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  1. 1 hour ago, PokeParadox said:

    Yeah - I feel very much like this - I still have some emulators that I can't use:

    I was hoping Lineage would have an "advanced mode" workaround for the scoped storage as it's really limiting...

    The author of "Folder Music Player (Pro)" was/is struggling with the storage access framework of Android 11 as well. Apparently, it offers "horrible file access performance".

    As I said before, Google is going the Apple way ... slowly but surely :-(

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  2. On 4/6/2021 at 10:21 AM, claude0001 said:

    Every upgrade that changes APIs or other major parts of an OS is potentially disruptive for the already-installed base. That is why professional distributions keep their "stable" branches alive as long as upstream fixes can be picked-up with reasonable effort.  

    It doesn't stop at "potentially disruptive", Google makes Android safer and more secure with every new version. Unfortunately they also make Android more restrictive for power-users and they gradually "encourage" users to stay away from SD-cards. At the same time, Android 11 doesn't look or feel much different from Android 4. At least not when you are used to tweaking the OS with GravityBox and custom launchers.

    I f-ing hate that everything is being developed in a haste. There is no time to settle on anything stable and work out the kinks. There has to be a brand new product on the marked every year. With a shiny new coat of paint ... and still plagued by the same old bugs and issues. Well, this is the way it is ... everyone has to make a huge!!! profit and grow exponentially, otherwise the world would end ...

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  3. 13 hours ago, Wheeljack said:

    Regular audio or call audio?

     Regular audio for sure. I haven't had the chance to try call audio yet. It's still broken in 20210329, only for me apparently, which makes me think that my phone is borked.

    The only big thing I did the last few days was disassembling and reassembling the phone. Is there an "external" antenna in the case, to which the Bluetooth chip connects? Or is said antenna on the mainboard? The headphones connect to the phone, and I was able to re-pair them. They are actually shown as "active" when I chose the audio stream.

    One other thing I notices is that I also cannot control the volume of internal speaker directly with the volume buttons. The buttons work fine, but they control the caller volume instead of the media volume.

    Well well, I bought myself another SD-card and reactivated my Moto Z Play as a media player. I guess I will fade out my Pro1 slowly ...

  4. 21 hours ago, EskeRahn said:

    Could well be, I have not experimented with it, but it would make sense if it broke the checksum.

    Most likely it would be a more safe way to have it delivered through an App, the FinQWERTY way.

    Changing the checksum of the system partition only breaks OTAs when they actually patch the partition itself, and not individual files within the partition. I tried to find out how LineageOS updates work, but I did not manage to get any useful information. I remember original Motorola OTAs failing to install on Moto Z phones that had a modified system partition.

    When it comes to safety, there is no difference between me remounting /system, or an app doing so. If FinQWERTY does its job without root, then it is safe to use and won't/can't modify /system.


    21 hours ago, Slion said:

    Anyone with a bit of experience in the industry could have told you from the start that software was going to be a problem. FxTec knew that too and that is why they made sure open source solutions are available.

    Projects like the Pro1 where a handful of people can deliver such an advanced device are made possible today because we have hardware platforms that are available with ready to use software platforms. That is very convenient for both small and large smart device manufacturers as they can get started with their project very easily. The keyword here is 'started'. Cause once you boot your OS on your hardware you still need to bring its feature to production quality level. That fine tuning of the software with your specific hardware is known to be 80% of the project time and expenses. Companies like FxTec just can't afford to get it done so you get more or less just off the shelves software which has rough edges indeed.

    Nope. You make it sound as if foresight has been part of the decision making. I disagree. F(x)tec bought Android because this is what is available on the marked, and because it is not the most expensive OS out there. There is a huge difference between F(x)tec using open source and making information available to the community. There are enough closed source binaries intermingled with Android to make things difficult. And even the open source part of the OS can be worthless without basic documentation.

    I don't remember F(x)tec communicating that they "just can't afford to get it done". Should this not have been the first sentence on their project announcements?

    No, I did not expect F(x)tec to provide "the best Android experience ever" from the get go. Yes, I know how much manpower costs and how big projects work*. But we are talking about a phone that has been with customers for over a year now. There are many things that are easy to fix, thanks to all the bug reports. My complaint is not just that only little have been done, but that nothing has been done! When we talk about open source, why not employ a coder for a few months? Get basic things like TWRP running, so that the community can mess with their phones without having to re-install everything. Fix the biggest issues to make the Pro1 at least work as an ordinary phone. You want the community to fix your product? Give us more than a free device for a few selected people! Because, obviously, this is not working out at all.

