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[Community Build][][Updated 18th Aug] Sailfish OS for Fxtec Pro1

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I used the first Jolla and even got hands on the dev phone a few years later. I really liked Sailfish even though it had some quirks.

However I've switched to android as most of all apps I required were android ones and the support back then had some issues.

Now that Sailfish runs on the Pro1 and version 4 is out, I really would like to try it out again.

I have a few questions though, can I simply update from 3.4 to 4, or do I have to wait for a port? How is the android support on the Pro1?  I read that it had some issues on that phone. What about the other hardware? Bluetooth, Phone over WiFi, camera and such?


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Updated 18 Aug 2020: Updated flashable package to Many thanks to Adam Pigg who has fixed many bugs and implemented many featured including fingerprint reader and encrypting user data, which

Regarding sailfish, the port is certainly still in development and has not stalled.  I use it as my daily driver with few issues. The latest releases are available from the continuous integration

PSA Updating to Sailfish 3.4 The update to Sailfish 3.4 on the Pro1 is much anticipated.  Not only will it bring the great features in 3.4, but it also bring encrypted home partition for added secur

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10 minutes ago, __fastcall said:

I have a few questions though, can I simply update from 3.4 to 4, or do I have to wait for a port? 

3.4 uprade to 4.0 at the moment is the only way to to get to 4.0.


How is the android support on the Pro1?

It's good if one knows how to get it, since it is not officially supported. Some quirks with the keyboard, but others can suggest things before upgrading to 4.0. I did a slow transition, but now it is my conplete daily driver. Recent addition was getting the camera to work.

I think others might have some thoughts too


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Hello, I have to flash my phone, and I think I will give Sailfish a try. You make my mouth water...
just for my information, can you use GPS with openstreetmap on it ? How useful is the GPS for daily use ?

I found so many sources (wiki, telegram, blog, this forum...) I'm a bit lost 😄

Anyway this will increase my learning curve, as Linux is my best OS-friend for 3 years.

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  • 3 weeks later... should now be available and working.

As previously ... 3.4 -> 4.0 -> 4.1 should work fine as far as I know.  I havnt done a clean flash of 4.1 (infact, a full image isnt available just yet, so i dont know if that is working)


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