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  1. Project Owner: "We have other products and services unrelated to smartphones. In fact that’s what funded all of the Pro1 X production." So if you take this by word, it would mean the investment from backers and the money from buyers financed the SoC change and development, their "other products and services unrelated to smartphones" covered the production. But the shipping is not included? So both of you might be right. Obviously we do not have enough information to really come to any serious conclusion.
  2. To be fair to Acurus, he said that he requested a refund via email in 2022, so he already wanted to use his consumer rights, but Fxtec never answered to his request. So this is a question of getting his right rather than having a right to get a refund.
  3. After reading the Terms of Sale from Fxtec's online shop, i am shocked how bad the chances are to get any money back for the "buyers".
  4. The SoC change is a turning point in the campaign. As the 835 soc was nearly out of life when you started the crowdfunding, imho Fxtec should have ensured to get this soc by buying and storing theese themself.
  5. Imo the campaign owner is always responsible. It is a part of the campaign to choose business partners, who are reliable, to negotiate contracts, maybe including contractual penalties, and a lot of other things.
  6. Thanks for this comment. This perfectly shows what i mean with selective perception.
  7. Sorry to hear that. Maybe this gives some realistic information:
  8. Let me clarify it a little bit. I am talking about SELECTIVE PERCEPTION. You see what you want to see. You like a person and think he is good and honest and because of that you do not question his decisions and defend his actions. This goes back to my previous comment about fxtec community members with rose-colored glasses. I did not misinterprete his comment, i totally understood what he said. Imo Eske and you as well fall in the category of being affected by selective perception. As i said, in my opinion.
  9. Everybody has his own opinion and i am not trying to convince you in any way, i just disagree. I personally do not like judgement of actions and decisions based on subjective impressions like "good and honest character". I want judgement based on the product it became in the end, the timeline it took, the IGG rules, which they broke etc. Also i want the judgement of this campaign be based on this campaign only and not older campaign like the Moto-Mod you mentioned. But the campaign should be judged mostly on the product itself and the lack of useability in several regions. This device tried to
  10. Sadly imho this is the first really realistic comment on the mistake Fxtec made. I think 99,9% of forum members wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to judging Fxtecs decision making in the IGG campaign.
  11. That was a terrible comment because it included the quoted sentence.
  12. Well i agree with most things you said except the xda part. They detached themselves really quick. There has never been any article on xda`s website after the announcement "xda mad a phone". Also the xda-developer.com website went from development to marketing only. There is nothing positive to say about xda. But with the rest i agree 100%.
  13. Yes i am sure, i answered their own emails. Also they gave the case away to Inkasso company Liquida, who also received the receipts and confirmed that they received them. They told me they have to reach back to Fedex and will inform me afterwards. A logistic company should not have problems with their own logistic. I think they have outsourced a little bit too much, but that is just guessing.
  14. After several month of silence from Liquida, who never answered my request to close the case, i got an email from Fedex today. They asked for a prove of payment because they could not find my payment in their system. I got the same email a couple of times over all the month and answered two or three times sending the signed receipts. I deleted the email and will not answer an email from them again. They have to write a letter to get any response from my side. It is ridiculous, how this company behaves.
  15. That is crazy to me: They did not do the quality assurance, as claude0001 said, and you ask yourself how many of the angry and disappointed backers are willing to crowdfund more money for fixing the already paid and delayed device. I am running out of words
  16. I completely gave up on this phone and returned to my poco f2 pro with lineageos (only with fdroid and minimalistic setup). The hardware has bugs in my opinion, i do not believe that software update can solve the issues. The pro1x will remind me to not crowdfund again and i will buy my next device in a shop, paying cash and take it with me right away. No more waiting for anything.
  17. There is a disassembling video on vimeo: This shows how complex it is. Everybody can decide on his own, but there is a high risk to break something.
  18. I did send the phone to the Uk as well. I had to pay the delivery to Fxtec (which is fine to me) and had to wait several weeks to get it back. Additional tax payment and additonal problems with Fedex was included, which is not Fxtecs fault. But that is not the point. If i give instruction i always start with: You do everything on your own risk, you may brick your device, you may loose warranty etc. That is the opposite of: If i can, anyone can...
  19. Disagreeing with: If I can, anyone can recover from a dead battery. This sounds like i could give my girlfriend my device and a screwdriver and she easily repairs my device with a depleted battery. Imagine a backer receives his device after 2 or 3 years!!! with a depleted battery, reads theese comments and fails to repair his device following instruction from mattock on day one after arrival. Just think about that.
  20. Sorry but i have to disagree. This phone was supposed to arrive with different operating systems already installed so that everybody, even people without technological knowledge, can have a phone with custom rom preinstalled. These people can not dismantle a phone. Let us not act as if everybody who backed wants to test everything, some just want to use it without the risk of breaking something.
  21. The lack of independence of IGG backers and website orders is what i meant with planned violation of IGG rules. The other additional batch for Expansys and the other platforms selling the devices right now were not planned at the start but probably are conflict management decisions to get money to ship the devices to backers.
  22. I agree with everything you said and it is not contradictory to anything i said. Basically the (open) original pro1 orders could not be delivered without the new pro1x campaign. You need a certain minimum quantity for mass production and raise enough capital and so on. This way the Fxtec pro1 website sales and the IGG campaign were never independent and violating the IGG rules was basically "planed" from the start.
  23. Perk Fulfillment ... Once your Campaign has ended, Contributors must receive their Perk before you send Perks to any other contributors or backers of a Campaign on any other fundraising or e-commerce website This should be clear enough even for you. I know you are a fanboy, and i mean this in a positive way. I loved the whole idea at the beginning, too. Not anymore though. Here is the original link: https://www.indiegogo.com/about/community-guidelines#/campaignexpectations To make it 100% clear: The IGG backers have to RECEIVE the perk before fxtec can SEND perks to E
  24. In the update they admitted, that they agreed to sell an additional batch of the exclusive IGG devices to Expansys while the IGG campaign is rolling. You do not see the violation?
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