    (* One thing that happens in bigger projects is that you reach a point where you have to decide whether to proceed with "good enough", or chancel the project. If you proceed with "good enough" and you actually mean "people will still buy the product, even though it does not deliver on it promises", things get ugly. Very ugly. We have gone past ugly now. F(x)tec is developing new hardware as we speak. I understand that they have to do so because they depend on what Qualcomm delivers. Time will tell if this strategy works out for them. It did not work out for me.)


    22 hours ago, Rob. S. said:

    When I got the first call on my new used phone recently, I was surprised after all I had read that call-in audio was perfectly normal and ok for a smartphone (and the caller, while I didn't ask him about it, at least didn't complain about what he got from me, either). 

    Several days later I got a phone call that was so loud I had to hold the phone away from my ear (on the lowest volume setting). Ah! I thought, so that's what everyone was complaining about. Now I see. ...

    I found that the caller volume can be lowered somewhat by increasing it to its maximum, and then lowering it again (during a call). At least on LineageOS this seems to help ... sometimes. I too have to experiment some more with this. Unfortunately, the (lower) volume doesn't seem to stick.

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  5. 1 hour ago, EskeRahn said:

    All Android keyboard configuration are in plain text files (see this and this), Unfortuately it requires root privileges to add&modify, and at the tie I was unaware that we can actually get temporary root access through ADB.

    Don't you have to remount \system rw for that? I thought that would break the (OTA) update process because even just remounting \system will change the partitions checksum.

  6. 7 minutes ago, EskeRahn said:

    Interesting, are you on stock? I have seen others with the same complaints as me. It could be that it is a matter of usage pattern.

    If I use it in hands-free mode, and talk loud an clear as I would in a meeting it works fine. BUT if I talk in a normal voice I often get complaints from the other end that they can not clearly hear what I'm saying.

    Also in hand held calls the proximity sensor teases me. (the sensor has to be quite close to be considered in 'near', would have nice if it was say 5cm)

    Do people complain about an echo? That's the feedback I get when I use the speaker and my Pro1 is lying on a flat surface. A simple fix would be to use the upper speaker, instead of the lower speaker, which sits next to the microphone. Instead, I feel reminded of how Apple treats their customers: You are holding it wrong! 😉

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  7. 11 minutes ago, EskeRahn said:

    You lost me there. What app are you missing? One to freely customize the keyboard or? There are offers of alternative layouts like FinQWERTY but that is limited to predefined layouts. So a limitted number of languages supported.

    I am missing an app that provides keyboard customisation (re-defining keys/characters), predictions, possibly a bar with special characters for quick multilanguage use, a dead key to quickly type foreign characters or letters with accents, sticky modifier keys or the possibility to configure whether modifiers keys should be sticky or not, ...

    There are apps like FinQWERTY that provide some of the missing functionality. But they are (very) difficult to use and I would have to combine several apps to get what I want. F(x)tec asked if we wanted a hardware keyboard, we threw money at them, and now ... we have a hardware keyboard of sorts ... end of story. Well, "end of story" for F(x)tec, and "painful smart"phone" experience" for me/us.

  8. 13 minutes ago, claude0001 said:

    ... the community OS's (which FxTec actively supports) do a better job already now.

    Without knowing how much or little F(x)tec actually supports the community, I personally do not see any active support. In the LineageOS thread, bugs were reported by users and the maintainer of the LineageOS port found out themselves what is broken and how to fix it. The number of serious bugs present in LineageOS suggest that there is no active support of the community by F(x)tec at all. The LineageOS port, aka the community, struggles with the same bugs as the official Pro1 Android.

    I did pay a lot of money for a device that I knew had a bumpy road ahead. But seeing that F(x)tec doesn't support their customers in any way is not what I expected and paid for. Seeing a new device coming to town and potentially drawing all the attention away from the old Pro1 makes me think back to the times with Motorola and their failed mods.

    We paid a flagship price for a device that is painful to use as a phone. The hardware keyboard is crippled by its lack of a keyboard support app so much that I often don't even bother to use the hardware keyboard. This is close to fraud.

