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  1. Another update... so my last experiment failed, problem came right back after 24 hours. However, re-reading what @vvv was saying about the PCB flex, I tried adding a little tape to the hold the PCB down rather than padding the connectors. Seems like this one did the trick, it hasn't gone crazy for more than a day. One little symptom remain though, is that "strip" of display where it dances on when it goes crazy, isn't as sensitive anymore. More specifically, sometimes it misjudges a swipe as a tap, accidentally activating the item there. This does bring a lot of validity to say the proble
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  2. Been a while since we had an update. Beginning to think my Wireless Update is broken. I'm currently on: Current:QX1000_EEA 20200825231443 2020 0825-2316 Security patch level: 5 April 20200. Any further releases since then?
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  3. I jettisoned Microsoft Office and started using Softmaker Office years ago on Windows, Linux and Android. I have the full up paid version of the office suites for Windows and Linux. The old Android version was good but stopped being updated around 2017 and the cloud sync broke. The new beta for Android ia wonderful—I was involved in the beta test from the beginning. This allows me to keep my work in Dropbox and pick it up where I left off on any platform. They have done a masterful job. Upside: All but a few features will be free (IIRC, printing from Android, covert to epub and conver
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  4. I've just installed the brand new Android beta of Softmaker Office, which some may know from the desktop as an alternative for MIcrosoft Office with good compatibility that is also available for Linux. For desktop there's an already well-featured free version and a full-featured commercial version. For Android there will be two such versions as well. Right now, the free time-limited beta (general availability is expected for May) has, or so I believe, all features. The first impression is quite nice. I would hate having to use a screen keyboard, though 😉 https://www.softmaker.com/en/
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  5. Hi, Pro1 experts, I need your help. I encountered an issue for OTA update. I have stock Pro1 (no rooted), and could get some OTA updates to 20200707 (20200707225313_20200707-2254) smoothly. However, I cannot get latest 20200825 update even when I manually checked. It always says "Your software is up to date". # System update's "setup" also does not work (just white blank screen appeared), I remembered it works just once after updated to 20200707. I did "factory reset" but nothing changed ( I just lost my data ... ). There are some issues remained with 20200707 (e.g. unex
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