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  1. if anyone has the gapps issue with the version 17 thats now live. 

    1. adb sideload Lineage Image

    2. adb sideload Gapps

    3. Reboot and boot into the Lineage (set up the phone until you are on the home screen)

    4. Boot into Recovery Mode again

    6. adb sideload Gapps again.


    Then it works

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  2. On 11/14/2019 at 5:31 PM, Waxberry said:

    For all the QWERTZ users, please set-up the physical keyboard layout after the initial setup. (Only needs to do this once)

    ADD (EskeRahn): During the initial set-up use the touch keyboard to enter Wifi and account credentials,  until the wizard suggests you to configure the physical keyboard at the end.

    If you skipped the set-up by the wizard then please go to hardware keyboard setting. This can go from drop down menu when after boot, or Setting - System - Languages and Input - Physical keyboard

    For QWERTZ user, please click "Setup Keyboard Layouts" and select German

    For QWERTY user, please remain unselected (default), please do not select US or UK English, please uncheck all. (In fact you don't need to do anything it's "default" by default)




    The Keyboard Works fine except the "?" doenst work for me. Everything else works.

    What can i do to fix that?


  3. Dear Community,

    on some devices is a Dual Sim functionality but i cant find it for Whatsapp on the Pro 1

    Xiaomi (MIUI): Dual apps
    Settings > Dual Apps
    Samsung: Dual Messenger
    Settings > Advance features > Dual Messenger
    Oppo: Clone Apps
    Settings > Clone Apps
    Vivo: App clone
    Settings > App clone
    Asus: Twin apps
    Settings > Twin apps
    Huawei and Honor: App Twin
    Settings> App Twin

    Can you help me there out?






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