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  1. The installation procedure of SFOS creates a filesystem that matches the size of the 128GB version of the Pro1X. With a few quirks after the installation, it is possible to expand the filesystem if you have the 256GB version. For this, open a shell, become root and execute the following command: resize2fs /dev/sda13 Because the partition already ends at the last sector of the disk and just the filesystem does not use the full partition size, it is easy to change this even on a running system. The size of the user home folders still remain at 80GB and I don't recommend to chang
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  2. I just tried logcat, but there are no interesting messages related to HDMI. It's a really short output log, nothing like as detailed as what I expect dmesg to look like. That said, unfortunately I was not able to replicate the navigation bar glitch again when plugging in the HDMI cable, so logcat wouldn't have picked up anything interesting anyway for me. Disappointing, but still I'm hopeful something comes of this in a firmware update.
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