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AZERTY layout

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Here is a thread hoping to collect opinions on what a possible AZERTY layout should look like on the Pro1.

Attached is a picture of my faithful Nokia E7 AZERTY.


Basically on an AZERTY keyboard, beyond the basic layout changes, one expects the following characters to be readily available:





Optionally: ê

On top of that there is an extra modifier key enabling the following characters:









... and so on.


On a standard AZERTY keyboard this is done by making digit keys available through shift modifier.

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It seems that a "Scandinavian Qwerty" layout is on the way. We can espect that other layouts will come soon after the official launch. But again, a "QwertY-US International" layout would have been a better option than QwertZ for a first product launch as it covers in a unique layout all common languages (based on latin characters) with all the accents/characters available only on some languages).


I still prefer the "QwertY-FR" variant as described on http://marin.jb.free.fr/qwerty-fr/ because it just adds the missing french characters (and some others) on a standard Qwerty-US layout. (The daily use is very easy on a standard keyboard, try it!). So I think that the software part may be easy to implement on the regular "Pro1 Qwerty" as it not requires any move or addition of key.


Other options for french are :




(and, of course, AZERTY)

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9 hours ago, Slion said:

Is there any hope of seeing an azerty layout soon?

That's a matter of definition. if the letters on the keys have to match what they type, that could be awhile, if ever. In the meantime, check out the fine work of @Anssi Hannula on FinQwerty. It makes almost anything possible. :)

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