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  1. 1 hour ago, Stucadoor2 said:

    Please explain why orders on the site placed in 2019 to 2021 aren't being fulfilled when at the same time the Carrier supposedly in charge of distribution sells the phones one its website for half the price and within a week.

    That is a good question indeed, and the silence from F(x)tec on this is strange even by their standards of communication skills. I can imagine they are engaged in legal procedure against Expansys and their lawyers are recommending them to not publicly comment for the time being.

    As I read, they did promise the regular IGG update before end of the month. Let's see what will be in there ...

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  2. Besides the apparent lack of free ROMs, my biggest concern is that the keyboard -- unlike the Pro1(X)'s -- seems to lack many of the special symbols important for shell work or coding. Like "~", "|", ">" "\", or the sqare ("[]") and curly ("{}") brackets.

    Is there a way to enter these characters using the hw keyboard, e.g. via customisation? 

  3. With the original Pro1, HDMI works for me in LineageOS using this all-in-one hub:


    2 hours ago, Benni said:

    [...] the chipset doesn't support HDMI out, [...]

    Wait, what? Does that mean that things like this [iggcdn.com] will never actually work with the Pro1-X? I think that was a major feature for those who ordered with UbuntuTouch ...

  4. 5 hours ago, Hook said:

    Lineage 19 allows you to set a default camera app for a long press of the camera button.  Mine is assigned to open camera.  The short press does nothing.

    Nice thanks. On LOS 16.0, a half-press (i.e. the first stage of the shutter button) can be used for "Screen peek", i.e. shortly activate the (lock) screen only while the button is held. Does that no longer exist in LOS 18.1+? I find that quite useful for e.g. checking the time.

    Of course, as Pro1X has no double-action shutter button anymore, it wouldn't work there anway ...

  5. On 8/20/2022 at 8:12 AM, Rob. S. said:

    Problem now is, starting with (stock) Android 11, changing the default camera app is not possible anymore for alleged security reasons.

    Bummer. I have also used OpenCamera with my Pro1 since day one.

    Do you have any information on how not allowing users to set another camera app as default is supposed to be more secure? Did LineageOS 18.1 and 19.1 adopt that "improvement" or can Lineage users still pick whatever camera they want? Might be one more reason for me to camp on 16.0 a little longer ...

  6. On 9/10/2022 at 5:08 PM, Tsunero said:

    Nevermind, FAT32 formatting works if I do it with the phone itself.

    The Pro1's kernel supports vfat ("FAT32"), msdos ("FAT16"), ext2/3/4, and f2fs.

    At least for FAT32, ext3 and ext4, cards can be read also when partitioned and formatted on my (Linux) PC. Even with multiple partitions on the card, Android (Lineage) can access them all. I never tested f2fs.

    Of course, you should understand the implications of a UID-aware filesystem, before using something like ext. The same would hold for NTFS, where Unix-UIDs would need to be mapped to NT-UIDs in some way.

  7. F(x)tec communication at its best ... 🙂 

    "Contractual issues" with their partners that lead to a 4-month-delay? With their tradition to underestimate delays by a factor 2 to 3? That's asking for the wildest speculations ... Here are mine:

    Option 1: The logistics partners suddenly want more money due to prices skyrocketing because of the ongoing crisis. F(x)tec can't pay more so they insist on fulfilment of the existing contract. Parter refuses and stops all activity, witholding the phones. They need to take it to court.

    Option 2: The entire batches 1 and 2 have "disappeared" from the warehouse. Maybe stolen to be grey-marketed. Now they need to get the money back from some insurance company and re-manufacture all those phones.

    Option 3: The "contractual issues" and the long delay have nothing to do with each other. Rather, they realised the radio problems, discovered when the first devices went into the wild, cannot be resolved by firmware updates after all. So they hold back all devices not yet shipped to apply hardware fixes.

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  8. Odd, that looks like two different graphical layouts of the bootloader. Never seen that.

    I did everything fastboot (on Pro1, no X!) from the bootloader screen like on your first picture. That is the one I get when selecting "restart to bootloader" from LineageOS.

    You are right that a bad fastboot flash may mess up your data. However you should always be able to reach the bootloader for a full reinstall by holding "volume down" while powering the device. Make sure you have a full battery before any flashing experiments!

    If you have a bad feeling about your fastboot connections, I repeat my advice given several times here: fastboot is really picky about the USB hardware of the PC. I use a Raspberry Pi2 for all my flashing. Over the ears, Its humble USB2 bus proved rock-solid for that purpose, no need to mess with Google drivers, and the sdk tools are just an "apt install" away in Rasbian.

  9. 17 hours ago, eorg said:

    Can't I just flash in fastboot mode? Does it has to be bootloader mode?


    18 minutes ago, Casey said:

    What happens after you enter this command under bootloader?

    I think @eorg is mistaking recovery for bootloader. He/she wrote that fastboot does work in "fastboot-mode" but not in "bootloader-mode", which makes no sense because the two are the same ...

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  10. Also for the Pro1, the Lineage driver was completely rewritten with respect to Stock. I have always only used Lineage and that one indeed supported sticky shift. As far as I am being told, that is a high level Android feature though, and has nothing to do with the actual device driver ("qx1000.c"). I am pretty confident all those things can be changed once we get a Lineage port ... 

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  11. 1 hour ago, suicidal_orange said:

    putting it in the driver would fix Android, Lineage and Sailfish all at once so seems the way to go

    Afaik, the keyboard is the same than the Pro1's. That one's driver is open-source, and all versions of LineageOS for the Pro1 have a key-remapping interface. I would assume those bits will get ported to the Pro1X's Lineage.

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  12. 10 hours ago, eorg said:

    While I do see the connected device in fastboot mode, I do not see it in bootloader mode

    "Fastboot-mode" is the state the device is in when the bootloader screen is shown.