  9. 11 hours ago, Rob. S. said:

    Also, something which I have to remind myself frequently – anger, as much justified as it may be, is only a potentially good thing if it can be turned into action, and only the kind of action that makes the situation better. This situation unfortunately can't be made better. We only have what we have, and it's not even relevant whether there's someone to blame, we can't change the way things are. We can only live with it – and try to take care of out blood pressure... 😉 

    I get your point. Unfortunately, hopelessness has the opposite effect on me. I can't just live with it, and my blood pressure only increases ... until, in this case, I switch to another phone.

    The thing that bothers me most is that I feel that we communicate all of the Pro1's issues. Sure, we only do so here in the forum. But ... is it too much to ask for anyone from F(x)tec or any of their contractors to take a peek at the forum every now and then ... and help us? They get bug reports delivered on a silver plate. Yet, they do nothing. Ooooh, time to think about that blood pressure of mine ...

    (Btw., I switched to LineageOS some months ago. Things are better there, but the issues I reported here apply to LineageOS too)

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  10. 2 hours ago, Rob. S. said:

    It could be that they're simply not able to improve the software that much...

    That may be, but as a customer, I couldn't care less. Sorry for those harsh words, they are not directed at you. It has been a year now, and I hate my Pro1. The only reason I still use it is that "moving" to another phone is a time consuming and cumbersome process. I felt betrayed by Motorola, when they screwed up their mods and dropped the whole thing. I feel even more betrayed by F(x)tec, because I expected them to be closer to the community and care more about us customers. F(x)tec makes me feel naive and stupid for having trusted them.

    I am glad to hear that you are having a positive experience with your Pro1. For me, the most essential thing a phone should be good at, namely communication, is just horrible 😢

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  11. After almost a year with my Pro1, all I am left with is utter disappointment and a reluctance to use this "phone". Yes, I am actually thinking about going back to my Moto Z Play.

    The hardware is alright, and the keyboard is fine. However, the software is lacking, non-existent or buggy at best. F(x)tec has done nothing to address any of the known software issues. Instead, they released a "new" piece of hardware, the Po1-X. If anyone from F(x)tec is reading this: Get your sh*t together and fix the software before anything else!


    Living abroad and communicating in three different languages, I find myself using an on-screen keyboard more often than the hardware keyboard. Ideally, F(x)tec would have included a keyboard app to only show suggestions, emojis and special characters when using the Pro1 in landscape mode with the hardware keyboard extended. Sticky keys and modifier keys are missing as well. I am aware of Swiftkey and other apps to ease the pain. However, I expect(ed) F(x)tec to fix this the proper way.

    Everything audio is completely screwed up. The notification volume, for example, is too loud already on the lowest possible setting. I hear notifications across the hallway with two solid doors and solid walls between the phone and me. This is easy to fix for F(x)tec, but it is still an issue after one year.
    The in-call audio is worse. Firstly, the audio volume ranges from "loud" to "extremely loud". It can be literally painful to make a call with the Pro1. Secondly, the audio from the modem seems to have very low gain. The audio signal has to be amplified a lot to achieve a decent volume through the speakers. This amplifies noise from the audio circuit and interference from other circuits. Interestingly, this is only problematic when the audio is routed through the "earpiece". Switching to speaker mode eliminates noise and interference. Apparently, this could be fixed in software, if F(x)tec ever decided to do so.

    The proximity sensor, or how its data is interpreted by the phone, is screwed up as well. During a call, the Pro1 will often switch on the display, and my ear or cheek  would operate the touch screen. Similarly to the proximity sensor, the fingerprint sensor is either overzealous or not responsive at all.

    Last but not least, my Pro1 runs (very) hot when applications like Signal use video. Again, using the Pro1 as a communication device is nothing but a (literally) painful experience.


    Several people in the forum actually made a huge effort bringing LineageOS or other Android flavours to the Pro1. I am very thankful for all the (unpaid) work some people put into this device. But this is not how I expected things to be. F(x)tec is not doing anything to improve their software and our user experience. They don't even seem to support the community in fixing their blatant mistakes.

    The Pro1 is an expensive device. Understandably so, due to the low production volume. The one thing F(x)tec could have done to stand out, besides the actual hardware keyboard, would have been their software support. Dear F(x)tec, you disappointed in so many ways, it is boggling the mind.


