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  1. Your tone has implied otherwise in other places. But I would gladly accept suggestions. Could you please point me to a "better deal" running UT out of the box? Actually, neither of you gave me this impression, so there is nothing to forgive for my part.
  2. Thank you! Finally someone that does acknowledge that the keyboard is not "The only reason people back/buy this phone". I backed it mainly for the alleged Linux support and the convergence feature and the fact that "as a bonus, it has a physical keyboard, which will come in handy". These reasons for backing this phone got shot down by some people in here as being "the wrong reasons", sadly. Since backing this, I have moved on, and now both me and my significant other are on alternative OS:es, on other phones that actually work really well, so I am basically just waiting for my Pro1 X
  3. I do know this. The problem is that their ticketing system seems extremely wonky at best, as I contacted them once before, in a another matter and waited a month (not kidding nor exaggerating), and when I finally got their attention, they simply told me "we couldnt find your previous ticket in our system". I mean.. I got an auto-reply that it was recieved and everything, but somehow they could not find it..? Anyways, I digress, but that is why I feel like Im not sure how their system works.
  4. Not ideal is an understatement, I guess we can all agree on. But regardless, I guess I will wait a little longer for you to get back to me then? You only answered half of my email last time (I got the confirmation off your reciept at september 9 and you answered on september 13). I have reminded you 2 times since then to answer the rest., but havent heard back from you yet. Im not sure how your ticketing system works, but am I right in assuming that when I reply to a support email, if I keep the subject of the email intact, it goes back into your ticketing system, and you will then read thro
  5. What is the current estimated waiting time for a reply from you support?
  6. Ah, I see, so perhaps thats the reason I havent run into the problem then, since Im not on Windows on my main machines anymore? I dont think I have flashed any phone on Windows, with the exception of my old Galaxy SIII, which required Odin to flash, if I recall correctly.
  7. Im sorry for being a tad off-topic, but sometimes, when I read about this, I cant help but feeling a bit quizzical.. Is this really this common a problem? Im not asking to be a pain, Im asking because it legit 100% never happened to me since I started flashing devices a few years back (not very many mind you, but 4-5 different devices with a few different roms per device). It never happened neither on this current laptop (Lenovo Legion 5 on Debian) or on my previous one (Asus ROG G56JK on Linux Mint), and neither using USB2, USB3 or USB-C jacks or any cable I tested (usb 2 -> microusb, us
  8. Very sad to hear that they (fxtec) cant help you to utilize their own 14 day return policy :( Also, this is law in many countries (not sure about the US or particular states, though) when ordering outside of physical stores, so one would expect them to live up to it for this reason as well. But to make sure I understand you correctly, are you saying that they (fxtec support, aka Francisco) gave you a faulty return address, and thats why the shipment bounced back? And this happened twice..?
  9. Perhaps because the device did not turn into what they were hoping for when backing it, and to cover some off the money they put into it, they want to offer it to someone that actually wants it?
  10. In my experience, sometimes they answer, sometimes they dont. Sometimes they are quite quick, like a reply in a week or just a few days, and sometimes they are slow (like a month to not answering at all). Anyways, I wish you luck 🙂
  11. So, just out of curiousity, did anyone try the beta firmware? And if so, did they fix this bug in that release?
  12. You never got an answer from fxtec regarding this? I suppose you didnt, since you didnt post it here, but still just wanted to ask, seeing as it has been 2 full working weeks now.
  13. Surely you must mean "that fxtec phones usually..."? Im confused, because I have litterally never had another device where the stock rom acts this way. Sure, I have used custom roms where offline charging hasnt been a thing, but stock rom?
  14. Totally respect that. Thanks a bunch for the benchmarks anyways 🙂 . Seems (to me) like spending too much money on a SD card for this device (if you want speed) might be unnecessary. That is not to say that the longevity will be the same in a cheap card.. Decisions decisions..
  15. Is there any chance at all that you could perform any kind of benchmark on that SD card? I asked fxtec a while ago what standard and what speed we could expect from the sd card reader, but they sent me a non-answer along the lines of "whatever speed your sd card supports".. Would be nice to see some real numbers of read and write speeds from/to that sd card 🙂
  16. Ah, no, dont get me wrong, I am all for doing it the simple way. Im not totally new to the terminal, so I would think a couple of commands should be fine 🙂 And I understand that the mainstream instructions should probably be kept at a level where mistakes are as hard as possible to make. Anyhow, seems like my computer is good to go then. Now, all that is left to do is actually recieving the Pro1-X. 🙂
  17. Actually, I have already gotten edl fixed on my computer in preparation (atleast in theory, as I have been unable test it yet), but thanks for the tip 🙂 And ofcourse I will be backing up as much as possible when starting to tinker with it. I was just curious as to if there is any significant drawback to using this method instead of the official windows-method?
  18. Is this guide safe to follow? If I (theoretically, since my device has yet to be sent) flash a custom ROM and then use these instructions to flash stock, will every feature work afterwards, like attestation and/or sensors? Also, where can one get a legal copy of windows (like an .iso, I suppose) to run in the mentioned VM setup? What VM software is recommended (I am on Debian Sid)? And is there any special steps one need to take to make this work on the VM, or will it simply work out of the box?
  19. Am I correct in assuming that this means that at the moment, there is no safe way to flash the device with an alternate rom, if you intend to later be able to restore full functionality with stock rom?
  20. Thanks alot for this information, seems interesting!
  21. Actually, I have been thinking about that, as I have actually only found his name on commits to the Kernel that pertains to both Pro1 and Pro1X, or only to the Pro1, not anything particular only to the Pro1X.. Did I miss something? Looked in the wrong place perhaps? In the true spirit of F(x)tec, I dont recall them saying he was going to specifically work on the Pro1X? Or am I remembering incorrectly? Would be very happy to be proven wrong :)
  22. This problem right here (along with recieving a DOA) is actually what worries me most with this device. I cant imagine having spent 2 years waiting and having paid close enough to 1000€ for what would basically amount to a hightech brick, would the connectivity be as bad as some describe it.. :(
  23. We are upgrading the camera module to the latest 48MP Sony IMX586 Sensor to take advantage of the Snapdragon 662’s support for larger camera sensor.. Source: Feb 2021 update.
  24. Ah, ok then, my bad, I think I just interpreted your previous post wrong then. So where can I read more about what exactly happened? Or is the information in the IGG updates all there is to it?
  25. Should I take the lack of response to mean that everyone talking about fxtec being "swindled" and "screwed" by suppliers and XDA alike, are just guessing, based on the same information that all of us have (namely the updates on IGG)? Or is there anymore to this that I missed? It could well be, seeing as I do not use Discord, for example. I also do not use Twitter, or Telegram for that matter. I am just trying to get a fair idea of what this company is about.
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