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  1. 35 minutes ago, archseraphim said:

    Does the version on aliexpress with frame also work with the pro1? If so that would eliminate the need for that step.

    They are different.

    I have also bought an Elephone display with frame by mistake which I had to remove the display from.
    It was full metal anyway but Pro1's frame is at least mostly plastic (I don't know if any metal at the outside of display frame or not, but other parts are plastic).
    Also, Elephone is a one-piece hardware and its display frame also includes USB connector cutout and also otherwise different from Pro1's frame.

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  2. On 9/26/2020 at 10:18 PM, atfrase said:

    Any advice or guide on how to do this replacement? I have the Elephone U Pro replacement part from aliexpress but I'm unsure how best to get the original screen off.

    I have just replaced my screen in my Pro1 yesterday.
    The instructions @FlyingAnterolinked are good - you will need a heat gun (the one which is not looks like a hair dryer but a smaller, better controllable unit).
    You should heat up the screen edges - the disassembly guide suggest 160 degree Celsius, ensure you don't really exceed it, so a simple hair dryer is really not good (also because of excessive amount of air and uncontrolled temperature).

    You will need a little bit of patience but the display will come out.
    Then you should clean the frame itself and you will need something which can be used to glue the new screen in a way it may be removed later but still holds well.
    So don't use any epoxy or "super glue" like cyanoacrylate for this purpose.

    You may have received some useful materials together with the new screen for this purpose.

    The process itself is straightforward but you need a proper heat gun and maybe some experience.

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  3. 4 hours ago, internationaltraitor said:

    @VaZso how is your experience between the two displays, the original and the aliexpress elephone U ? 
    i'm not talking about margin errors or ghost touches... but the overall feel, swipeness, color dispaly and all that other jazz.  what else do you notice between the two?

    I still did not use the new display too much, but I feel I have a working Pro1 again. 🙂
    I mostly notice the working of touch panel is smooth again, so I was not able to enter my unlock pattern while I saw the lines but now it is possible. My touch keyboard often used to be stuttering but now it is fluent as it was before.

    The display is shiny. Color temperature was greatly improved also with original display using stock display and latest firmware and I don't have a possibility of a side-by-side comparison but it seems to be relatively good also in lower brightness.

    So I don't really able to say if there is a huge difference but I am happy it working well.

    Written on my Pro1. 🙂

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  4. Finally, I had some time replacing the display in my Pro1 which had ghost touches.

    I have decided not to experience with the original display but change it to the display ordered at Aliexpress because I did not want to stress the phone too much - I had to use a heat gun to separate display and its frame and I did not want to do this more than necessary.

    Which was strange is that all of the screws were loose (not tightened) and an internal screw near the front camera was almost completely unscrewed (almost felt out of its bolt).
    However, tightening the screws did not help (blind area was still there) as expected.

    So my new screen works well, except I have a missing display part at the lower-right curve.
    I remember somewhere I read about the same issue here maybe in relation with a unit just arrived from repair - however, I currently don't know where I read this.
    If somebody knows, please share it with me.

    Other than that, also touch panel and also display are working well.

    I keep my stock display as spare one but I will buy another display in case I may need it later.

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  5. 3 hours ago, resister said:

    So no answer on a true wait time (not the 10-12 weeks) ? I placed my order on June 12 2020 (Qwerty) for the USA. 

    This is a community forum, please ask support directly.
    They may have valuable information to tell about potential shipping time.

  6. 4 hours ago, Slion said:

    The lengthy initial fix problem is a well known GPS issue that is supposed to be mitigated by AGPS. With GPS only it may take a good 15mn without moving with a clear view of the sky to get a fix. That's especially true if you kept GPS off for a long time or if you moved significantly since your last GPS fix.

    True and GPS (GNSS) reception can be very poor inside a house or at a place where there are several tall buildings near the road - this is in general, not Pro1-related.

