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  1. Very happy to see that you got yourself a Pro1 HengYe, and even better, one in mint condition! Also glad to see that this time we don't lose anyone, since DieBruine will use a Pro1x and stay with us! (Now you have a good reason to restore your Discord-Matrix bridge.)
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  2. My guess it it much matters if people 'know what they are doing'. If a device is opened and something accidentally destroyed in the process, I doubt they will cover it, but if opened and closed properly they seem to be quite generous on it not breaking warranty. After all It is designed to be service-friendly with the majority accessible after dismounting some screws only, without the need of a heat gun. So if in doubt contact a local service-professional and have them help you. Add: Also remember that the original Pro1 quite literally is irreplaceable, as they can not get the components
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  4. Great discovery! It works for me, finally I can have the Portuguese layout I wanted! 🙂
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  5. I you just open the screen to check f the pins are bent, you most definitely will not loose warranty. I have sent in two phones with replaced screens. They were still covered by warranty.
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  6. No, not now. He just send me a mail with his post.
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  7. The dev of Key Mapper commented your issue ticket @EskeRahn 🙂
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  8. @hengyedev You transfer the Pro1x 8GB/256GB Indiego perk to me and pay for shipping costs and I will send you the Pro1. I require an email confirmation from FxTec and or Indiego, you have my email address. After that I will send you the Pro1 like brand new complete in the box insured up to €500,- with tracking, next business day at the latest CET+2 🤗 I have already sold two in this topic. One was delivered in Australia, the other in the US. And I sent five of my own Photon Q's to Cornholio, on good faith, for SIM-modifications. You already have all my personal details. That's
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  9. Hey y'all. I've seen some references to weird input issues in the forum, but none seem to match the issue I've been having. For the past months, I've been getting phantom repeated inputs on the keyboard. I'm typing away, and some letters appear twice (and sometimes the clicks don't register at all). I definitely did not have this issue with the stock firmware, and I believe I didn't either when I originally migrated to LineageOS 18.1, but this has been going on for a few months and it's really getting on my nerves (I've been trying to ignore it, since it takes me many many hours to do a r
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