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  1. @DillonM I might have the same issue (original Pro1 SFOS Sometime in the last week, some of my apps cannot connect to the internet via wifi or cellular. Weather seems to be working again, but the browser and hackernews don't connect. Your post reminded me to investigate further. I notice both work fine when started from the terminal, e.g. sailfish-browser, or harbour-sailhn. Not sure what's different, but it's a workaround at least.
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  2. Any suggestions on where to start troubleshooting a networking issue where the Jolla store will load and install apps and some apps will load data but it is limited. For example, the built in weather app appears to update when I look for a new city but the browser will not connect to any page. This is happening on both Wifi and Data. However, I am also starting to doubt my T-Mobile service is working even though it shows all the network info because when I go to reconnect to a new SSID the 'sim' option for Internet is shown in white and not blue (which I am learning is the indicator of an acti
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