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  1. It seems I have to give up stock android and move to lineage for security reason. Before I do this, I wanted to ask the community about banking apps on lineage. Does it work? I understood we have to use magisk, but reading the forum, I see that users also have some difficulties make it work.
  2. ...And you do not have to root it to try another ROM. Though you might need to, to trick some banking apps to work under e.g. LineageOS AICP-R is also an interesting alternative to LineageOS. The AICP-S is still very early, with some initial oddities. The keyboard-handling messed up in Lineage 18&19 preventing some accessibility dependant apps from working is a LineageOS only bug. These apps works fine on both AICP-R and AICP-S.
  3. You actually don't need UniversalSafetyNetFix with pro1 if you use MagiskHidePropsConfig. I have understood that USNF is more needed on devices with hardware attestation and pro1 uses basic attestation so only changing of the fingerprint with MHPC and putting google gms on denylist is needed to pass safetynet, and that always worked for me too. Then you might need to set some other props with MHPC for some programs to work that check more than just Safetynet pass. Anyways there is a new way to pass SafetyNet on Lineage without magisk at all called ih8sn. I personally switched completely t
  4. Yes, it is. Actually my saga is longer and more convoluted. I had a cracked screen. Installed a new one like I did last year. Touch wouldn't work at all (like last time). Not only the edges but no touch is registered. I then went back to stock to see if the touch issue would be fixed. No dice. Plugged in a keyboard and mouse and tried to set up the stock firmware because I read that an OTA update might for stock solve the touch issue -- read it here: However, stock would show 'no updates'. But when configuring the device I realised that Google asked me to confirm on my other devices
  5. There have been written quite a bit on this in various threads, here a search: https://community.fxtec.com/search/?&q=lineage banking&search_and_or=and&sortby=relevancy But in generally it much depends on what bank. But many require the device to pass SafetyNet tests.
  6. Ironically all my social media apps (mainly Twitter and Sync) both works perfectly fine. It's banking apps mostly that has the most trouble. I'm already using Tasker force landscape to allow rotation in most apps, but some just crash or reset when it tries to rotate, and doesn't scale properly, resulting in hidden buttons. Rotate it back, app restarts. It's not the time I don't want to invest (you're looking at someone who actually went ahead and used ADB to fix problems on a 6 year old phone, my Priv was actually randomly rebooting until I spent hours tracing down what was the issue),
  7. Well, authentication at an ATM is done using that same 4-digit pin. And banking cards get stolen all the time. So I am not sure about that argument. 🤔 We are wandering off-topic here, but I think it is an interesting discussion, so let's go. First, even looking at things in the most positive way, I fail to see how preventing root access from user space adds any security to the latter. After all, even with root access enabled, Apps do not gain that access right any more "easily" than any other permission. User interaction is required all the same. But then, there are more fundam
  8. I can't tell for the banking app, but I know that the identity token app specifically looks for alternative ROMs like Lineage. The message I get is a bit clearer there.
  9. Does the app explicitly complain about 'root', or does it say something more general like 'unsecure phone'? Only a few weeks ago one of my banking apps (Fidor) stopped working on my Pro¹, saying something like 'unsecure phone detected' or some such (can't remember the exact words), and the phone isn't even rooted. The banking app, same as the 'Entrust Identity' app which generates login tokens for my employer's VPN, seems to already see a security issue if it simply finds an alternative ROM like Lineage or AICP. That said, I've heard about the existence of an Xposed module that is suppos
  10. I've thought a few times about how it might have made more sense to NOT have any stock at all. I mean if you're going to half-ass something and have a good alternative, why not skip the half assed solution anyway? But I think that GMS certification was a big part of it, including safetynet. I hope in the future fxtec will have the balls to skip the google stuff from the start, one could interpret the pro1x shipping with lineage as a hesitant first step in that direction. But there should definitely be a biohazard splash screen if you're using stock. It's a paradox to me - you would be
  11. Hi everyone. Lineage OS 17 is installed on my Pro1, coming from Lineage OS 16. I am having trouble with a few apps and wonder if anyone can help. Banking Apps Finger prints log-in never works more than once. It does work on other apps, but not banking ones. I read something about deleting fingerprints folder in a certain folder but I don't think I could find it. British Airways Executive Club and some non-UK Covid proximity detection apps Will not open as it says my device is rooted. Can I un-root or hide that the phone is apparantly rooted?
