email and contact FxTec support directly via this link (https://www.fxtec.com/contact-us) . I apologize, but I can't disclose any more of the solution further 😞
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    As my engineer friends like to say, the job of an engineer is to make stuff that's idiot proof and the job of the universe is to make a better idiot. In the case of this, the universe had a small victory. This is the tool: http://files.nwwn.com/android/pro1/factory.html This all started because a food truck I wanted to go to was only accepting Google pay. I relocked my bootloader while running LineageOS (using fastboot flash lock ). I was going to flash back to stock after I did this. However, after doing so the bootloader (screen that says START) on it would not accept any fastboot flashing commands. Anywho, with the help of FxTec and TDM, the issue is now resolved. For those who stumble down this path like me, do not relock your bootloader when running custom firmware. You will get ample warnings before you are able to do so. If you do, contact FXTec Support for assistance. Thanks team @Erik
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    I think fxtec left two zeros there. I am now waiting 41 weeks since my pre-order and 40 weeks since my payment. I think it would be more realistic if fxtec wrote "Order your Pro1 today. Shipping worldwide in 40-60 weeks."
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    Is the Pro1 launcher open source by any chance?
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    I wanted to play some few really nice J2ME games so I installed J2ME from Play Store. Tankzors and Gravity Defied are still good games! 😄 EDIT: Gravity Defied is also available on F-Droid repository with all level packs 😮
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    I received the stickers a few days ago... But I am still waiting for the phone... And have no news...
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    Can you pack the launcher with a backup program maybe? That way you could use it on LineageOS and other systems
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    I monitored gameplay sessions with Xperia XZ1 Compact (running Lineage OS 17.1) also for reference. It has the same Snapdragon 835 chipset but 720p screen so results can't be compared "apple-to-apple". However, you can have a view how SD835 phone should be able to perform. Light game: Subway Surfers XZ1 Compact: average 60FPS (limit 60FPS) Heavy game: Shadowguns Legends (graphics settings Ultra High) XZ1 Compact: average 60FPS (limit 60FPS)
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    Don't run the fastboot flash lock over terminal and then use the volume keys to turn the bootloader lock back on. Update: The FxTec team has graciously extended a helping hand. Also, I'm working with TDM to help determine what's wrong with his factory reset tool before I utilize FxTec's assistance. I will update this thread soon with the outcome.
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    No. But stock could at least pull in all the lineage fixes/etc fairly easily.
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    From what I have noticed, the side without the second arm is not as firmly fit (or because the upper part is supported by the other arm) and that's why the clacking happens. For me, when the keyboard is open in landscape upper left corner is completely still, but right corner is able to move just a little to make clacking noise. For me it seems like that the fit between the bolt holding the arm in the screen and arm in the base could be more finely tuned or the second arm should also exist in the bottom to generate more pressure to keep the screen balanced. Since the spring really do through a punch 😄 I almost dropped the phone the other day when I tried to open the slider one handed.
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    Good recommendation. I just gave this game a try, it's pretty fun, and yep you can turn the onscreen "Button Opacity" to 0% and just use keyboard,with a little remapping its great! A sidenote to anyone who decides to try this game, you can't just install the apk, gotta follow the install directions on the site to install the game-data manually.
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    Not sure if it was reported already, but when having selected the German layout for the physical keyboard in the system settings, yellow arrow + some keys does not work as expected. arrow+l gives ? instead of ' arrow+ö gives ö instead of \ arrow+ß gives ß instead of ? arrow+e gives e instead of € arrow+r gives r instead of °
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