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  1. Hi All, So I have finally made some time to expand the /home storage on my Pro1X. Piggz gave me the instructions on discord some weeks ago (and echoed here a few posts above), but they were suitably vague. I will share what I did, though it may or may not be wise to do the same. I bumbled my way through, not carefully considered my way through. EDIT: I should have noted that this will delete all your /home, so back up anything of importance. On the SFOS install i ran as devel-su "resize2fs /dev/sda13" as per @GoaSkin instructions here. I had to replace the stock recovery
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  2. I'm all for this. Though there will be unintended consequences, I think there really did need to be a firm hand protecting consumers from fly-by-night operations dumping hardware and software without looking back. 5 years is maybe a bit much though. I think 3 is ok. Especially for software, it's a crucial thing to keep up to date with regards to apps and security. Hardware is more of a concern, but it's also understandable and a bummer when you're waiting a long time to fix a broken phone, or need to replace it very early in its life due to lack of available parts.
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  3. Just to add that I'd cracked a small corner of my screen maybe a year or so ago and ordered the cheap screen from China for like 45$ CAD or so shipped. It wasn't a ton of damage though so I waited for a major reason to switch it, which was as of 3ish days ago getting a ton of random ghost touches making it type messages and send pics to people LOL no joke. So I just replaced it and wow it was so hard to remove the screen without a heat gun. Tons of glass shards still stuck and took a while to remove carefully with an xacto knife. Also the 3M adhesive was confusing but I used logic and figure i
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  4. That seems like good advice Suicidal Orange. I too manage to resize my Xperia X / storage thanks to Olf’s well written guide. No shortage of / space on the Pro1X at the minute! Seems to be well over 120GB.
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