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  1. When Erik introduced this formula, the idea was to compensate for differences in time zone. In practice persons who paid only on 21st of August receive their phone earlier than the ones who paid on August 2nd! Congratulations to them! So it does not seem the rule was only about compensating time zone...
  2. You seem to be the lucky winner. Has anyone paid later than August 20? Country?
  3. Some received payment request on 31st July, some on August 2nd (like me). This has nothing to do with timezone. Fxtech would have therefore to take this into consideration to calculate the speed of payment.... Not sure they did that. Anyway. They change again the rules of the game last week (adding the nr of orders within a country). These changes have been a constant pattern with them. You just cannot trust their communication.
  4. This is Switzerland. Paid within two hours... Thanks fxtex for changing your rules last week
  5. I guess you are doing some irony here. Yes I have been long enough on this forum to know what their schedule mean....
  6. Anyway. In the past months, they alway mentioned that orders will be processed by speed of payment, and now changed the criteria one week ago. Please allow me not to be satisfied with this company
  7. Well they will need to explain first why some of received request for payment on 31st July and some on August 2nd. The mail mentioned some orders to my country were IGG coupons but not all, so it seems I have been pushed out due to the timing which was the second criteria. But how come I paid in two hours!
  8. Funny I got an e-mail from fx tec that I wont receive my device in this batch I paid within two hours of the request of payment on August 2nd. "we will get your device shipped to you very soon in February. "
  9. Interesting. I got my request for payment on August 2nd, and paid on August 2nd. I hope fxtec is good at using excel to calculate the speed of payment.
  10. Did you pay on July 31st? When did you receive the e-mail requesting you to pay?
  11. Yes because they said it depends on how many devices were ordered in your country altogether , not only on your date of payment
  12. We will talk about this later....
  13. Should we not check first what is meant by pre order? up to 31st July? or end of September?
  14. I have not understood all implications of the formula. From the quote above, I understand that it is a move to take into consideration the different time zones and to add fairness to the process. Seems like a nice move. That they had to develop such a formula seems also to indicate that not all pre-order done before 31st July and paid at the beginning of August will be covered by the batch. Pre-orders done before 31st July seems to be more than 70% of the total number of pre-orders.
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