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  1. Apologies if I've overlooked another thread that answers this for 2022! This question is being posed from an individual who has not been following the community threads and has not been aware of this manufacturer previous to this. I really like Linux a lot and like many others have searched far and wide. I've seen the Cosmo communicator and notice it does dual boot but not sure it is keeping up on the Linux side. I value using my phone as a daily driver for usage. I do the normal things email, SMS, some web browsing, navigation etc. I have a feeling this keyboard device might
  2. Is it possible to dual boot Ubuntu Touch and Android? If yes, is there good guide to follow?
  3. Now that the first deliveries of the Pro1-X might be only a few weeks away, I was wondering if anyone who reads this forum has any more information about dual booting on the Pro1-X? I am an early backer and asked for Ubuntu Touch to be pre-installed, but my requirements have changed since then. I will need to reflash to Lineage, but if a viable multi-boot option is on the way I would go down that route instead. P.S. Perhaps someone could tag this thread with the "dual-boot" tag?
  4. Hey all, I've been using Ubuntu touch for about a week now and Ive started working on patching some of the issues with them. I thought some of these fixes would be appreciated by you and I also wanted a public forum to discuss problems and potential solutions for them. The main issues I have noticed with fresh install of Ubuntu touch my new pro 1 are as follows: GPS ❌ - Straight up not working. I may be able to patch driver support across from the lineage git but im too busy rn. Flashlight ❌ - I believe this one shouldn't be to hard to patch, just a matter of finding the right g
  5. Last week Liangchen Chen posted a video of a Fxtec Pro1 running Ubuntu Touch on Twitter https://twitter.com/chenliangchen/status/1272903474393604100 containing a link to an installable zip-file. I managed to install it and wanted to share the procedure, which is pretty equal to installing Sailfish OS: https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2467-community-build32120updated-jan-20-sailfish-os-for-fxtec-pro1/ . Text below is mostly copypaste from over there ... Most important info first: Installation process requires that you wipe your current OS and user data! Download Ubuntu Touch
  6. Hi all, I'm a newbie about phone, so please forgive me if this is a stupid question. I'm planning to buy a fxtec pro1x with LineageOS. I neve used this OS, so there is the chance we don't like each other. I assume it will be possible to reinstall pro1x from scratch changing OS from LineageOS to Android (or maybe Ubuntu Touch) without the need for FXtec support. I'm not afraid to try the process by myself, as long as some documentation is available. Is this correct? Thanks you Bye -- voheg
  7. Didn't find this topic which I think is a nice feature on maemo forum. So hello to everyone and happy new year 2022! I am hoping to be a new Pro1X user on february. Hoped I would have got it as a birthday present to myself on last march but didn't happen. I have been hassling with Nokia N900 devices for some years and managed to save 70 pieces of them from three crackheads who were thinking of using them as burner phones! They weren't in good condition (I mean the devices) but I am putting them together to contribute them to Maemo Leste developers. Have been sending working one
  8. Yes, Pro1 ROMs won't work on Pro1-X. I think until it actually ships, we won't know which ROMs are available but there will definitely be stock Android, Lineage OS and Ubuntu Touch since those were the promised ones. I think they're just being developed internally for now. Ubuntu Touch port isn't worked on by UBports. Perhaps a few help here and there but it's internally developed by Fxtec.
  9. That could not be more true. Canonical (at the time they still backed the project) would have liked us to think about Ubuntu Touch and the Ubuntu distribution for PCs as two flavours of the same OS -- as in iOS vs. MacOS. Many users unaware of technical details may believe that to this date. The truth is, for all but a few exotic devices (like the PinePhone), Ubuntu Touch does not even use an Ubuntu Linux kernel! It bundles a minimal version of the device-vendor supplied Android system, including its kernel and driver blobs. It then uses compatibility layers (libhybris) to interface
  10. I am a programmer. I have since gone back to Manjaro. I did not want to totally dismiss what has been done with Ubuntu Touch. I can see that a lot of work has been put into it. I just think, and this has happened to me in my career, the target and goal were off the mark. They are trying to meet Apple in terms of GUI standards, it appears. There is no way that will come to pass. Apple is vertically integrated whereas Ubuntu Touch would need to adapt to whatever hardware it gets installed onto. I don't think the Pro1(X) makes any difference. The phone is expensive and the GUI I don't see how it
  11. I believe you have fundamentally wrong expectations regarding Ubuntu Touch. It is not designed as a traditional Unix, but as a smartphone OS, sharing quite a few concepts with Android. This includes app confinement (sandboxing), which actively breaks core Unix philosophy, as data "belonging" to one program purposedly cannot be easily picked up by another. Installing a true Unix environment on UbuntuTouch is possible, but involves quite similar techniques than doing the same on Android, the difference being that with UbuntuTouch you use an LXC container while on Android we rely on traditio
  12. @manjaro, as far as I know, Ubuntu Touch is not in the best state on Pinephone, so it is not a general issue...
