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I think this phone should be a full Google Fi supported device and be available on Googles website. Can that be done? I think this would really help sales. I would buy 2 right away! Can you fit the hardware for the three bands?

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Yeah I've been trying to use Fi with a Pro1, but I think I've reached the end of the road with this hangouts > messages changeover that Fi is forcing when it comes to text messaging.  I can't even get it to work at all because the Pro1 is an extra level of "unsupported" below the normal level of unsupported phones.

AKA, I can't even "activate" my Pro1 with the Google Fi android app, even though voice and data work fine, whereas I could at least "activate" my Blackberry Key2 as an unsupported device that would be limited to the T-Mobile network only (aka no network switching)

Even though the Pro1 doesn't "activate" with the Google Fi android app, it still works fine as long as that SIM has been "activated" on a "slightly supported" phone.  I can make and receive calls and use 4G LTE data on the T-Mobile Network just like the Blackberry.

But now that I have to switch text messaging from Hangouts to "Google Messages" (aka the Messages Android App) I needed to do the switchover on a "supported" phone, and even after doing the switchover (it transfers all your conversations / messages from Hangouts to Google Messages, and supposedly allows you to access messages on the web via your Google Fi login without having to have your phone turned on) now NOTHING works, and I kinda get text messages on the blackberry and the web interface but I can't seem to send messages on the web interface and I DEFINITELY can't send or receive messages on the Pro1 - because I think it looks for the Google Fi android app and the subsequent "activation" it provides to somehow enable text messaging through my Google Fi number.

Long story short, I'm tired of having to wrangle with this all the time (texting through hangouts has been getting worse and worse as google lets hangouts languish) so I'm looking into switching providers (probably some other MVNO like ting or mint or whatever) and also looking into porting my number to something like Google Voice so that I can switch providers easier and maybe still use text messaging on my computer (on any computer) without having to have my phone on and connected to the internet.


So yeah the Pro1 works with Fi, but be prepared to occasionally have to install the Fi app and then uninstall it to get the phone to stop bugging you to activate, and appearantly sometime soon get used to text messaging not working with Pro1 / Google Fi anymore 😕

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