    14 hours ago, VaZso said:

    Otherwise, I had problems with GPS on my Moto G6 phone in a strange way which appeared in a very bad situation and the phone was only be able to guess where I am based on mobile towers. Also reboot did not help, so I had to drive using an old-fashioned way but using a display instead of paper map.
    Later I have found a solution, it was something like disabling GPS feature then turn it on again and maybe something else I don't remember like rebooting in-between, but it started working only after I did that, and next time when it happened the same steps helped.
    Also, that phone had much worse GPS (I mean GNSS) reception than Pro1, however, Pro1 also supports more bands.

    Now I remember what helped me on my Moto G6. 🙂

    It did not have GNSS reception even after reboot (but tower-based guessing instead) till I have modified what kind of position systems are allowed to use by Android then set it back to allow GNSS / Tower / whatever it had.
    Maybe it worth a try on Pro1 but so far I only had this problem on Moto G6.

    2 hours ago, Slion said:

    While you there you may also check that every other location services have been properly enabled.

    ...so, correct.
    Check this option and also if it is set correctly, set it to another option and back to the correct option again - that was what helped me on my G6.

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  7. 1 minute ago, Hook said:

    Android Auto is an app that some cars have.

    Thanks, I didn't know that.
    So it basically uses the same parts of Maps solution (and same hardware background) but in another form. 🙂

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  8. 6 hours ago, zurvan2 said:

    What case are you using that helps with the screen edge?

    I am also using a black P20 Pro case which I have modified for the Pro1's holes and I am convinced.

    Edge touching is much better I think, but keyboard opening is a bit harder.
    However, I can open it easily by lifting its back up first.

    I wanted to have some protection because a phone with real keyboard is very important for me...

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  9. I don't really know what is Android Auto exactly, but I never had any problems with GPS on my phone, also I found it to be extremely good in every situations.
    I don't use it very often though, but sometimes I use Waze and sometimes the Google version (Maps? application - it is translated so I am unsure about its name).
    It has always found satellites easily.
    Last time I used it today and I have not noticed any problems, however, mobile internet was active, so AGPS was available.

    Otherwise, I had problems with GPS on my Moto G6 phone in a strange way which appeared in a very bad situation and the phone was only be able to guess where I am based on mobile towers. Also reboot did not help, so I had to drive using an old-fashioned way but using a display instead of paper map.
    Later I have found a solution, it was something like disabling GPS feature then turn it on again and maybe something else I don't remember like rebooting in-between, but it started working only after I did that, and next time when it happened the same steps helped.
    Also, that phone had much worse GPS (I mean GNSS) reception than Pro1, however, Pro1 also supports more bands.

    So far GPS function works perfectly for me.


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  10. 46 minutes ago, auvo.salmi said:

    For example this morning I was answering to a satisfaction survey, and there was a tick box on blind area.

    I also have blind area since the problem appeared but this blind area is also not constant.

    Also, yesterday I looked at comments in one application of play store and had two feedbacks sent to Google by ghost inputs for the same, non-problematic comment saying it is spam or unwanted content... and there is no option to revoke it... 😞

    Once I was unable to type certain characters on touch keyboard, but later the same characters are worked in the same touch keyboard and same orientation, so it is varying.
    What I feel constant is a blind area near that place where ghost inputs are appeared.

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  11. 26 minutes ago, EskeRahn said:

    When you guys see the phenomena, does it do it both opened and closed?
    Could it be the ribbon cable between the two halves that gets issues over time?

    If it appears both opened and closed a wild guess could be if a pin of some sort over time is eating its way through some insulation of say a cable? That it gets triggered by a (gentle) press could indicate something like that.

    I have also experienced this thing with opened keyboard but I have not played with opening/closing mechanism in order to see if it changes anything.

    However, I have noticed if I press the display at a certain corner, the self-working ghost touches seems to behave better...

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  12. 30 minutes ago, mcdinner said:

    So, mine started having the same problem 30 minutes ago 😞

    Thanks for sharing... these problems are the same as mine written above (one of the videos was mine).

