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  1. adb is not supported on the bootloader level. Use fastboot. Step-by-step guides on flashing back to stock are found here: Disclaimer: I have not tested those instructions myself.
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  2. I just came here to share my report of replacing a screen assembly. After replacing, I now have a working screen. Two corners of the screen exhibit the black corner problem that is common with these replacement screens. These black corners are not intrusive and don't hinder normal use. Since most of the Aliexpress links in all the threads have rotted, here's a new one: For F(x)tec Pro1 QX1000 LCD Display Touch Screen Sensor Digiziter Assembly Replace F(x)tec Pro 1 LCD Touch. I bought that whole assembly part instead of just a screen + digitizer, as my plastic screen frame had cracked a bi
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  3. Make your displays last longer I've recently ordered a bunch of those 'b-ware' displays and out of seven, two were in good condition and one is usable (~20€ each). That's okayish since there are no good displays to order anymore. As the displays are so scarce nowadays and they never caused touchscreen problems when assembled in the original phones (Elephone U Pro), I've looked more into the touchscreen issues. I've inspected the frame and searched for a point of failure. And I think I found one. Using one of the broken displays in my order (big black dots over the display) I found o
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