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  1. 2 hours ago, auvo.salmi said:

    Suddenly, 8 months later I got an email from Fxtc support; finally they had displays on stock. I got my display yesterday and installed it, and now my ghost touches are gone, hopefully 🙂

    This is why I continue to believe in FxTec.  They can only do what they can do, but no matter how long it takes...they come through.  Even when it's at the point where you may have given up on reminding them.

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  2. 2 hours ago, suicidal_orange said:

    I don't understand why anyone would bother to answer without being clear, it's very frustrating!

    If he doesn't answer, people complain. But it is hard to be specific when you can't be sure about the situation enough to give an iron clad assurance.  Rock and a hard place.

    The problem is not just how small Fxtec is.  It;s that it does very little in house and they don't own or have priority with any of the pieces.  Unlike Apple, who own all of the pieces and have high priority, or  Samsung, close enough to the same.  FxTec has to juggle multiple providers and contracts where they have very low priority.  So, if they have scheduled fkashing and packaging for shipping, but things are halted to fix a software problem, the previously scheduled  slot may be lost and they have to rework scheduling.  At the beginning, with the Pro1, in 2019, before the Pandemic, Chen went to China to oversee everything.  That made things easier in the final phases.  He has not been able to do that since the pandemic. So they have answers like "tentatively Friday." 

    It's tough.  And I've said this before, I am amazed they have kept at it instead of walking away.  I probably would have when they were swindled on the chips.

    I understand it is easier for me.  I have a Pro1.  But if they aren't giving you more specific answers, it's because they can't.  Believe me, Chen in particular, would love to give you a reliable absolute date.

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  3. 26 minutes ago, pebert said:

    OTA updated to 19-20220620-NIGHTLY

    So far I havet noticed a few strange behaviours

    * My NFC is not working anyomore, doesen't react at all when trying to activate it.

    * Celluar connection is unstable, and having harder to keep up the connection during hand over.

    * Wi-Fi is really unstable, sometimes i don't find any networks, sometimes I can connect but don't get a proper IP assinged, meaning no internet access.

    * the device is generally slow, takes really long time to launch apps

    * apps like Vanced and parallel space stoped working

    * Magisk lost root access and needed to be re-installed

    * I have the feeling that the chargind issues come mor frequently now.


    will try to downgrade and see whats happening.

    Not exoeriencing these issues (wifi, slow. losing root).  I would try reflashing the zip from recovery and see if anything changes. It shouldn't make a difference sine the OTAs are the full system and not just updates, but it would still be worth trying.  Sounds like something might be corrupted somewhere.

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  4. 7 minutes ago, DieBruine said:



    lineage-19.1-20220620-nightly-pro1-signed.zip since Tuesday, clean install. So far no major problems apart from the occasional app not responding. But there is one annoying issue. My phone won't charge without rebooting! I've tried several chargers and even more cables. Without a reboot, it won't charge. Strange behaviour. Unfortunately I won't be home for another week, so I won't be able to test it with the original charger. But the charger I have tested with were all quality chargers and QC-certified.
    So, if anyone is experiencing the same issue, let me know. I received my phone back on Tuesday. I don't know if this is related to LoS, or to the hardware.

    This is a known issue, though I think most of the discussion has taken place in the Lineage 18.1 thread and in the Lineage room on the unofficial FxTec Discord.  No one seems to have quite figured out what brings this one in terms of reliable steps to recreate. I certainly haven't, though it does happen to me, just not often and not predictably. Then again, I haven't kept up with all the postings, maybe others know more.

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  5. And I am another who really has never been given any reason to complain about F(x) Tec's customer service. Yes there have been delays, but in fact the communication was good if you factor in that they don't say much if they don't actually have any news.  When there were delays, they were very clear that there would be delays and they didn't know how long.  I accepted that.  Certainly never got a Frankenphone back.  It's only my experience, but I am very happy with the CS I have received from this company.  Far better than anything I have received by any other phone company.

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  6. Indeed,  Say what you want about  communication and delays, their customer service is stunning, Got the Pro1 I sent for repairs in December back 2 days after they said it had been repaired and was being shipped, and also with a new battery thrown in. 

