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  1. Hi,


    My phone is now fixed.

    This is the message I got from Fxtec support:



    The device has now been repaired. We've swapped the keyboard body of your Pro1 with a replacement which swaps both the battery and the fingerprint scanner. 


    I`m so happy that I can use my Pro 1 again. Let's hope Pro 1 X production goes smoothly so I can get a spare one soon in case my Pro 1 needs repair again 😀


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  2. I  have tried to avoid fast charging, but that's not always possible.

    I have also contacted support and restored factory settings twice without any luck.

    Let's see how the the story unfolds. I pretty sure too that it's a hardware failure.



  3. My four months old Fxtec Pro 1 (qwerty) started act funny last week.

    Fingerprint reader gets very hot and stopped working. The reader is hot ecery time I try to use it.

    I tried to restore factory settings, but it didn't help.

    The  phone does get kind of warm when charged with the fast charger.

    Faulty battery?

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  4. 27 minutes ago, dreamflasher said:

    @Erik did the 3rd batch arrive in the warehouse?


    People should receive stock assigned emails today, then right? Did anybody already get theirs?

     F(x)tec Costumer service told me yesterday (10.12.19) that 3rd batch stock assigned emails  will be send in 5-7 days (15-17.12.2019)

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