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  1. On 11/14/2020 at 6:27 AM, EvilDragon said:

    Thanks - the screen was fine. I had 20 of those, so I could test a few 😉

    But an update:
    A fellow member sent me the instructions and files he received from F(X)Tec - and it worked fine!

    And the best thing is:
    It's really painless if you have a rooted OS. No debug firmware needed, no reflash, no wiping of data.

    Just one single APK, a firmware file and access via adb to change some permissions for the touchscreen driver files.

    So if anyone has the same issues: With a rooted OS, it takes 2 minutes to fix it 😄

    Do you still have the apk? I recently replaced my display and can no long tap buutons near the edge of the screen. I joined the forum after seeing this comment and not hearing back from support for 2 weeks.

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