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  1. THANK YOU to the community for helping with the following suggestions:

    - Fingers touch edges - fixed with NullEdge app

    - No setting to auto-capitalize letters, auto-space after a period ".", or auto-correct misspelled words and contractions when typing on the physical keyboard. - Fixed by using Swiftkey (Swype has better features, but no physical keyboard support --just another of many adaptations I would have to make for the "convenience" of using a physical keyboard).

    - SnapDragon video camera crashing: use OpenCamera app

    - I can't make a / or ? when I type. - Check to see that the physical keyboard language is "default" NOT English (https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2689-question-mark/)

    - No protective case! Thank you to everyone who trialed different cases...I settled on hacking away at a clear TPU case for a P20 Pro to at least get the back covered.

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