    Even though he had seen all the delays, after seeing the CS I was provided, a friend ordered the Pro1x Enthusiasts Perk on IGG.

    This is a company that cares.

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  7. I got My Pro1 back.  I decided to not steal  my T-mobile sim back from my Pinephine plus keyboard (mostly because it requires removing the keyboard and the connection is finicky), but T-mobile is no longer offering the $15/month plan w 1 GB data so I went to Ting Mobile for my Pro1.  They even claim the IEMI is supported (my theory is if you type any random set of numbers and letters in there the decision tool will say you are supported 😄 ).  They have a plan that is $10 for unlimited calls and text and 5$ for each 1GB of data, which works out to the same as the T-Mobile plan.  The SIM is identified as T-Mobile, though that may depend on location.  Works great, no fuss or muss, right out of the box. 

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  8. Got my Pro1 back from repair and decided to start out with Lineage 19 as described above by Eske (I flashed the 20220613 recovery image... probably could have used the Lineage 18 recovery which also worked for AICP, but I wanted a fresh start).  I also wanted to note that I was able to sideload version 25 of Magisk as a zip (depreciated install technique) in order to get SU, which ios all I use Magisk for. I had to open the Magisk Manager app to finish install, which was painless, but I think might be new.  I don't remember having to do that before just for SU.  Took me 30 minutes (and then a couple of hours of restoring my apps and data)

    Everything running smoothly, but still getting used to Android 12. 

    Oh my gosh, is it wonderful having my Pro1 back, and just in time to save me from lugging a laptop on a week-long trip to Colorado.  👍 😎

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  9. 7 hours ago, toast said:

    So, as the title implies, does anyone know the actual status of GMS tests of the Pro 1 X right now? 
    I am confused about this, as the April Pro1-X update states that On the software side, we have also passed all of the GMS tests and received the official documentation and certificates for this yesterday.

    Then in the Pro1-X Manufacturing Update - May, they state that We are just waiting on the final GMS tests to be approved before we can go ahead with the OS flashing and mass shipment of devices.

    So whats the deal here? I am reading different views in the Indiegogo comments section as well.. Are they still waiting for GMS? Is that what is currently holding back the shipping? And in that case, why did they announce in April that this was all done, documented and certified? An official word on this would be great.

    It's admittedly confusing, and I have no special insight on what happened here. @EskeRahn's guess is plausible. However, this last update is the first one to explicitly say "Mass shipping has now been confirmed..."  I would take that as a clear sign that the manufacturing hurdles have been surmounted.  Hopefully.


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  10. 4 minutes ago, Rob. S. said:

    There's of course a difference between mailings from sales which have to go to all customers and individual support requests, especially when the repair service is more or less nonexistent because they have not been getting any spare parts for many months anyway...

    Actually, as has shown up in a couple of threads here, as predicted, now that they are manufacturing, they have spare parts again.  I and several others have been notified that our repairs are done or being done.  They even threw in a battery replacement (not just me). 

    Part of the problem in their communication is they don't say anything when they don't have an answer or solid information. My trust in them, however, has been based on the fact that they always come through.

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  11. 1 hour ago, 749121 said:

    Hoping this isn't off-topic here or something that's been dealt with already upthread (and apologies if it is!), I wonder if anybody has any experience with these? -



    To be fair, I probably should have asked this question before ordering one, in advance of hopefully getting my Pro 1X shortly....!


    Thanks in advance!

    I have one. They are very nice, real quality.  They will cushion your Pro1x but may not cushion enough in a high impact fall.  They do hold snugly enough that the phone doesn't slide out on it's own, but still make it easy to remove the phone.

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  12. 1 hour ago, silversolver said:

    Thank you for the update. Their communication could be better, but it's good to know that they did get back to you eventually and offer a solution for you. They are obviously short-staffed and overwhelmed with their responsibilities, but it sure looks like they're trying their hardest to make things happen.

