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  1. I want to share my experience regarding the wireless charge. I am using Pro 1 running LinageOS 17.1 (Android 10). I bought two wireless receivers from Amazon, Japan. I tried it without a case/cover.


    Left: Output 800-1000mA / Light turns on, but don't charge.

    Right: Output 1300mA Max / Light turns on, able to charge, displaying [charging slowly] 🙂


    While charging, the receiver makes a small noise from the coil, and it is a bit annoying in a quiet environment.

    I used Belkin charging pad WIA001dqBK-A and also NANAMI HM001 charger for charging, and both worked. I feel like Belkin is charging faster.

    It is slow, but it doesn't matter much for me unless I can charge my Pro1 on the desktop while working hours. I am currently trying removable sticky tape to attach receiver on Pro1 and it works fine.



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  2. Thank you for the many compliments. 
    I feel sorry and regret a little that I was only thinking of the ones who can print home and adjust offsets etc. by themselves. We don't have such a 3D printing service for personal use where I live... I should have tested well before I share it.

    I intentionally made this case tight-fit to hold the Pro1 body (it should be slightly tight). Unlike other smartphones, I can't wrap whole dimensions for Pro1's case because I need to open/close the keyboard. Inner sides need to be open for both front and rear parts. When I printed the case in larger dimensions, it came off from the Pro1 body when I raise.

    Every printer/filament has a little different printing result, and I calibrate my printer. But from this thread posts, it seems that my printer is printing in a larger size than other printers 😞
    I thought of making TPU (stretchable material) version model as a solution and had a test, but I felt that I need to make the case very thick and bulky to avoid peeling off from the body.

    >- the front bumper with notch wip is good until you close the keyboard and it flies right off
    It didn't happen when I quietly open/close the keyboard with both hands (I prefer to do so), but I experienced this when I opened the keyboard with one hand, making a slapping sound. After I came up with an idea to add a thin band on the front cover, I made it a little larger (W 76.6mm -> 77mm) because I don't need to make it tight when I can help to hold the bumper with a band. I am not having this issue while I am using [fxtecpro1bumper_notch_v10]. 

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  3. 3 hours ago, fxtecslowasheckuntilnow said:

    I can just press the lock button twice to open the default camera app via that shortcut, not very important for the shutter button behaviour. I'm more interested in having the shutter button work as expected for the default camera app as in focusing and taking pictures.

    Oh, I see. I'm sorry for posting the comment which is not relavant to your topic. 

  4. I am using Remapper app to change camera button mapping. I can't take a photo with pressing the camera button (I would like to know if anyone knows how to remap it), but at least I can launch third-party camera apps with pressing the camera button. Single tap / Double-tap works fine, but the Long press would not work.



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