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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Latest update.  I took Eskerahn's suggestions and made the fillets larger for the button/charger/earphones.  Eskerahn also asked about the speaker cutout and my wife wanted a place to put charms for her phone.  So I combined the two.  See pics below.  The print quality was not as good as it was before but that is because I made a mistake and printed at a lower density.  Will be printing a brand new set next weekend for the wife and I will be inheriting her old case.  I haven't worked with the PCTPE yet.

    As I mentioned before we don't utilize the fingerpring reader so our cases do not include it in the cutout but that can be addressed for those who require it.  I did not get to read through the requests made in the thread in a link shared by Eskerahn.  I will try to do so as I get the time.

    ButtonSideCase.png.75ef2e59ea62af028774b741a10042be.png Speaker.CharmCutout.png.8850dd644dd884ee05c5a9ba52e87fc2.png

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  2. 12 hours ago, ban.yeh said:

    Hi Goodman_ J,  do you mind sharing the stl file of the protective case, so that it can be a foundation for us to work on,  and we can print it on our own.  Thank you.

    Hey Ban,

    This is going to sound real douchey.  I apologize but I don't make a habit of sharing my files.  I have seen it too many times where people have used other peoples work for their own gain.  Please understand that I have put a lot of hours into this project and have put serious thought and effort into its design and conception.  That being said, I don't mind printing them out for people though.  I understand that protective cases for a phone (especially one as rare as the Pro1 with a physical keyboard) are incredibly important for the people who have doled out a sizable amount of money for the purchase of said phone and that is precisely why I ventured to create such a case.  I thank everyone for understanding and patience.

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  3. Hey Guys,

    I didn't get to work on this at all this week.  I'm sorry.  The good news is that I ordered a batch of PCTPE.  This is a flexible rubber like material.  I'll see if my design will work with this material and if not I'll have to make a design for it.  That being said, I'll have a hard case and a soft case.  No guarantees for being able to work on it this week.  I have a lot on my plate work wise.

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  4. 15 hours ago, EskeRahn said:

    A suggestion for the cut-outs: Round/smooth the edges a bit, When I look at the lower corners of the usb-cut out, it looks like something that could easily get caught in fabric, of say a pocket. So especially this could be an issue for the cut-outs on the long edge. And in particular slanted edges are needed for the fingerprint reader, for accessing the reader with the finger 'in line' and not 'perpendicular' to the device (e.g. when opened).

    Thank you for the feedback EskeRahn.  For the cut-outs they already have a 1 mm fillet to them.  So long as we have used them, my wife and I haven't had any snagging issues with them but I am more than happy to make a larger fillet to make it smoother.  We also don't utilize the fingerprint reader so we have that section covered on our cases but the version I am making for the general public will have that opened up.  I will attach pics when I get some prints in this weekend (or sooner if I can manage to do so.)


    15 hours ago, EskeRahn said:

    It might be the resolution of the images but I do not spot holes for the speakers. Can those be done in the printing process, or would they need to be drilled afterwards?

    Your eyes do not deceive you friend.  I left out the speaker holes on ours because I felt that it was more aesthetically pleasing without.  We find that even without the speaker holes that with device is pretty loud.  I will print one out with speaker holes and let you guys decide if you would like with or without.

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  5. Hi Guys,

    Just an update of the progress.  After the front case breaking twice due to drops, I made it a bit beefier.  I also Cut out a section so that the front case does not sit on the first row keys.  Not sure if it is enough for people with bigger fingers or with long finger nails.  I'd need to find someone with thicker fingers to try it out.  I also made some more adjustments to the the back case for usability.  I don't have super detailed pictures of the back case adjustments but I am fairly confident that I am close to finished product.

    Here are some shots.

      image.png.97e72e3866c07db9e77b6512dc910fff.png image.png.c0be8b1d84e995884117018ab64fb047.png  image.png.e5b54308461e9e82ea1bc9be46c38494.png

    If you guys have any feedback, I am open to suggestions.  I was thinking of adding a stand to the back case but I may be getting ahead of myself.  lol Wife says that I should probably finish this concept first and then get fancy lol

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  6. Hi guys.  Just to respond to the question of whether the design impedes front first row usability, for us it doesn't.  This may not be the case for everyone.  My wife and I are both asian and we are shorter than the average in our area.  We are both roughly around 157 cm tall.  This means we have smaller hands with slender fingers so it may be to our advatange in this case.  However, since I have decided to share this with people I have been incorporating some design revisions so that functionality is more generalized.  No pictures to share as of yet but I will post when I get more test prints completed.

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  7. Hey guys.  Just wanted share the case I printed out for my wife.  She wanted a functional opening case that would protect her phone and won't fly off when it opens.  After many attempts I was able to get it to work.  



    I'm probably going to modify it some more and tweak my print settings to make it a lot nicer and possible do some post print finishing.  


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  8. So.. after the long wait, my wife and I finally got our stock assigned email on 01/20/2020.  That made us super excited.  Then we got the email for our order being completed for our phones (qty. 2 explicitly noted on email. yay!)  No tracking info but we didn't care.  We were just happy that they were on their way.  Checked mail today and found a nice little box waiting for us today.  I thought, "That looks like it only has one."  I shrugged it off, maybe it was really good packaging.  When I opened it, only found one but still didn't phase me.  Maybe they were split up by accident.  So we used the tracking number on the box and lo and behold, FEDEX said that it delivered everything for that tracking number.  Sad day.  I don't know where it all went sideways but it looks like second phone is not coming.  We emailed FxTec and hopefully they have a good answer.  I've seen the rants and raves of many irrate people on this forum and I was content to wait.  I am very disappointed but I understand things go wrong.  I hope FxTec irons their process out because it seems like everything that could possibly go wrong, does go wrong with them.  Hopefully they visit a temple this Lunar New Year and get some much needed good luck.  Such a sad day.

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