  12. These tools change the way Android works. If they have a bug or if they are misconfigured, it is difficult to track down the issue. So users will frequently file bug reports against the device in Lineage and waste developer time trying to reproduce an issue that doesn't really exist. For me, personally, I don't like to give that kind of power to any program that I have not personally built and reviewed. And both of these tools are complex enough that I'm not going to go through their source code. Further, they both have a modular system where anyone can contribute. This means
  13. I've been using my Pro1 and it's great. I decided to install Lineage and then Magisk and HideRoot and then managed to spoof the signature of a Pxel phone to pass the basic SafetyNet check. This was all good and I thought all my apps were working, banking, games etc. I then discovered that somehow Patient Access (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.patient.patientaccess&hl=en) is detecting root even though I have it hiding root and pass SafetyNet So I have a couple of questions based on the above: I don't really NEED root. Can I adjust my lineage install
  14. I think this is one of the threads on this (see below). My take away was: - it depends on how you use the phone (apps, etc) - lineage has more fixes - you risk to loose your banking apps if you root (for the sake of security, these apps do not like rooting), although there is a work around (but you need the skills). - Problems with the stock android are less widespread that at the beginning of 2020 (there were a few updates since then); there are a lot of workaround to the problems identified. For me, the phone works fine with stock android (except no sticky shift opti
  15. I would like to hear your experience. I have not yet activated the finger print reader under stock android, as I remembered it lead to some issues (too many read attempts). If I activate it (to use my banking app), I understand from the post above that it is possible to deactivate it on the lock screen using the app mentioned. I just wanted to ask about your experience / whether it solves the issues. For example, normally I press the power button to switch off the screen before putting the phone in my pocket, will I experience unintended read (power and reader are next to each others
  16. Lineage is mostly about privacy, and it gives you more control on what the apps may do behind your back. It is also much more customizable than stock Android, and it basically gives you access to all the available options in Android system. Some of them doesn't work as they should, but at least you have the freedom to make the choice 😄 Also Lineage has most those bugs existing in stock, fixed. I haven't used the stock for a while so I don't know whether they have fxed the bugs on stock too, but basically Lineage is more usable than the stock. The disadvantage is that banking apps and some comp
  17. I don't use anything that requires safetynet on Lineage, which apparently includes my banking app. I am rooted and I don't bother hiding it.
  18. My banking apps work fine on lineage os (official nightly) not setup google pay on it so don't know on that. Sailfish I seriously doubt you will find any banking apps (they probably haven't created one) and safety net doesn't exist its an android thing.
  19. Does Lineage goes through Google Safety net? Means are there banking-apps or google pay available? And same question for OFFICIAL Sailfish (which is not available yet - only community version) Does it successfully goes through safety net?
  20. Just flashed Lineage to my Pro1. Heck, previous time for me was Cyanogenmod on Motorola Defy around 2011... But installation was easy and the adb/fastboot stuff was simple on my Debian pc. Haven't had time to play much wit the device, but seems like everything is working. Except banking apps and my job (Outlook) email, which are not permitted because of rooted device. Is there a way to solve this already?
  21. You are really doing an awesome job, can't repeat it enough Less the Google certification some need for banking apps and the like I will say that the Lineage implementation is better than the stock one in several ways. I certainly hope they will adapt some of it in stock.
  22. Lineage OS devs in general seem to hate Magisk, I think for valid reasons. I saw a dev on reddit make a good case for why it's bad once, but I can't find it now. Basically, the whole point of Magisk is that it allows you to change important things, while hiding itself from the rest of the system. This allows you to have root and pass safetynet so you can use banking apps, but if anything malicious gets access to that it can just hide itself as well and do some very nasty stuff. I'm not sure how likely it is something malicious will get access to Magisk, but it's definitely something to keep in
  23. Nope, it does not work. So what happens - and that is the same as with stock android - you press "d" on the keyboard and "s" appears. The numeric row is fine. I didn't try any special characters like äöü. For stock Android the solution was to go to System, then "Language and Settings", then "Physical keyboard", then click "Fxtec Pro1 (Default)" and in the pop-up select "German" (Or Deutsch if your system is set to German). For stock android that allowed the keyboard to work. On Lineage that doesn't do anything as far as I can tell. Another issue: The WIFi symbol looks like it only
  24. Just to add, with Magisk you can make Android behave as normally installed, and therefore can run banking apps as usual. I would rather chose Sailfish (Had both phones after N900, N9), the OS itself is really nice. But I need Android support and Sailfish was always a bit buggy for me. Therefore I will use Lineage, Magisk and a very very thin GApps layer to make most of the apps run. I try to ensure my privacy on this one. How annoying this can be to work outside of the cloud in regards of backups and time spending is experienced fairly quickly. But this time I'll mod my Android till it br
  25. This is not actually possible with Sailfish OS on the Pro1, as I am guessing WhatsApp only provides binaries for iOS and Android. The Sailfish OS that is being talked about for the Pro1 is a community port, which does not include support for Android applications. I believe Lineage OS is something of a fork of Android with Google services-based applications removed. It should still be compatible with most Android applications, unless they specifically require an untouched Android (I've heard that some banking applications do that). The point of running Sailfish for me is that this is a Lin
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