  13. Though this could be useful info for Pro1-users on Ubuntu Touch if the issues are general, I think you might find other fora more suited. This forum is intended for the FxTec Pro1(X). If the issues are specific to Pinephones try their forum. If it is general for Ubuntu Touch, try an Ubuntu forum.
  14. can't do anything on my pinephone with Ubuntu Touch. Trying it because i couldn't get one thing working on manjaro (a git project). But nothing works. File Manager: not work. No way to install common unix software like curl. W - T - F
  15. Stock Android has been severely neglected on the Pro1. That said, the device has been designed for being used with alternative ROMs right from the start, and there are official versions of LineageOS (LOS) 18.1 (which is what I'm using) and Android Ice Cold Project (AICP) available for the Pro1 which are mature and do get weekly updates. Here's a thread (best read through it, it's not too long) that details how to install custom ROMs LOS or AICP if maximum compatibility to the stock Android experience (including running most safety-conscious apps) is the goal: Regarding Linux, there'
  16. You want to order the version with Ubuntu Touch. Android is obviously Android and Lineage is AOSP, which is Android also.
  17. Great news! I bought the phone last month and I hope to install/use Ubuntu Touch on it :) (or does it come with Ubuntu?) I also bought a portable monitor and USB Hub to use with it.
  18. I'm interested in the phone and it's design. I wonder if it is possible to install /e/OS on the phone instead of LineageOS or Ubuntu Touch?
  19. Hi, I like Fedora, can someone point me to some reading material on how to install Fedora on it instead of say the Ubuntu touch? Thanks,
  20. Up to now there is no Linux distribution that can run natively on the Pro1. The problem is that mainline Linux support for the Pro1 (and even more for the Pro1X) is in a quite early stage, so using an upstream Linux kernel on the device is not practically possible. Unfortunately not. Ubuntu Touch (like SailfishOS) works by running a slimmed-down version of Android 9 (including the vendor-provided Kernel and closed-source driver binaries) under the hood. It then accesses the hardware functions via an Android compatibility layer (hybris). That way, only (GNU/)Linux apps specifically-writ
  21. See here https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Mobility it looks very early days on the project the fact its aiming at pine phone. Obviously they don't have pro 1 support it would require a developer to step up and get it working. But the fact ubuntu touch works means there is a starting point I guess.
  22. Are you asking if Ubuntu Touch supports those characters? It does.
  23. Welcome to fxtec! First, about your entry, please use a summary that specifies what you want to ask or state and not who wrote 🙂. Who wrote is given to the readers regardless 🙂. Second, Ubuntu's browser is as capable as android's browser, if not more capable. If you are accessing your bank account online or any shop online, Ubuntu can do that as well (or even better) than the basic android. If you are asking about native apps, Ubuntu touch is still struggling with those. Most apps work but apps with specific requirements struggle or not work at all.
  24. Oh dear, how I hate the locked phone world... Thanks a lot for all the information, it will maybe not replace my laptop, but I will at least have a nice degoogled phone ^^ I looked for the astro slide too but the lack of linux support got me off (no support to Ubuntu Touch or Mobian, just a mention of linux). Hope that the pro1x will be worth!
  25. Wow, thanks for the kick reply ! The keyboard was only if I would be far from home knowing that a screen is available for my use in a indoor place (yes, really specific). The integrated keyboard for everyday outdoor (and indoor) is what get me hyped. A device with a keyboard running natively linux and having all gsm functionalities, I only found the pro 1(x) for that ^^' Also, Ubuntu Touch would be already enough for me. And Mobian isn't a mainline distro technically speaking. Yeah it is not, but if a version of the linux kernel is working with the device, next should b
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