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  1. On 6/27/2022 at 12:52 AM, EskeRahn said:

    @pebert I would advice to factory reset. But as @Hook suggested try with a flash first, and if that does not fix it go for the reset. You are mentioning Magisk, and If I understand correctly, some things are principal different in that aspect going from 18 to 19.

    Maybe I was a bit unclear, I just went from the previous nightly release 

  2. 46 minutes ago, EskeRahn said:

    The big question here is if you can get the key-tops free of the elastic plate? The current is some combination of an elastic mat, and some harder material on top, that is then painted white (and for some keys a colured square top right, and finally the black layer of paint.

    And this combined plate can be freed by heat.

    I have no knowledge wether the tops can be separated by heat, Though I intuitively doubt it... So you might need to 3D-print the elastic base plate as well in e.g TPU

    it was issues getting them off, might be a bigger issue putting them back though 😁


    1 hour ago, suicidal_orange said:

    Paint on gamer RGB keycaps doesn't last long and these will be hit by fingernails more often so chipping will surely be even worse. 

    I i belive the keys on a gamer keyboard is pushed a little bit more frequent than the keys on my phone 🙂

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  3. was more thinking that it´s a more relaiable source with a MOLEX connector that you can buy in a lot of different places, with short delivery lead time.


    I will order some from Mouser to test with. 

    Looked a the USB-PCB from my crashed phone, if I could  reuse that PCB to prepare it  for a fast swap. But that PCB is quite bent, so I doubt it will work. 


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  4. I have a Dell dockingstation for my laptop, think it's a WD19. 

    I tested to connect my pro1 to it and it worked like a charm even if I got the same picture on all 3 monitors. audio out worked, as did keyboard, mouse and wired ethernet. 

    Didn't test the microphone input though. 

    Planning to put that dock in my car. 

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  5. I managed to do the same thing when I upgraded the firmware on all my spare displays. something got shorted and the ribbon cable was sending smoke signals...

    fourtnatley I managed to dissconnect it fast enough to not make ane permanent damage, except the ribbon that de-laminated in a few millimeters

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  6. OTA updated to 19-20220620-NIGHTLY

    So far I havet noticed a few strange behaviours

    * My NFC is not working anyomore, doesen't react at all when trying to activate it.

    * Celluar connection is unstable, and having harder to keep up the connection during hand over.

    * Wi-Fi is really unstable, sometimes i don't find any networks, sometimes I can connect but don't get a proper IP assinged, meaning no internet access.

    * the device is generally slow, takes really long time to launch apps

    * apps like Vanced and parallel space stoped working

    * Magisk lost root access and needed to be re-installed

    * I have the feeling that the chargind issues come mor frequently now.


    will try to downgrade and see whats happening.

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  7. for me the touch worked perfectly after flashing OTA 2020-08-25. And the fastboot flashing worked fine as well after removing the "rem" from the line in the script that flashes the system image 🙄


    So now I have upgraded all the 4 spare displays I have, hopefully I can stay on LOS for a while now. 



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  8. On 4/7/2022 at 1:17 AM, EskeRahn said:

    He he. You lake le maugh,

    Sounds odd indeed, It MIGHT be that the endpoint of OTA is no longer answering correctly, I do not know.
    You could try a normal adb sideload again with the 20200825 after the EDL, and see if that works.

    Where do I find the latest software? 

    And why is the OTA endpoint no longer responding? Is fxtec out of business?


  9. Fastboot flashing procedure went flawless under win10. Unfortunately the phone got stuck in a boot loop, changed the active slot, but still didn't boot. 

    Did a EDM flash instead, so now the phone boots up as it should on stock software. 

    The reason for flashing my phone was the fix the issue with the touch unresponsive margins on the sides, but this time it didn't work, so I still have that behavior. 

    Any idea why?



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  10.  I have encountered an issue, my phone won't stay on fastboot mode, as soon as I send the first fastboot command (regardless if it's a "fastboot devices" or any other command the phone exits fastboot, shows the fxtec logo together with a small text in the upper left corner telling me that the any key will preform a reboot.  Just pushing one of the volume buttona it reboots back to LOS. 

    Any ideas on this?

  11. Å A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

    It is a period of civil war. Rebels seem to have issues with their phones, the display have a tendency to crack , flashing from a hidden base haven't won their fvictory
    against the evil unresponsive edges.


    So, as already stated above also I can confirm that the app for flashing the display doesn't work anymore from the newer LOS versions.


    Other issue I encountered is that my phone won't stay on fastboot mode, as soon as I send the first fastboot command (regardless if it's a "fastboot devices" or any other command the phone exits fastboot, shows the fxtec logo together with a small text in the upper left corner telling me that the any key will preform a reboot.  Just pushing one of the volume buttona it reboots back to LOS. 


    Any thoughts on this?



  12. On 1/14/2022 at 2:24 AM, Hook said:

    Wait. What? We have to convince our spouse??

    Yhe WAF  is a important part. According to a study made by Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) the wife is controlling 88% of the electronic purchases, either directly by buying it herself or, as in the majority of the cases, indirectly by "mind fucking", black mailing or in other manners manipulatibg and controlling her husband. 



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    On 1/1/2022 at 3:34 PM, Rob. S. said:

    By the way, there is a new product coming from F(x)Tec...

    I think that is a really important well choosen decision they made. 

    1. The first, most obvious reason, is what already been compiled here, something needs to bring money in to the company for financing the RnD. 

    2. I believe it's a strategically wise decision to implement other kind of products to the company portfolio. The brand will be more known and when you are operating in different business areas you are not so sensible for ups'n downs in the market. 

     3. LoRaWAN is really a hot topic right now, its a technology the really grows on the market. It's a technology mainly (if not exclusively) targeting the IoT industry, which at the moment is a constantly growing technology. 


    4. Maybe (hopefully) there will be some kind of LoRaWAN implementation in upcoming models from F(x)Tec. 














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