    Anyway, my replacement screen ordered from Aliexpress has just arrived so I plan to disassemble my Pro1 this weekend if everything go right.
    I am curious about the internal state of the display's back so if an insure can be seen or not.
    If the latter (and I can remove it without insure), I would like to remove the display and, if possible, I will try to reapply it again - if it does not change the problem then I will replace the display with the one received.

    It is more than interesting that more and more people are having the same problem (hopefully we are still the minority compared to sold units anyway), so I am starting to assume it is not a user error.
    Apart of that, I really hope it is not a display quality issue (although it really seems to be) but a display mounting problem.
    I am thinking of some dust may be able to go to wrong place which may be a cause of the glue starting to release the display part in some places. I still don't know but it could be the easiest problem to repair I think, however, it does not really explains why we are experiencing the problem at the very same location. It does not seem to be a result of an accidental drop.

    Also, my phone has arrived in late December after Christmas which can be called almost January.

    These are just thoughts as the problem, background and the cause are currently unknown but I think it worth a try to reapply the original display part first and see if the problem appears again and if so, when.

    I hope I will have some time this weekend as this problem is getting more and more strange...

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  13. 9 hours ago, ToniCipriani said:

    I got one crash today which made me late for an appointment because my phone was sitting at the "Draw your pattern to unlock your Android" boot screen.

    I can't tell for sure if it was due to the Wi-Fi bug though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I have also had a restart yesterday (update installed when it became available) while I wanted to take a photo using Gcam Port's camera.
    Display became green and I think a watchdog restart happened.

    I have a problem which I still have not dug into so Android keeps restarting a while when I reboot my phone or connecting a charger so it has started its "usual" reboot loop.

    ...but there is a difference. My reboot loop does not affect the kernel, so practically the hardware does not restarts but the Android on top.

    The watchdog restart above was a complete freeze or panic so also kernel became stuck.

    I don't even remember if this kind of restart ever happened with my phone, however, it can be an independent thing including something triggered by Gcam mod which may be a rare combination of things. 🙂

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  14. 6 minutes ago, EskeRahn said:

    Please enlighten us which one, if others want to experiment 😉

    I was speaking about this audio recorder.

    Now I took a record and I have noticed it is also louder in the first few moments (maybe around a second) but gain / cutoff are not varying during recording and I can clearly hear background noises and also my colleague's question asking what I am doing about five-six metres and two monitors in-between while I was speaking something unmeaningful in quieter / louder volume. 🙂

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  15. 16 hours ago, netman said:

    I don't think it's related to the circuitry at all, I believe there's (compile time) settings for this. Pretty sure it filters out faraway based on phase offset between the two microphones and has a noise gate on that too. Some phones expose the unprocessed audio as an additional audio source if I am not wrong, but this isn't the case on the Pro1.

    I have also noticed this agressive noise filtering during video recording.
    I am unsure but maybe one of the applications worked well but the Snapdragon Camera which has good video record capability can't use microphone this way which makes video recording to be really inconvenient.

    Anyway, I have found a voice recording application which can record audio without this noise filtering effect, so it is definitively possible.
    Based on this, it would be good if it could be applied _only_ during phone conversations and not for regular audio recording at all.

    So I hope it can be solved in software.

    Otherwise, my Moto G6 also had noise filtering active during regular video recording, however, it was less agressive.
    ...but I could record video using OpenCamera using unprocessed audio option and that way it worked without noise filtering.

    On my Pro1, the latter option has not worked under stock Android when I have tried it months ago.

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  16. 28 minutes ago, Slion said:

    My money is on a common electrical defect on those displays.

    Not necessarily electrical.
    It can be a problem of some kind of glue I think.

    I mean a glue inside the screen module - not screen assembly but in the screen itself which you can buy from 3rd-party sources.
    ...and that can be an aging problem and both @Milly and me are started having the same issue after about eight months of usage and the difference of our phone's age seems to be only this about one month (time elapsed since manufacturing is about the same) which is the difference of appearing these ghost inputs for us.

    However, fortunately, it seems only a small number of phones are affected, or at least I hope so.

