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  1. 31 minutes ago, __fastcall said:

    Situation in China is still heavy: https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6

    (Greenland still seems to be unaffected, so there is hope)

    Even Nintendo and other Smartphone companies have or will sooner or later get issues.

    I would not expect the phone in the very near future.

    Also local PCB manufacturers have problems sourcing materials and I have heard news about car factories are going to have problems in sourcing parts because of the virus.

  2. 51 minutes ago, SchattengestaIt said:

    I just wanted to mention that I don't care about an aged processor. We knew they had no other choice on it and we also know about the problems they encountered. Corona is one of the bigger ones impacting even big companies.

    I don't care about the aged processor as well. First, it is not slow at all... second, my Moto G6 had weaker processor and it was also working well (except the slow flash).
    As long as the processor and its components are supported in kernel, updates are expected without real problems.

    I don't know the ratio of closed-source blobs in Pro1's kernel but it may be related to long-term support... so the less closed (not maintainble by 3rd-party)  part, the higher chance to be maintainable by community or even by F(x)tec. So higher closed-source parts causes higher dependency of others (manufacturer) while fewer closed-source parts may result in much longer support.

    Even Qualcomm may support it's flagship processors for a longer period than of their lower-class systems.

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  3. 1 minute ago, EskeRahn said:

    Exactly the qwertZ with FinQWERTY is like what we would expect of a keyboard, just reduced, and I for one can quickly adapt to that. The shifted one is constant trouble for me. When I used it extensively I make errors the other way round on a pc...

    That is why I like my QWERTZ keyboard (and would be much happier with unshifted QWERTY anyway).
    Keys are exactly where I would expect.

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  4. 17 minutes ago, npatel1050 said:

    Assuming they can't retool the existing hardware, one of two things may happen over the coming months.

    They might drop the price on the pro1 - massive middle finger to the early adopters, but it will improve sales

    They will announce a new device - but given the track record for releasing, I'm unsure of how successful this would be.

    They will see how selling of Pro1s are going after general availability.

    If demand drops, lowering the price may help... but if they bring the price too low, there will be too low gap between production price and their actual costs (not production but altogether).

    So they may decide to sell phones at lower price but also to have higher price but able to sell if someone need it...

    This decision may affect the future of the company anyway and only they can see the numbers...

  5. 28 minutes ago, Polaris said:

    I'm glad it works for you.  If I wasn't using USA English I would probably feel like you do (then again maybe not because the arrow keys can be used for double the characters).  For terminal use and programming I use an UMPC not a phone so I'm basically looking for all the alpha character keys, numerical keys, and all the popular punctuation and symbol keys. 

    Yes - for the USA, the reduced keyboard is fine.
    However, in other countries, where there are also other characters (in my case áéíóöőúüű and its capitals but other languages have û, è, ê, ë-type characters and so on) there are more buttons needed for proper use.
    They are similar characters like a,b,c - so o,ó,ö,ő are different alphabetical characters which are not exists in standard US keyboards.

    As of programming and terminal access - for these purposes, I use a PC... but in a relatively rare case when there is no PC around and I may use my phone instead, it is a life-saver...
    So this is my ultra-mobile PC. 🙂

    Also for symmetrical keyboards one need to learn where keys are.

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  6. 44 minutes ago, Polaris said:

    The QWERTZ version would still be a problem for me as there would still be extra keys in the mix, just on the right side instead of the left.  Personally, I don't see a difference between the two except for the QWERTZ version is more like a full size PC keyboard (which doesn't interest me as I'm not looking for a full size PC keyboard).

    For me, it is absolutely good as it has needed keys for international language and also for terminal use.
    So those extra keys are very useful for me - in extra you mean basically everything else except alphabetical and numerical keys I think.

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  7. 1 hour ago, SchattengestaIt said:

    @Erik VW delayed their production restart since they don't get parts in time. Could you tell us if the factory has all parts for the remaining (pre)orders over there or do we have to fear more delays due to delivery shortages?

    Anyway, also the amount of workers in the factory may be a real problem in China (as travel restrictions are still apply as far as I read).

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  8. 6 hours ago, Polaris said:

    I'm not very impressed with the shifted (QWERTY) keyboard, and the (cellular) transceiver is extremely weak compared to both my Droid 4 (an ancient phone) and my Samsung S8+.  Admittedly, this is only really apparent in fringe areas, but I live in one such area and, sadly, it's very noticeable. 

