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  1. Sadly, it seems I was mistaken. They apparently did not even start flashing yet, because the factory has no workers. I was under the impression that they had at least talked to the factory about flashing during friday before telling us that's their "tentative ETA". More delays to come, it seems. https://nitter.net/chenliangchen/status/1543191027879743489#m I hope they can at least sort the flashing during next week and (hopefully) shipping the week after, even though I have a bad feeling at this point.
  2. As they didnt say anything else, I am assuming all devices are flashed and I am expecting mass shipping to commence first thing monday morning.
  3. The thing is that any company interested in keeping its customers does not do this, especially not without explicitly asking the customer in question first. Also, if the company ask the customer first and the customer says "sure, go ahead and use old parts from a pre-owned phone", then said company better make sure the parts they intend to use ACTUALLY WORK before putting them into said paying customers device. This is so basic that it shouldnt even need to be said, but here I am, telling a company the pre-101 on how to carry out repairs. I have had alot of patience with this c
  4. Sweet lord, thats a customer service joke if I ever saw one. I mean.. the least that you could expect should be to get your own device back (or possibly a brand new one), and if something goes wrong, the second least thing should be to get back your own on the second try.. I wish you all the luck with this mysterious and somewhat working device. @F(x)tec, please step up your game and atleast keep track of phones sent in for service, dont just throw them all into one and the same drawer and pick one up at random when time comes to return it...
  5. can recommend, really great piece of software.
  6. Wait, did you mean you are stuck with the wrong one you wrote about the other day, or did you recieve another phone thats not yours?
  7. Things like this (yes, its not the first time I read posts similar to this one on here) seriously makes me think that if I ever get my Pro 1 X, I have to pray to god every day for it not to break, or else I will be in a special kind of hell trying to get it fixed, if Im unlucky.. I hope against hope that they step up their game once they are starting to ship devices, even though it seems far fetched at this point.. My condolences to you, @DieBruine.
  8. I would agree that might have sounded plausible, if it wasnt for the fact that they explicitly stated in the update that I quoted that they already DID recieve the official documentation and certificates for GMS. I also hope for this, I would love to recieve my device in just a short period of time. Fingers crossed for no more unexpected hurdles along the way. Hmm, perhaps this is why then. I just wish they would be more transparent about it. If this was the case, it would be an excellent example of "if they just took 2 minutes to formulate it in a good way in an update, there
  9. So, as the title implies, does anyone know the actual status of GMS tests of the Pro 1 X right now? I am confused about this, as the April Pro1-X update states that On the software side, we have also passed all of the GMS tests and received the official documentation and certificates for this yesterday. Then in the Pro1-X Manufacturing Update - May, they state that We are just waiting on the final GMS tests to be approved before we can go ahead with the OS flashing and mass shipment of devices. So whats the deal here? I am reading different views in the Indiegogo comments section
  10. I see what youre getting at, but they have already said that LineageOS devices will not be shipped with the first batch, for that precise reason, that Lineage need more time. That is why I ultimately decided to switch to Android, and flash it by myself later when Lineage is done. (Also, remember that the 1 month estimate is just an estimate, something that this project, so far, has been... not great at). On the other hand, they have said "soon ready for shipping" so many times by now, I am not ready to take their word for it until we start seeing mentions of shipping information appearing o
  11. It is currently for sale (pre-order) on their website: https://fxtec.com/ , so I guess the answer is they are going to sell the Pro 1 X on their website. As for your other question, I think noone, including fxtec, knows..
  12. I decided switching to Android was the best move for me as well. Waiting for confirmation as we speak. My reasoning is "I would much rather have the phone 'now' and switch the software later (I have flashed a few devices before, I mean, should be 100% doable), than waiting an undefined amount of time extra just to get it factory flashed".
  13. Atleast for where I live, if I were to order the Pro1 X via the website, the shipping would be free. Regarding import tax, they have told us (the backers at IGG) both that there will be NO import taxes in EU and after that went back on their word and said there WILL be import taxes. I have later been assured there WONT be in an email, so at this point that part is anyones guess. They didnt specify whether or not import taxes will apply for people shipping to an address outside of EU, so I suppose import tax will apply as usual. TLDR; Shipping to an address outside of the EU, tax
  14. I do not believe it will, but as a worst case scenario, I will just have to try another fs instead, if I notice any problems. But thanks for the heads-up! 🙃
  15. That sounds great, was hoping to format it to ext4 as well, seeing as most of my computers are Linux machines anyways. Here's crossing my fingers that lineageos for Pro1 X will have the same fs support.
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