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Some thoughts on this device

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I have just joined here and this is my first post.

I have been using Nokia E7-00 since long and own 8 of Nokia E7-00 devices. I am still using it. but because Symbian is no longer supported so it getting harder and harder. for example no new certificates for the browser are released so most of the sites do not open in its browser. And then its processor and ram is not up to speed with todays devices.


So I found this pro1 by accident and it looks so similar but with Android and latest hardware. so I am so interested in it.


There are few things I really wish that will make it a great device.

I hope if it would have FM Radio and IR blaster. and maybe some support for pen although there will be third party apps available to use pen.


So basically if it can also have FM Radio & IR Blaster then it will make it an ultimate device!




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We will all be jumping up and down until July i think :D. 109 days to go until July begins and probably then some until release day. Wouldn't be totally surprised if it did have an FM radio, for many phones it exists (as part of the SoC even if not mistaken) but is disabled depending on region (because of some legal reason I think). It looks either way like it'll be the best android phone ever :).

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The IR blaster functionality is something that only few phones still feature. I was hyped for it with my HTC One, but in the end only used it to pull pranks on friends to show off the functionality. The FM transmitter of my N900, on the other hand, I did use. Especially with friends who had old car radio's, it was a life saver. I'm afraid the specs as given it's what will be final though...

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Been there with the IR blaster. A previous version of my laptop had IR too (they blanked it out on mine). At the end of the day, I never really used it.

Conversely the FM comes in handy. Although I have plenty of music on my Droid 4, I use it when on a low battery, flying, or in an area with no service. There's also a great FM app that came out, it was even advertised on TV. Unfortunately usually the SoC has to support FM, I don't immediately see it specified on the 835.

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all my phones' IR and FM radio receiver functionality hasn't seen much use sans showing off. I don't have any IR receiving devices anymore and audiobooks/spotify have taken over the FM radio's role


I guess if the world ends, I'll curse myself for buying the F(x) without FM - so I can't listen to emergency broadcasts.. oh wait, they send them via sms now

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