  13. 3 hours ago, Rob. S. said:

    Especially in my house, when there also is 2 GHz WiFi in use, Bluetooth and WiFi also interfere with each other because they transmit in the same frequency band.

    Confirm this with a Pro1. I sometimes stream music (from youtube) to a bluetooth speaker via the Pro1. When the latter uses the 2.4-GHz-wifi band, there can be a ver short hickup in the bt-audio when the player downloads another bit of the youtube stream. Can be prevented by forcing the Pro1 to use the 5-GHz WiFi bands (which sadly have lower range) ...

    Of course, both, 2.4-GHz-WiFi and bluetooth should be able to handle this kind of interference according to their spec, but reality obviously disagrees. When we bought our house in 2017, everyone was laughing at me when I wired different rooms with RCA cables to distribute audio. Guess what: I think these cables have a bright future ahead of them ...

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  14. @Slion, in all fairness and understanding: wireless connectivity is the central capability of a mobile phone. It should also be at the center of the design and QA. The Pro1 was not outstanding in this respect, but the Pro1X is obviously failing to be useful at all for some users because of the quality of its radios. While I hope they will be able to improve behaviour in future firmwares, these bugs should have been ironed-out in the prototype phase.

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  15. 3 hours ago, ThongSong7 said:

    I would like to get a more robust phone that supports Linux, which I see as this one - however I am seeing people in the forum and around the net that have been backers for years and have never received their phone/computer.

    All the news we have are about f(x)tec (slowly) working through existing (pre-)orders that have in part been pending for several years. This should not prevent you from ordering a Pro1-X. As far as we know, f(x)tec finally always delivers. However, you should not count on getting you phone very soon.

    Also note that the Pro1 and Pro1-X do not "support" Linux in the way the PinePhone does. While some progress in mainlining the original Pro1 (the SD-835 variant) has been made, all existing GNU/Linux OSes for the Pro1/Pro1X that can at least remotely qualify as daily-drivers (SailfishOS, UbuntuTouch, Droidian) rely on wrapping around Android using libhybris.

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  16. On 8/28/2022 at 9:24 PM, Mysti-Que2020 said:

    I went into that setting and everything is greyed out and I'm unable to switch it on or off.   If that's the setting that means the sim card from mint only uses VoLTE settings? 

    I think greyed-out switches usually mean that the feature is not available. This is how it looks when VoLTE is available (though it can then still be disabled in Android):



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  17. 5 hours ago, daniel.schaaaf said:

    My Pro1 has problems with the "a" and "d" buttons. It doesn't feel quite like a hardware issue. More like the software sometimes swallow a character. Whenever I see an "a" or "d" missing, pressing either of these two buttons very lightly works the second time. I don't see anything suspicious in the logcat either.

    I've had similar issues with my Pro1 since day 1, though I cannot restrict the phenomenon to a certain subset of keys. In the beginning, me trying to type fast always resulted in many errors, either from missing characters or from the software registering additional (e.g. "addd&nitional") keys, I certainly had not pressed. 

    Over time, I improved in hitting the keys "right", i.e., quite firmly and in a well-defined sequence. However, I cannot say that this kind of typing is much fun. I type slowly, and cannot practically use more than two fingers, even when putting the Pro1 down on a table. Overall, even after two years, using the Pro1's keyboard feels unnatural and tiring to me. I do not think it is a problem of "wear" which has worsened over time. I rather believe the keyboard is simply not very well designed with regard to mechanical key action and software readout. My impression is that the keyboard behaves worse during phases of heavy system load -- probably because of the mixed interrupt/polling mode of registering the key presses. The "duplicated hit suppression" workaround, that has been implemented in the LineageOS keyboard driver, improved things somewhat, but did not solve all problems for me. I also sometimes feel that disabling "fast poll" mode (afaik also a Lineage-only feature) gives me better results, but I am not sure about that ...

    I recently fired-up my old N900, and was immediately back at ease thumb-typing on its tiny, slide-out keyboard. Some things must have been better thought-out there. On the other hand, I must admit that the Pro1's larger number of keys and special characters does makes it more useful in many of my applications (like e.g Linux terminal work). Combined with the advantage of having the entire screen free for content display, that easy access to the special chars is often the only reason I use the HW keyboard at all. When typing simple text messages, I, honestly, have always been more efficient using the Android on-screen keyboard.

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  18. On 8/21/2022 at 5:14 PM, EskeRahn said:

    The Pro1X camera do protrude about 0.8mm, which is more than on the Pro1, where it is less than what I can measure.

    The Pro1's camera window is actually sunken-in by a tiny amount, to protect it when the phone is put on a table for keyboard operation. I remember f(x)tec were quite proud they had achieved that in designing the back of the phone ...

  19. For what it's worth, another update of Netflix (to version "8.35.0 build 19 50257") just came in via Aurora. Runs just fine on rooted, GAPPs-free LOS 16.0.

    Seems like it is indeed just a matter of circumventing the Google Play store ...

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  20. A new build of good-old LineageOS 16.0 for our good-old Pro1 (835) is available at


    Go for the ROM dated 2022-08-23. It contains backported AOSP security fixes up to patchlevel "1 August 2022". I bumped the Android security string to reflect that.

    Seemingly, people are slowly losing interest in Pie. While the AOSP patches since May have been backported and have undergone basic testing (by me and on other devices), they have not been merged into the official LOS 16.0 tree yet, due to pending code review.

    While I am not qualified to review the code, I still decided to repopick the respective patches into my build and make a functionally updated LOS 16.0 ROM available. Please be aware of the lack of upstream code review before you install.

    My local mods specific to the Pro1 are unchanged with respect to  the previous release. As usual, check them out here for details.

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