    That was the reason for me to buy the QWERTZ version (however, it was only available in Europe).
    However, I see similar signal strength like my Moto G6 had - but it may highly depend on the actually used frequency band.
    One of the networks I use is relatively weak at home.

    6 hours ago, Polaris said:

    Others have complained about the WiFi being weak as well, but I haven't tested that yet.

    When I set it up, I was connected to a relatively far WiFi AP (the one what I use for quick setup / testing).
    It worked, but there was a position where it frequently reconnected. Moto G6 also does not have high signal but have not experienced reconnecting in such situations.
    However, I have not noticed similar problems since I use it as a daily driver.

    7 hours ago, Polaris said:

    I understand what you are saying about the re-setup not being easy, but for me it is because I haven't been using it as a daily driver (not even close to being ready for me as I'm interested in LOS anyway), so I don't have a single 3rd party app installed.  For me, a reset is only about running through the 5 minutes of the initial setup prompts. 

    That way it is a bit easier. My friend and me are using it as a daily driver.

    7 hours ago, Polaris said:

    Also, you bring up a good point about a factory reset maybe not solving the problem.  I would think that, since my phone worked previously, it will work after a reset, but maybe not. 

    It may happen... that is why it would be good to know the mechanism and more access to the system may help (which is highly restricted in Android).

  9. 1 hour ago, Polaris said:

    I must have missed your posts about you needing a replacement phone!  Resetting the phone (to the current firmware) is easy, just an option in settings.  I don't have much on mine and don't mind doing it so that's an option.  I was hoping to be able to find the issue without a reset though to help all of us when it happens again.  I'll wait a bit and keep messing around, but if there isn't any other solution, I'll reset.

    I had an IGG coupon and a pre-order here.
    When I was waiting for my pre-order to be shipped, I saw a Pro1 to be sold at DragonBox website, so after thinking on it a while, I have bought another Pro1 which is the phone I currently using. I knew my January and February will be very busy which was also part of my decision - It has arrived in the very last days of 2019 and only one working day separated me to receive it before Christmas (although FedEx showed it will arrive on 23th even after Christmas).

    Later (in the end of January), my pre-order has been also arrived but it has a crack on one of the corners of display frame and I feel the whole display assembly is loose. Even if I don't compare it to any phones, I have that feeling... but if I compare it to my other Pro1 and my friend's Pro1 then I am more than sure it is. I didn't really wrote about it here but I had about two or three messages and also a photo of it earlier.

    I still want to check again if the top assembly is deformed or not and wanted to check the price of sending it to the UK but I didn't have time for it yet.
    Also, I have bad experience with Royal Mail as a few years ago I wanted to send something in the price range of around 300 EUR and local postal service did not have an option for insurence... I thought Royal Mail is a valuable service provider, so I sent it without insurance... that was a really bad idea. Tracking showed it had been arrived in the UK, but nothing more... I have even called them by phone and they told me they can see the arrival in their system but they will only have further tracking if it will be delivered which may happen at "any time".
    Later, a local postal administrator told me there is a reason if they don't provide insurance to a destination and now I also know it... so I lost my trust in Royal Mail.

    So that is why I don't really like the idea of sending the phone back and the second reason is if the phone is repairable then I trust myself more than anybody else but I also have a feeling it is not as easy to resolve the problem of loose top part...

    That is why it doesn't seem to be easy.

    Anyway, yes, resetting the phone is easy but to set it up again is not really easy and if it does not solve the problem then it is also worthless.
    I am also curious what could be the problem and I would wait at least the next OTA which may change this behaviour.

  10. 16 minutes ago, Polaris said:

    @VaZso Did your friend ever try a factory reset?  Or is he like me and is waiting for more input before going that route?

    No. He doesn't really like to completely restart setting up the phone (and also that is why I miss a functioning backup / restore solution).
    Currently Android does not support it (even though it tries to reinstall apps and restore some settings but it is absolutely not a fully working solution).

    I was thinking of trying it on my 2nd Pro1 but I currently don't know what to do with that phone because I am not convenienced with it and I had a really few spare time in the last weeks... it is sitting in its box since I received it and F(x)tec told me they will send a new display then to send it back and they will repair or replace it but I wanted to look at it again if I see something. Basically if a screen replacement would help then I would rather do the replacement instead of someone else but if it does not help then I don't like its loose display so better see a replacement... so it may be not really fair to test using it but I still haven't decided what to do with that phone...