    ...and remember, people who have replaced the display (in Elephone U Pro) often resulted faulty displays shortly which had faulty lines appeared.
    So either these screens are too sensitive (have to have proper support underneath and may have been sensitive of physical impacts) or there are manufacturers which produces bad quality displays or at least lacks proper quality assurance.
    I am not speaking about F(x)tec's manufacturer but the generally available items / sources.

    These are only guesses but we may know more later...

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  17. 50 minutes ago, Slion said:

    My issue was around the same line too.

    Hmm, it is more than interesting.

    I still curious if cleaning will help but this problem seems to have similar root cause, be it anything... dust, physical damage or screen aging issue...

    The same type and position of this problem is suspicious, but it still can be caused by some factors.

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  18. 2 hours ago, Milly said:

    I examined the screen and its frame very closely from all sides, but I really cannot seem to find any form of damage whatsoever. I did notice that I can elicit the ghost inputs by very gently pressing, rather than merely touching, the screen on the strip where the ghost inputs would pop up. After that, the ghost taps may go on for a while without me touching it.

    So somehow it seems as if internally, some connections are made that should not be made upon applying a minimum amount of force - the amount of force I would also apply when simply taking the device out of my pocket.

    Maybe my suspicion of some dust can go below or near the screen can also be the cause.

    I don't know if there is some glue between screen and its frame or how it is applied, but I think my first try will be a cleaning of the bottom/side part of the display and the internal edges of the frame. So if I can separate the display and its frame without breaking (I have a high chance but should be prepared for the opposite), clean and reapply (and there is no damage can be seen on the screen itself), then I think the original display will work again perfectly.

    I am curious anyway and it may be also a valuable information for F(x)tec if it is true.
    We will see.

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  19. 1 hour ago, EskeRahn said:

    I have had the pre-production unit without phone and gps since spring 2019, the "Final sample" a year, and the retail unit since November, only having something related when using a no-name charger I'm preferring (both low and high current in same charger).

    This kind of ghosts inputs are "normal" if the charger is too noisy.
    I mean I have experienced similar behaviour using other phones and bad quality charger, so it is not uncommon.

    Also I don't think it is related.

    Maybe if we could reduce sensitivity of our touch panel by software, it may help to eliminate this problem anyway.
    I also don't necessarily have to touch the display itself for a normal touch input, so a minor dust which could go at the edges of the screen may also can be the cause of this ghost effect.

    It may worth a try not to replace the whole display but clean it and put it back together, hmm.
    However, I will disassemble my Pro1 when my replacement display is also arrived as I would not like to disassemble it more times than necessary and I need another display in case something went wrong.

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  20. 3 hours ago, Milly said:

    Hmm mine started to show these ghost input symptoms this week... Just like that. Didn't drop it, didn't drown it...

    I have also experienced this kind of ghost inputs a few weeks ago.

    I don't know what happened, but the screen looks to be intact.
    However, I have found a minor insure on display frame which I don't know if it is related, but I think so.
    I can barely see it anyway and there are no any more issues on the frame and my phone is in a protective case (on back), also having protection foil applied on the back and on the screen.

    However, I can feel it with my nails a bit.

    So I don't know the reason but I assume the screen has been damaged for me but in a part which can not be seen at all.
    I have ordered a replacement screen from China which should arrive soon, so I may know more when I had it replaced.

    I still use that phone as a daily driver but try to minimize the usage of my phone as the ghost effect is varying - sometimes it it relatively good and sometimes it is a nightmare.
    So I am curious what I can see in the phone, if there is a damage inside or an imperfect placement in the slightly damaged frame or... the damage itself is not really noticeable, so I think a replacement screen will work.

    My rebooting issue is still there anyway, maybe I would need a software reset but I will experiment it when I will have my replacement Pro1 in my hands...
    (The phone is not restarting as kernel uptime going up, but Android does several times when I reboot the phone or connecting it to charger...)

    All in all, I suggest you to look at the display frame thoroughly - I still think it is better if these ghost inputs are coming from a damage and not as a quality issue.
    My display has worked well for around eight months anyway, but I can only guess what may happened with my phone.

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