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  12. Hm, has anything happened to the way the fingerprint sensor is controlled? I remember the issue with the sensor not responding whith the screen off having been fixed a while ago. Now (LOS 17.1-20210201) the sensor seems to be unresponsive again. More often than not, I have to push the power button to switch on the screen (wake up the phone), in order for the fingerprint sensor to register my finger. This is happening with the phone resting on a table most of the time. There's no accidentally triggering the sensor in my trousers pockets. I only touch the phone and the sensor to actually unlock the phone.

  13. 6 hours ago, EskeRahn said:

    The thing this phone does the worst is well working as a phone...

    It's a mystery to me how this has not been fixed a long time ago. I have my notification and phone volumes on the lowest setting and it is still too loud. Also, still struggling with speaker mode using the lower loudspeaker ... which is right next to the microphone and causes echo and feedback when the phone is lying flat on any surface.


    Btw., how does the LOS update process handle changes on /system? Can /system be mounted rw and files changed, or will this cause an update to fail? Afaik, the updates are not incremental ... but checksum errors or other mechanisms might fail ...

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  14. A short update on my missing apps: Restoring the apks with oandbackup made them function again, meaning that the restored apps had access to the data that was still there.

    While this is making things much better for me, I ask myself why these restored apps have the permission to access their old data. Apparently, the re-installed apks (with oandbackup) got their old UID assigned and SELinux seems to be happy too. Really weird ...


    Edit: I love the dangerous life ... so, I updated my LOS17.1 to the newest nightly just now, and I only "lost" one app (the F-droid store).

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  15. The SD card is still recognised, and there are no apps installed on it. All my apps were installed to \data. The deleted apps were also not consistently using the SD card either. Some apps only stored data in \data\data, some used \sdcard\Android\data, some had obbs on the SD card.


    Found something: The data folders all were from the same date. Now I have to find out if I restored these apps from backups made with "oandbackup" or "AppWererabbit".

    One question still remains: Why were the apps (their folders in \data\app) deleted (and their data in \data\data retained).


    Edit 2: Looks like I restored the apps with oandbackup when I got my Pro1. Other people experienced the same problem with LOS updates: https://github.com/jensstein/oandbackup/issues/263

    Apparently, apps that were installed directly via their apk also get deleted. Apps that were installed from the Play store seem to survive a LOS update. Either the LOS update process or the Google Play store or Play services deleted the apps. But, the LOS update (OTA) a few weeks ago did not delete any apps (that I am aware of). This is a real mess 😞

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  16. Thanks for your quick reply tdm 🙂

    I did an OTA update. Unfortunately there is no pattern. Some apps were installed from the SD card, some from F-droid, and some from the Play store. Looks like I have something to do for the weekend ... I am a hoarder and have ... had about 600 apps (mostly games I never play) installed. Now I am down to 350 😞

    There are still 21 GB free on the internal memory. That excludes Android doing weird stuff due to a lack of free space.

    Well, I seem to be the only one to have missed apps. Then it's not LineageOS or even Pro1 related ...

  17. May I ask why you don't want Magisk on your phone? In my opinion, Magisk is as important a "tool" as the Xposed framework. Being able to modify /system without actually touching the system partition is ... magic 🙂 Magisk also brought Xposed to Pie and Oreo with Riru. OK, it gets fishy and suspicious here ... despite that, I would not touch a phone I could not run Magisk and Xposed modules on 😁

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  18. 17 minutes ago, VaZso said:

    Do you have a low signal at the place where you trying?

    Usually I don't hear such a noise which I used to hear using my Nokia 3110 regularly.
    However, in very rare cases, I heard this also in newer phones including Pro1, but usually there is no such a noise for me.
    (If that is what you heard.)

    Yes, the signal is low i my apartment, which increases the transmission power of the modem. I never had modem interference as loud as on the Pro1 though.

  19. 5 minutes ago, EskeRahn said:

    Sounds like a developer option with say "Use AICP extensions" on/off would have been an ideal solution, seen from a user perspective.

    Definitively! I am one of those rare people who can't get enough options and settings to screw with :classic_biggrin:

    Anyway, we have advanced settings and developer options already in AOSP and LOS, and LOS offers more settings than AOSP. I don't think LOS would agree to add even more settings :classic_sad:

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