    I think the other thing to look at is their perseverance. Given IGG offers no guarantee of delivery, most, given the obstacles they hit, might have thrown up their hands and walked away.  This small group of folks is making sure we get our phones come Hell or high water.  I can't believe they are going to have ended up with massive profits. They are doing this for the love of keyboard phones and they will deliver.  Thank you Chen and the rest!

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  13. 6 hours ago, Noob said:

    Side note from a couple of updates ago; did anyone else who's replaced their Pro1 screen see the picture of all those black stickers and wish they could get a few spares? :classic_laugh: 

    They did.  I had anticipated when I sent my Pro1 in last December for repairs (touch didn't work at all even when I replaced the screen) that I would be waiting until manufacture of the Pro1x for spare parts to show up.  I just received an email that my repair is done and my Pro1 will be on it's way to me shortly (was done as a warranty repair since I reported the problem 3 weeks before the end of my original 2 year warranty).  Quite honestly, great customer service, even with the long (but anticipated) repair time. 👍

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  14. 20 minutes ago, silversolver said:

    Considering that LOS is a promoted feature I think it's reasonable to expect that it will at least be usable at shipping. Being FOSS it will of course continue to be polished as time goes by, which is what makes it so great. I suspect they stopped updating the stock firmware because it was good enough for the few people who use it and they recognized that most of us are using LOS, and the value of LOS in providing ongoing updates and support without them having to do it themselves.

    It is more likely stock was never updated because they no longer had the services of the contractor who was responsible for the OS on the Pro1. 


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  15. 12 hours ago, Noob said:

    I can't even get a reply from FxTec.  Waiting months, sending the occasional reminder email, and even sending a whole new support request gets me nowhere.  It's not even a warranty claim, I'm literally asking if I can purchase a replacement display.  The last response they sent to me completely missed what I was asking; I wanted to know if I could buy a replacement display and organise for it to be shipped together with my Pro1x, and the response was basically "not to worry, the Pro1x will be manufactured soon". 😕

    It's funny to me that so many people are complaining about their lack of IGG updates, because from my perspective it's improved dramatically compared to the Pro1. 👍  But their actual support responsiveness have taken a dive.  I also get the feeling that rather than replying to requests on a first-in, first-out basis they're being selective on who/what to respond to, which is pretty poor form.

    Honestly, your best shot is to pay for the tech bundle on IGG (an extra battery can't hurt) as they are unlikely to have any to sell as spare parts before those go out.  They originally said their intent was to send all perks for the same person at the same time.  Not sure if they'll keep to that if the orders are made far apart in time.

    That's of course the display in the whole frame assembly.  If you just want the display you probably have to go the AlieExpress route as I don't think FxTec has ever made just the display available.

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  16. 24 minutes ago, agent008 said:

    Here's an idea. My phone was delivered on August 5th 2020. So, not yet 2 full years from purchase. Do you believe I could have it fixed on warranty terms? Thanks


    EDIT: I also have a Pro1x on order. Maybe that will ship sooner rather than later now. Hehe

    Yes, it should be covered by warranty.  Looking at thew Wayback machine, the 2 year warranty was listed through at least March 4th 2021:


    It was only sometime after that, showing up in the archived page for April 11th, that the policy was changed to a 1 year warranty (made, I think, when they changed the Pro1x from a 2 year warranty to a 1 year warranty-- there probably weren't any Pro 1s being shipped by this time.



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  17. 2 minutes ago, Val said:

    I'm waiting for a screen since october/november. It's the same part for the X. Not even a response to my last re-re-reminder email. 

    I doubt they have had any replacement screens (or any other parts) since at least October, probably earlier.  When everything gets sorted out (having parts delivered to factory, inventory, identifying parts for Pro1x manufacture, and separating out  spare parts for parts pledges on IGG and repairs), they will finally get to the repair tickets.  Since everything is ordered in bulk and sent to the factory, I don't think there is a way to tend to repairs first as ordering those parts separately and having them shipped to the UK might allow,

    They don't like giving updates when there is nothing to update (look at the rhythm of their IGG updates—long pauses when things are in flux and milestone can't be determined, weekly when things are really happening.

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