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Reccommend gcam port for Pro¹?

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Anyone else notice that when F(x)Tec posts something to Instagram or Twitter showing the Pro1 taking a photo, the app that's shown is always some kind of GCam port, never the Snapdragon app? I wonder what port the F(x)Tec social media team uses. So far my queries to the social media accounts have gone unanswered...

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Based on your description it seems that Snapdragon camera is hardcoded to the camera button. I think this is a bug, as it should launch the default camera.

I tried key mapper from f-droid.  I was able to map camera button longpress to open gcam or default cam  (and change quite a few other things while i was at it) but dont see a way to make focus/shutte

Personally I have been using "Open Camera" since about  day one - and it is doing a great job - less HDR.

Posted Images

On 7/16/2020 at 1:20 PM, FlyingAntero said:

Here is a quick Night Sight mode test with F1v9.6_6.2.030, MGC_6.1.021_F1_V1.7 (A8.1 config off and on), MGC_7.4.104_V0a and F1MinimalMod2.1 ports.

These photos are taken in dark condition when the camera app itself suggests to use Night Sight mode. In my opinion, F1v9.6_6.2.030 and MGC_6.1.021_F1_V1.7 gives the best result and I can't see difference between these two. When I enable "Forcibly enable NS config for A8.1" (it fixes the viewfinder) on MGC_6.1.021_F1_V1.7 port colors are much colder. Picture quality is still great. Night Sight mode on MGC_7.4.104_V0a is totally broken and can't be used. You can see distortions in the picture. F1MinimalMod2.1 is also unusable since the noise level is really bad.

So far I have not tested other features.

Thanks. I'm currently mostly interested in the level of detail for normal photos and I didn't see much difference between various versions (all are better than stock), but thanks for sharing.

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On 12/16/2019 at 6:17 PM, david said:

Pixel 3 is the one that shares the same camera hardware for the main camera.

Based on what david said earlier I'd try the pixel 3.

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11 hours ago, hermite said:

Which camera model is recommended for the Poco F1 port? For 9.6 available are: Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a XL.

I am using Pixel III XL input model also.

BTW, MGC_6.1.021_RP1_V1.3.2-BSG port is working very similar compared to F1v9.6_6.2.030 in Night Sight even thought if you enable A8.1 config (to fix viewfinder). The colors are not cold (like on MGC_6.1.021_F1_V1.7 when A8.1 config is enabled) but it takes little bit longer to take the picture. For normal shots it is working good. Currently I am using Pixel 2018 ZsIR Hdr+ config.

Issues on MGC_6.1.021_RP1_V1.3.2-BSG

  • Panorama is broken
  • Slow motion causes camera app to crash
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Hoping to revive this thread, quite some time has passed and there's been some progress in Google Camera (GCam) apps. I recently got this phone and I've been trying many GCam versions, only to notice the majority of versions all have an upside down viewfinder. If it weren't for this, these versions would make the camera function exceptionally well on the F(x)tec Pro1. The most promising version seems to be MGC_8.1.101, given that it is the latest version of the Google Camera combined with the fact that it has a wide range of (developer) settings inside. However, I have not been able to find any combination of settings that allow the viewfinder to be flipped correctly. Oddly enough, the much older version mentioned in the previous post does show the viewfinder properly.

I'm not sure what's the cause of the flipped viewfinder in most of the GCam versions, but it doesn't seem as simple as installing a GCam version for one specific device with perhaps also an upside down mounted camera (e.g. the viewfinder orientation seems to differ within Pocophone F1 versions of GCam mods).

Is anyone using any of the more recent GCam mods currently on the F(x)tec Pro1? And if so, which of the more recent versions works well on the device?

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Opencamera and Camera Zoom FX both work fine. 
The stock app isn't that bad once you figure out not to take pictures in bad lighting 🙂 . I don't want to install Telegram, otherwise I would have asked the dev for help. Im pretty sure it should be an easy fix to lip the viewfinder in picture mode. Because in video mode everything works just fine.

I just gave up and dug up my wife's Sony TX10 still like brand new. Also bought an USB C card reader in case I want to share something almost instant 🤣.

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14 hours ago, DieBruine said:

Opencamera and Camera Zoom FX both work fine. 

...As long as we avoid HDR mode, yes.

Currently HDR works with the stock app, but not trough the api with other apps.

Be aware that the HDR mode does not work as intended. It do take a high and low light image as it is supposed to, but some metadata handling in the Camera2 API interface must be wrong, so when the software tries to stitch the two together, we get odd shadow-results.
e.g. OpenCamera HDR works just fine on a Samsung S8, so not the app that is wrong. it must be the returned images that does not match the requested shuttertime/ISO settings. And this obviously confuses the stitching.

IF the software was very 'clever' it could have detected some areas as neither high nor low light in both images, and then by taking the mean luminance of these would be able to compensate.
I have reported this on an early unit almost two years ago, but it never reached high enough on their bug-list to be fixed.
And as it is closed source we can not even have the community correct it.

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I've been using a gcam port on my Pro1 for years.  Should I still use that on the Pro1X, or is there something better?  The stock camera app interface on the Pro1X isn't to my liking.  I haven't done a lot of testing on picture quality with it.

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