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  1. 14 hours ago, Hook said:

    No.  It literally does the same thing a battery pull would do.  Doesn't touch your apps. I don't know exactly why it solves problems, but I know in the old days pulling a battery from a phone (like blackberries) would also solve wonkiness often.


    AFAIK, the difference between a simple restart and holding the power button for longer is that the latter interrupts the circuit and can therefore also solve "electrostatic problems" (like removing battery in older days).

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  2. If you want to put it this way: yes, you are buying a smartphone with technology that has been on the market for a few years. The focus of this device is on the physical keyboard.
    Current hardware does not really exist with such a keyboard.
    If you want newer hardware, you'll have to request a refund and buy something out of the mainstream.

    The unfortunate delays have already been discussed many times.

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  3. If the SD card is set up as "internal", it is a logical part of the internal storage. The user has no influence on whether the data is physically stored in the cell phone memory or on the SD card. Therefore, an "internal" SD card must not be removed from the smartphone if you do not want to endanger the stability of the system. Conversely, there cannot be any important data on the SD card, then you were lucky if you remove the SD card and the device continues to work perfectly.
    I personally do not include an SD card as internal, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages in my opinion. The use as "external" lets me as a user control what is in the smartphone and what is on the SD card. In addition, SD cards are almost always much slower than the internal memory of the smartphone and you can slow down your system with such a slow "internal" SD card.

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  4. 1 hour ago, lzb said:

    I could try it, but it's a big PITA because I'd have two new SSIDs, and I'd have to reconfigure all my other wireless devices. I didn't use SON in my old router because it was a feature that was added in a software update and I had already had my two SSIDs set up and didn't want to deal with it. But I can't remember if the Pro1 had the same issue then (which might be a hint that it didn't). Also, one buggy device should not dictate my network architecture; it should be fixed in stock.

    Another possibility would be a separate guest network with its own name that is only used for the Pro1.

  5. 5 hours ago, VaZso said:

    Ps: This message was written using my Pro1 in a car during travel, which would be not possible using a touch keyboard and especially not for something this length...

    Hopefully as a passenger and not at the wheel! 😉

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  6. 11 hours ago, Akun said:

    10 days ago, they said 

    "They process refunds within a week of request. We will notify you once the refund has been issued."

    And yet still no refund or reply.

    I should not have to beg to have my money back...

    I allow myself the following question:
    At the time of this post, were you aware that the package with the Pro1 was already on the way or has even been accepted?
    Then the post would be at least dishonest if not worse.

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  7. In my case, everything went smoothly:
    Refund requested by email, first response within 24h, refund within 48h and credit card crediting within 24h later.
    So everything is fine and there is no reason for any doubts about the company or the support!

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  8. 5 hours ago, order#10248 said:

    Hello, I would like to ask if other pro1 (qwertz) users have the same uneven backlight behind their keyboards. See attached picture *.
    Some keys are hardly to be recognized, i.e. L, . (dot) , P , Ü , ß . (...)

    That is normal, AFAIK.

  9. 3 hours ago, kin9 said:

    When you get the phone, PLEASE DISINFECT IT

    I can reassure you: transmission by objects is not possible in practice due to the fact that the virus has very little stability on surfaces. Especially if the objects were on the move for longer.
    Source (German): Link.

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