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  1. I'm still starting small. After I managed to break the screen a few weeks ago by dropping the device (had it repaired), yesterday I poured a good measure of beer over it (thankfully non-alcoholic, otherwise it would have also been a shame because of the beer) – good thing the phone was closed, I switched it off, cleaned it, dried it and it took no harm...
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  2. it was laying in the middle of the highway for ~30 minutes before I managed to pick it up.
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  3. Did some tests of my device last weekend. There has been quite much skepticism however the construction of the sliding mechanism is robust enough. Hypothesis During severe mechanical impact the sliding mechanism will take the most damage. Method Put the device on the roof of an automobile and drive 3km on the highway in 100km/h Result Everything broke except sliding mechanism and the keyboard. Reflection It is not recommended to transport your device on the roof of your car. The sliding mechanism of the F(x)tec Pro1 is a strong an
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  4. and like you many others, myself as well, but did you carefully read the thread title? Hint: specifically this part "(please do NOT post requests to buy)"
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  5. Note to self: Do not throw your Pro1 under a bus nor a steamroller. 😇
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  6. Thanks!! Not quite though. It is allowed to have Greenify set to ON in accessibility, so not a general issue, BUT if I turn it ON for "Android Assistant", the keyboard is messed up, and turning it off things works again. So now at the least we have a way to trigger the phenomena!
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