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  1. Hey all not sure if it was mentioned before, but a neat feature for the forums would be to have a custom signature. Loads of other forums have this. I think it would be great way to represent peoples timeline of physical qwerty devices or whatever else.
  2. How about we settle for hands? 🤲
  3. my plan is to root and fiddle with the stock os at first but then jump on Lineage OS.
  4. Speaking of rooting; who plans on rooting the stock android preinstalled or installing rooted LineageOS?
  5. Greetings from wonderful New England everyone! I would first like to say thanks a bunch to everyone behind the F(x) Tec Pro1. You have seriously made my dream phone real. That said, I would like to ask anyone who cares to answer: How do you plan on using the Pro 1. I for one will use the device in landscape mode even with the keyboard closed. As far as Android goes most apps seam to work fine in landscape. I don't do the social media apps so I wouldn't know. But Outlook and many other apps work fine. I would love for root access to lock the orientation to always landscape! Till then I will stick with my always portrait atomic BlackBerry Key2 LE ...
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