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  1. I tried to flash the newest builds today again using my notebook with debian linux. Everything went fine with both latest builds, Focal and Xenial. I failed with another computer with windows 10 from my parents when i visited them. Also it was possible to update the build to latest version. If you update you will get to the latest xenial (16.04) version, even if you are testing the focal (20.04) build. One problem with this device regarding the touch gestures of ubuntu touch is the curved screen. Gestures work great in landscape mode but in portrait mode it is a little bit difficult. I pe
  2. In update 50 on IGG Fxtec wrote: Ubuntu Touch OS for Pro1-X have now got stable OTA channels on UBPorts and will follow Ubuntu Touch release cycles. The community developers are also preparing the configurations for UBPorts Installer which will aid the installation process. On ubports website i can not find anything about the pro1X. On the gitlab dev channel link i tried the latest builds, focal and xenial, and the os did not boot. I waited ca 10 minutes after starting the boot process. Did anyone try the newer builds and can confirm if one of them works? Also how long does the first
  3. Yes, also Liquida Inkasso. I contacted them by phone and send them the receips per email. I had contact with them a couple of times and they told me that they contacted Fedex and have to wait for their response. Fedex was not able to find my payment in their system. This is not my fault, it is their system. If Liquida will not answer my request to close the case and confirm it or send me a written justification why they refuse to do this, i will ignore mails from fedex and Liquida, I will only answer written letters. I does not sense to send the same receipst again and again.
  4. Exactly. Here is a part of the text on the receipt, which the driver signed (which you do not have VaZso): Please pay the amount shown to our courier against receipt of the above mentioned shipment. The courier will release this shipment only against payment of the amount shown - in cash/by cheque. Receipt only valid with our courier's signature.
  5. Probably you are right with every part of your comment. But your case is closed and you are not stressed anymore. Remember before you were stressed as well. Do not get me wrong: I do not think I will get to court with Fedex because they sue me to get their money a second time. The court part would not work for Fedex. But they try to start the process with sending proof of payment and the whole circle again for me. My way to solve this is that i gave the Inkasso a set deadline to close the case and confirm with a written letter or give me a detailed written justification why they do not close t
  6. If you go on any review portal or forum and read just a couple of results for Fedex, i. e. trustpilot.com, you will see that this happens regularly, i mean really often. Part of the reason i disagree with your guess is their style of communication and lack of communication. So in short: I think they are malicious per se.
  7. Trap. Bingo. I mean from a psychological point of view, writing an annoyed customer (who already paid) to send an already sent proof of payment a second or third time after 3 month and starting the process completely again, is a drastic move. It is stressful and will work in their advantage. This is a shady company.
  8. A couple of observations on this. I am from Germany, we have special letters like this: ä, ö, ü My rare answers from Fedex, I mean not automated answers in this case, were written in german (or translated to german?), but not with a german keyboard layout. In words with the above mentioned letters ä ö ü, these were replaced with chinese letters.
  9. Dito. Just received the email today at the morning. They answered an enquiry I started 3!!! Month ago which they ignored until now. They want me to send them a remittance slip, which obviously does not exist because i paid cash. The proof for payment i own is the customs receipt signed by the courier, which i allready send them and Liquida Inkasso also. This company is a nightmare.
  10. Status update: After getting the letter from inkasso company Liquida I contacted Liquida by phone call and send them the receipts by email. The employee told me they will contact Fedex to get more information. This is several weeks ago. Last week I called Liquida a second time and they told me that Fedex could not find my payment in their system. Liquida told me that they will write to Fedex a second time!!!! and I have to wait. So status is ongoing in my case. And in the future 😞 I ordered Tech Bundles, they will be delivered with Fedex. The Drama continues. I will pay with Pay
  11. I am really upset with answers like this. I really do not want to be rude, but did you read my opening thread? No I did not make a mistake Claude. Fedex is doing shady things. Please read the whole thread again.
  12. Well I did pay the second delivery, the one after fxtec repaired the depleted battery and send it back with fedex, after receiving an email with paypal for proof. And i got an invoice again despite I have allready paid and despite the fact, that they confirmed the payment via automated email. So it looks to me, that not the driver is the problem. And that is the concerning part
  13. Maybe you misunderstood. I think he meant do not sign anything which the inkasso company wants you to sign (and do not pay).
  14. This is fedex strategy. The real problem is, that too many people are paying the money twice. It works for them. It puts a lot of pressure on honest people, who always pay their invoices. They are scared and pay. This results in more and more big companies doing this. In Germany we do not have a real protection for consumers, it is really sad
  15. I have ordered several Pro1x devices, i have received them and paid the courier in cash at delivery . He signed the receipt. I thought everything is alright, but i received an invoice for the already paid custom receipt from Fedex. Fedex send me payment reminder and already gave it to an inkasso company. Before I tried to clarify the case with Fedex via telephone, their website customer service, email. I send them the signed receipts and they did not respond to it. I had to send one device back to Fxtec because of depleted battery. They repaired it and send it back with... Fedex. Thi
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