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  1. so, just to get back to you - i received today my new screen for the Pro1. switching the screens was easy. the new screen works like a breeze, 100% responsive touch surface, OLED fine too, though the included screen protector foil is somewhat useless. let's hope the box will work for another few years till they come out with the Pro2 (hopefully). i still use the original stock Android version. it's just that cursed finger print reader that drives me crazy at times. things otherwise work as expected (camera, phone, signal, Wireguard VPN, Termux). so, ende gut, alles gut ! i may now calml
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  2. No, no sign of life from the PC or the phone when I plug it in. I don't have a HDMI/USB adaptor but I do have a USB-C dock, nothing from that either. Yeah 4.1v doesn't indicate a battery problem but I was holding out hope that maybe it was. My Xiaomi Mi 6 battery arrived today and connecting it made no difference. Hard to know what to try next. I'll contact fxtec to see if they have any more ideas, otherwise I might have to look around for nearby specialist recovery places that can do microsoldering. I reckon some component on the motherboard died, if I'm lucky maybe it's a fuse s
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