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[Community Build] Sailfish OS 3.2 for Fxtec Pro1

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Mobile data should be fixed now. If anyone has SailfishOS already installed, please update packages by doing:

zypper ref
zypper update

Newly CI built image should not need this, but it will take some time to finish and get first post updated.

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Just to make sure I got it right: when I receive my Pro¹, I do not need to make a backup before trying to flash SFOS, because the files to restore the Pro¹ to factory state are available for download elsewhere, right?

Also, has anyone tried the procedure with µSD cards larger than 32 GB? Mine is 128 GB, formatted to ext4, not sure that'll work.

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Been a day on Android after years on SailfishOS, I am deeply missing  SailfishOS, I am going to be patient and not really in the position to test, however, when Jolla supports it with android (damn you whatsapp and signal) then I will jump back! Looking forward to it... let's us know what support, moral or otherwise is needed!

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