  11. 17 minutes ago, Polaris said:

    Ok, so just to be certain that I understand you correctly, you are saying that without the app the notification light on your friend's device was acting like mine in that it stopped (or wasn't in the first place) flashing green for missed calls and received messages.  Do I have this right?

    On his phone the LED works when it is charging (red) or has charged (green) state but nothing else.
    Even with notification app installed or uninstalled.

  12. 1 hour ago, Polaris said:

    @VaZso Per your "Correction" posts above, I have a question... On your friend's phone does the green LED blink correctly for missed calls, and you just want to change the color (which isn't working on his, but is on yours)?  Or is the LED not blinking at all?

    As far as I know, no - it did not work.

    I am absolutely sure we also tested this colour but I was not 100% sure about missed calls.. but I have called him to test and it did not work.
    However, he removed the application as it did not work at all.

    I wanted to say him to test it again as I saw this application had an update maybe a day ago.

    It may be related to your problem anyway or another possibility is that I have installed it prior last OTA but I doubt if it was installed after last OTA may cause problems...

  13. 5 hours ago, Polaris said:

    I agree with everything you said.  I took him to mean that he doesn't want to grant access to an app and then have it indiscriminately be able to access as root at will.  If you assign the root permission, but then toggle root off, or switch to ADB only, the apps won't have access until it's toggled back, no?

    It remembers me the Windows method where initially they didn't even use permissions, then (by NT) they built up a proper permission system but practically nobody used it in a proper way so they started to restrict root (Administrator) permission and started using popups.

    Linux also has a proper permission system but it seems Android goes the wrong way by restricting user (giving no root) but the hacked root has no proper permissions.
    ...this is the worst possible scenario in the means of security I think...

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  14. 43 minutes ago, Craig said:

    It doesn't give permission to all apps.  If an app requests root access, you get a popup wether to give it now, always, or never.   su is the same way, first time you run it you'll get that popup.

    To prevent others from using phone, you can use lockscreen passwords or pincodes or fingerprints, that's all built in, if you skipped it all during initial setup (like me) you can activate it later if you want it.

    ...but if I understand well, I would not have an option to enter a password for root every time.

    I mean root should not be used automatically in any case... if necessary, some permissions may be granted, but not a general access.
    If (and when) root access is really needed, one should authorize.

    ...and not allowing root access (in general) like Android's official behaviour is the opposite side of the horse which is also a really bad restriction.

    Ps: (falling to the) opposite side of the horse is a Hungarian phrase which I don't know if it is a local phrase or something came from another country...
    So to go to the other extreme but I will leave it there. 🙂

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  15. On 2/13/2020 at 10:34 PM, Craig said:

    and you'll end up with an 'su' binary that doesn't require a password.

    Is it serious? Why?

    That case I understand why people don't like rooting methods...

    Is there a correct method which gives root access but not for every apps and not for everybody who has access the phone?
    I really hate Android handles all of its users as an idiot not giving access to their phone for them but I don't like to be treated as an idiot - and that is why I hate Android.

  16. 8 minutes ago, npatel1050 said:

    Then post an update saying we have no new information. Radio silence sucks for the people who are intently following your project.

    Yes, but manufacturer may just released an update about unknown production time (at least for us)...

    So, currently it is not simple at all to say any meaningful information... so yes, an update about no update is possible but nothing more unfortunately.

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  17. 44 minutes ago, Tsunero said:

    My phone doesn't even exist yet...best virus protection lmao.

    Anyway, some official word would be nice when production starts again.

    I think they don't know it - also their manufacturer doesn't really know that I think.

    Even our PCB production partner can not predict when they are able to assembly our panels - not related to F(x)tec.

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  18. 2 hours ago, EskeRahn said:

    I have no idea. I do not know the app, nor how it is supposed to look. Only installed it to test this.

    Anyone else in here that knows? @VaZso ?

    I don't know, I have just installed and it works well for me...
    ...but it does not work on my friend's phone.

    Basically one can assign a colour to a notification of an application.
    You can even test it and it should display appropriate colour then...

    Anyway, it seems for me those values are digital 1 or 0 so I have not really noticed any change in brightness - I wanted to lower the brightness of notifications without any success.

    Also, RGB LED is a bit uneven, if I was F(x)tec, I would put some light diffuser on top of them...

