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FxTec replied they can't change anything now so I have to live with the guilt of not being persuasive enough to have them use New AZERTY layout and being the one that proposed that limited classic AZERTY layout in the first place.

On one hand it is nice that they take on community contributions like this. On the other hand instead of passively just taking stuff it would have been nice if they had come here and say: "Hey Slion, we are about to print your classic AZERTY design hope that's ok with you" that would have given me the opportunity to work directly with them on the New AZERTY layout.

Though I suspect they went for the easier solution to save time as the classic AZERTY design should be mostly compatible with the Android built-in AZERTY definition.

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I wonder if I should not modify my perk to a qwerty Pro1x (if it's possible), but I'm pretty sure the community has the level to find a solution.
For me this is the real value of the pro1 and such projects like Dragonbox Pyra and pinephone.

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