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  1. To be honest, shutting down everything but 4G and 5G seems like a really dumb idea to me, especially in the US, where there are lot of sparsely populated areas. 2G and 3G, fine, there's no real use for them anymore, but GSM still has the best coverage and is perfectly sufficient for (emergency) calls . For 4G, more antennas would be required, which I'm sure isn't a cheaper solution.
  2. I don't know why people are saying the Pro1's camera is not good, judging from these photos this is more than perfect for me.
  3. LineageOS 18.1 confirmed: Also found this about Dual Booting: https://github.com/Android-Boot-Manager/droidboot_device_fxtec_pro1
  4. Thanks for your answers. So far everything looks promising then. Would you mind saying what region your are from? (US / EU / UK / Canada / Australia / something else?) It's okay if you do, just asking.
  5. I have placed an order on the Pro1-X and can't wait to get my hands on it. It looks like a very promising phone. 😃 I have some questions though. The keyboards under the "Keyboard layouts" section on IndieGogo differ from those seen on the pictures and promotional content by having the Q, A, Z keys directly aside the Tab, Caps, and Shift keys. Which keyboard layout will I get, the one listed under keyboard layouts, or the one seen on the pictures? (I ordered the QWERTY layout.) Will I need to pay customs upon delivery? When will the mentioned multi-boot support be availab
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