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  1. First of all, actually there is an official instruction for pro1X: https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/pro1x/install I have not tested this, but after reading the instruction, you should start with the dtbo.img before the recovery.img. The pro1x needs to have an unlocked bootloader, but i think it is unlocked by default. Also you need to enable USB debugging, of course.
  2. For some people it is the right way to try a workaround, but for some others it is better to sell it or store it in a drawer, as you said. Just because the waiting game has to end at some point. Remember it is already two years after the original estimated shipping date and some have backed really early. For me it is just better to end the drama and this device is just not important to me anymore. For you and several others in this forum it is different and that is great as well.
  3. All the options an speculations are discussed here for several month now. It is not going forward in any way and that is the real interesting part of it. That is the reason why i just put my pro1x back in the box and went back to my previous device. I am personally judging everyone on their actions and not on their words. Not doing anything or achieving any progress is what i see while the weeks months and years go by.
  4. If you look on the three new campaigns on Indiegogo one is the probably fake pro1x the second is a product from company peakdo, which they offer as fx technology product the third is a cisco telephone with a youtube video from two years ago. I think it is fake. The products on the new fxtec website are different products than the IGG products. Again i think it is scam.
  5. I would really like to know how much money theese three fake campaigns could make over the eastern holiday before it will be stopped by indiegogo.
  6. No they are just a little bit overoptimistic, as always. But it is never fxtec´s fault...
  7. What the hell is this? I am running out of words. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pro1-x-smartphone-functionality-choice-control--2#/ 100.000.... addition: Pyramid scheme, a third campaign to finance the first and second... unbelievable
  8. For all of you, who are planing to use the pro1x as a daily driver, i hope you are right. I just do not believe in it and moved on to my old device and make the best of it (using Lineageos 20). I basically moved back to the device 6 month ago. I am reading a lot of posts in this forum and sometimes IGG posts as well, but only for entertainment. I am not waiting for the saving bug fix and os update or any custom rom.
  9. They have not been able to come up with a fix for at least a half year. But they did what they are always doing: They say it is close, just a little bit more patience. These are hardware bugs in my opinion. The smartest thing is to sell it as long as it is not officially known as hardware bug.
  10. Project Owner: "We have other products and services unrelated to smartphones. In fact that’s what funded all of the Pro1 X production." So if you take this by word, it would mean the investment from backers and the money from buyers financed the SoC change and development, their "other products and services unrelated to smartphones" covered the production. But the shipping is not included? So both of you might be right. Obviously we do not have enough information to really come to any serious conclusion.
  11. To be fair to Acurus, he said that he requested a refund via email in 2022, so he already wanted to use his consumer rights, but Fxtec never answered to his request. So this is a question of getting his right rather than having a right to get a refund.
  12. After reading the Terms of Sale from Fxtec's online shop, i am shocked how bad the chances are to get any money back for the "buyers".
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