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  1. Thanks for the info @order#10248

    From my testing the qwerty layout works perfectly. Id love to help with that but I dont have that model for testing.

    Just wanted to also point out so temp fixes for 2 of the remaining issues.

    HDMI - Basicly from what i have found, this is an issue with the android display server not destroying the qt.screen properly. I am still working on a solve but a temp fix that wont require you do a full restart is this command:

    sudo initctl restart lightdm

    Its not even close to a proper fix but its somthing.

    Lock Animation - This one is a funny one. Basicly i believe that the screen is steping down from the current brightness level to 0 (out of a possiable 255). A quick and dirty "Fix" is lowering your screen brightness.

    For both these issues I am working on making a more perminate solution and pushing it to the UBPorts gitlab but this forum is for the quick dirty patches so once i get time to test those, ill put them in the OP.

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  2. On 12/7/2020 at 6:05 AM, Raksura said:

    I've been using Ubuntu Touch for about a week:

    Here's a report of what works and what doesn't:
    - OS Install process: almost perfect, a slight documentation issue for first time ADB users on Windows 10. ✔️
    - OS Welcome thingy: Impeccable. ✔️
    - Wi-Fi connection: Impeccable. ✔️
    - Lorimi (the window manager): impeccable. ✔️
    - The default terminal app: works well. ✔️
    - GPS: does not work. That's an immediate deal breaker for me, but since I don't need to travel during our current quarantine, I'll test things out more.
    - Media player (for music): impeccable.  ✔️
    - Default web browser: impeccable. ✔️
    - Mail application: there is none by default. The recommended one works just fine. ✔️
    - Synchronization with Google account: impeccable (contacts + calendar). ✔️
    - Calendar: works as intended, which isn't great (there's no event hub, so I can't easily tell what's about to happen). ✔️
    - Camera: front and back camera seem to work. The flash also works. ✔️
    - Charging: it charges, but the icon doesn't change to indicate it's plugged in. I don't know if that's intended. ✔️
    - Flashlight: does not work.
    - HDMI output: crashes the phone.
    - Screen orientation stuff: almost perfect. ✔️
    - Physical keyboard inputs: impeccable. ✔️
    - Physical keyboard backlight: does not work.
    - Cellular Internet: does not work. That is also a big issue.
    - MMS: does not work. Yet another big issue.
    - Telephony: I had a very problematic issue on my first install. After doing a full firmware restore and a clean Ubuntu Touch install (didn't transfer previous home directory), things seem to be working.

    All in all: great OS, not ready for daily use on the Pro1 yet.

    I wouldn't consider Ubuntu Touch as being ready for use as a daily driver until it has GPS, cellular internet, and MMS working.

    @Raksura wrote this list a while back and from my testing and with my patched the following are now working: Backlight, Cellular Internet, MMS and Telephony.

    So it is getting much more usable as a daily driver IMO.

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  3. Hey all,

    I've been using Ubuntu touch for about a week now and Ive started working on patching some of the issues with them. I thought some of these fixes would be appreciated by you and I also wanted a public forum to discuss problems and potential solutions for them. The main issues I have noticed with fresh install of Ubuntu touch my new pro 1 are as follows:

    GPS  - Straight up not working. I may be able to patch driver support across from the lineage git but im too busy rn.

    Flashlight  - I believe this one shouldn't be to hard to patch, just a matter of finding the right gpio pin to trigger.

    HDMI Black Screen  - This one bugs me the most atm, it will work the first time it is plugged in but after that i only get a black screen. I brought this phone for the idea of a linux box in my pocket so not having this functionality is killing me.

    Keyboard Backlight ✔️ - I have resolved this one. Here is my python script and a installer so you can fix it yourself. It also auto-hides the on screen keyboard when it is pulled out. Just download, unzip and run InstallSliderDaemon.sh . Current script is as stable as it gets. Please download and let me know if you have any bugs.

    Cellular Internet ✔️ - I have "Patched" this one too. Download it here. It seems that the rmnet device interface is unable to determine its own DNS server so I made a simple script that sets the global dns to the OpenDNS name servers. Additionally the script also works as a way to change your dns server if you type fixLTE or change the details in the script.

    Anbox  - @order#10248 has linked this gofundme to get this patched. It is nearly at the halfway point and im going to donate a chunk in once i get enough of these bugs squished.

    Bluetooth ✔️ - Finally found the fix. Its stupid simple and took me way to long. Basically the android Bluetooth binding program is loading before unity and causing problems. The init conf calls it after LightDM which is called before unity. The stupidly simple fix to this is simply make the program wait 5 seconds before running which works with great success. Once again here is a install script to patch it.

    MTP Access - I only noticed this this like an hour ago but it's still handy to have.


    If you are having any annoying issues feel free to drop them in the comments and I will add them to the OP.

    I am unsure where to find the source for the Pro 1's UBPort as I think it was done in-house at FXTec so if anyone has a link to an up-to-date git I would love to push some of these fixes into upstream.



