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Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3

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I have noticed that the screen on the Pro1 is only Gorilla Glass 3. I looked up my Priv and it seems to have had Gorilla Glass 4 installed. How much better is 4 compared to 3? I'm guessing the screen on the Pro1 will be less drop-resistant... is that the case?

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I have GG5 on my current phone and it still shatters when dropped. not to pieces, but noticeable.

I know it's counter-productive to say this, but just don't drop your phone (advice for myself as well)

Unfortunately for me pro1 has curved edges, which makes things worse from this point of view, guess I'll use a case for the first time

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In some aspects GC3 is better than 4, in others 4 is better than 3

It is matter of one being more scratch resistant and the other more impact resistant. It is GC4 that is more impact resistant

We have another thread with this somewhere....

EDIT Could not find it, but it relates to this https://www.gsmarena.com/counterclockwise_the_rise_of_gorilla_glass_and_how_it_changed_the_phone_industry-news-37570.php

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