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  19. 7 minutes ago, EskeRahn said:

    Well the standard question is of course what happens after a factory reset without install of previous?

    But that is a bit of overkill I guess. Maybe trying to compare the list of installed apps (enabled) could be a good starting point. And we are sure the Light Manager got notification access, right? If you uninstall and re-install it, it should clearly have a button to enable notification access.

    It had the same accesses enabled and application's version was also the same.

    The only thing I didn't dare to do is to remove Light Manager from my own phone then reinstall it again to see if it still works...

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  20. 7 minutes ago, EskeRahn said:

    Another possibility is some software a little too aggressively putting things to sleep when the screen goes Off?

    I don't know but I haven't seen any related apps installed anyway.

    That AMOLED app was suspicious because it provides an on-screen display (which would be good to be enabled by default anyway), but that was also uninstalled which had no effect...

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  21. Today I have also experienced the Fingerprint sensor is not available error message on lock screen - I had to restart the device to work again.

    Then I had to set fingerprints again - as usual...
    ...however, a few days ago, I have restarted the phone several times - first to see if system starts when I connect a charger cable, then I went to fastboot mode and enabled offline charging (sorry for not appropriate wording) then restarted again.
    I have wondered because this was the first time it did not loose my fingerprints... otherwise I always had to set them again and the same situation applies for now...

  22. 28 minutes ago, EskeRahn said:

    I assume we are on newest OTA on all, and that the notification access has been granted? And if so there really are only two possible explanations. Either we got something installed that magically make it work OR he got something installed that somehow interfere and disallow it.

    That is also what I thought but I could not find any applications that I thought it may affect it...

    Also we are on the latest OTA...

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  23. 52 minutes ago, EskeRahn said:

    We have seen that SOME apps controls the LED correctly, though not ALL apps. The link in the initial post of this thread works.

    Try this after install in the app

    1. Select the three bars and System Status,
    2. Select (e.g.) Aeroplane Mode
    3. Select a colour
    4. Select Test
    5. Click OK
    6. Click Power off, and wait a few second

    It should start pulsating in the selected colour.

    We did it in exactly the same application but not on a system status but an application - so selected a colour, clicked on test, then on OK, turned the screen off and...

    It works perfectly with my phone but not with his phone - side by side each other...

    Does "System status" change anything related to its test function?

    I thought "AMOLED" as a suspicious application, but disabling did not help, removing it did not help and I could install it while notification app still working (when display is not active, but it can be configured).

    So this app did not work with his phone even though system can use it to notify about nearly empty battery, battery charging and battery charged function.
    I think it seems something is blocks access to this function but I don't know how to find it and as there is no permission to reach it under sys filesystem, I could not even directly test it. (Also, what a strange thing you have no access to your own phone because of Android's silly restrictions - shame on them.)

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  24. 17 minutes ago, netman said:

    If he has root you can try if the LEDs work from terminal, first make sure you are root by running 'su' and then:

    echo 255 > /sys/class/leds/red/brightness

    To turn the LED fully red, change red to blue and green in the path to set brightness of other colors. Values for brightness are between 0 and 255, you can echo 0 to all 3 colors to turn the LED off. If that works for all colors at least you can know it is not a hardware problem.

    Unfortunately, he don't have root access and also I have not gained root as it may cause problems with OTA - this is one reason why I don't like Android.

    Also, he has closed bootloader while I have opened it in case a reliable backup solution will come up.
    (I would like to have a real backup / restore solution later.)

    Basically LED is working for him, at least red and green can be controller by system but not by a user application which is strange as it works for me using the same software version...

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  25. My friend having trouble using notification light on his Pro1.

    I have told him to install a program like "Light Manager 2" but it does not work for him.
    When charging, red light works. When charged, green light also works...
    ...but none of the settings of Light Manager 2 works - even "testing" of specific light has no effect.

    I have told him to try Textra which also has notification setting, but it also did not work.

    As far as I know, he tried another notification app without any effect.

    We have cleared cache, removed application, restarted phone, reinstalled application but nothing helped.
    The same application works well on my own Pro1 anyway, OS image and kernel version are the latest in both phones.

    So, one of my questions would be what is the interface where notification light can be talked and what may be the reason it doesn't work for him?
    Permissions were the same like in my own Pro1, also enabled developer mode - but it still does not work.

    Any ideas?
    He doesn't want to do a factory reset anyway.

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