    Pro1-LTE-Fix.zip Pro1-KB-Fix.zip


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  4. 21 hours ago, 7rozen_7ear_ said:

    Will you have to reflash Ubuntu Touch or Lineage after an update? It was mentioned on an UBTalk that the slot switching method of dual booting is rather hacky and could give rise to issues upon updating. I'd say this is only for those that are brave of heart or like to thinker, not necessarily for usages as a daily driver.

    Has anyone had issues with a similar setup? I find this solution to dual booting cool, but would also like to figure out the limits of this setup. 🙂

    I havent tested it yet but i think updating may be possiable but not exactly easy.

    In theory, if you keep the lineage recovery in slot a you should be able to sideload "OTA" updates to it without loosing data but this is of course much more tedious.

    Additionally i would think that UBTouch would do live updates and wouldnt require a second slot. Not to sure but the update scheduale for the pro 1 isnt particulary often so ill let you know more once ive tested it.

    Additionally, I have been using ubtouch as my daily driver and find with a little tweaking it is pretty stable. Once you patch the LTE dns issue the only real problem is the bluetooth. Im gonna dive through the source and see if theres a "shitty quick fix" i can discover and make a script to patch as many issues as I can.


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    Alright, after toying with it for a few days I have cracked dual booting and decided to write up the steps myself.


    Credit to @order#10248 for proving the concept.

    First thing you will want to do is re-flash stock android on your phone. There isn't an official repo for this yet but @Waxberry has kindly provided one on this post.

    Download and extract the files from there and run the script fastboot_all.bat or you can download my modified linux version flash_all.sh.

    While that is flashing, download the latest version of Lineage here. You will need the recovery and the nightly.

    Once downloaded and the flash_all script is finished, navigate to the folder with the lineage os stuff in it and run the following commands:

    fastboot set_active a
    fastboot flash boot_a ./lineage-18.1-xxxxxxxxx-recovery-pro1.img
    fastboot erase userdata

    It is important the recovery is installed on the a slot as it will install it to the b slot.

    Once that is done boot into recovery, select "Apply Update -> Apply from ADB" then run this command:

    adb sideload lineage-18.1-xxxxxxxx-nightly-pro1-signed.zip

    Once that finishes go back to the main menu and select "Reboot system now". Once booted don't bother setting it up cause we are gonna reset it later.

    reboot back into the boot loader and run these commands:

    fastboot erase userdata
    fastboot set_active a

    Now you can run the UBports installer. Make sure that "Wipe personal data" and "Flash system partitions using fastboot" are both checked.

    Once again when the device installs you will get to the set up screen, don't configure anything yet cause were wiping it again.

    Boot back into your boot loader and run the following commands:

    fastboot erase userdata
    fastboot set_active b

    Then start the system. Hopefully you will get into Lineage and now you can set stuff up. You will need to root it thou to use Swap my Slot.

    You can download the magisk apk and my patched version of the boot image for lineage-18.1-20210419-magisk-22.1 and skip the below steps.

    To do so you are going to want to download the script Payload Dumper. Set it up as instructed on the git and do the following:

    1. Extract the file payload.bin from lineage-18.1-xxxxxxxx-nightly-pro1-signed.zip to the same path as payload dumper.
    2. Rrun python3 payload_dumper.py ./payload.bin
    3. Navigate to the folder output and copy boot.img to your phones storage, sd or usb (in android mode)
    4. Now you have the boot img on your phone you are going to want to download and install the magisk_manager apk.
    5. Open the Magisk app and click install. It will ask you to provide the boot.img to patch.
    6. Now move the patched magisk_patched-xxxx_xxxxx.img file from your phones Downloads folder to your computer again.

    Now you have a rooted version of the Lineage boot image on your pc. To flash it run the following command:

    fastboot set_active b
    fastboot flash boot_b ./magisk_patched-xxxxx_xxxxx.img

    Now start your phone again. Open Magisk to confirm it is rooted. Now we can install the Switch my State app.

    Firstly you will need to download the bootctl-binary module and install it through magisk. (The jigsaw piece  on the bottom of the app).

    After it reboots you can now install the Switch My Slot.apk on android. After installing, simply open it and press the green button to switch to ubuntu.

    Once back in ubuntu you can install the Switch My Slot.click or simply download it off the OpenStore.

    Now you can easily switch between the


    Hope this help. I don't check this forum too much but I will try answer questions you may have.

    Important note: Lineage dose not reset the Bluetooth chip to the right RF state and UBTouch isn't  able to resolve it for whatever reason. You will need to ensure Bluetooth is off in lineage before switching to UBTouch.

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  6. On 4/18/2021 at 8:34 PM, order#10248 said:

    I now have Ubuntu Touch via "Slot A" and LineageOS 18.1 via "Slot B".

    So glad to see this is possible. I have been trying to set this up for the past few hours and Ubuntu and lineage keep overwriting each other. I am doing the

    fastboot set_active a & b 

    during setup but I think the stock recoveries are overriding it.

    Would you mind doing a quick writ up of the process so others can replicate?



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