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On 1/5/2020 at 3:23 AM, elvissteinjr said:

What do you guys use a web browser these days? I'm using Vivaldi on PC, but the mobile beta they have is pretty barebones to be honest.
There's a couple of names that usually get thrown around (namely Brave and Firefox I suppose?), but what is truly the best choice for power users?

Fulguris though its bookmark manager is very basic - full disclosure, I'm the app developer.

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The first utility apps I install on any Android device I own are FX and Termux. Together they turn a smartphone or tablet into a full-featured pocket computer. The former is in my opinion the best fil

I would stay away from QuickPic.  I used to swear by it, but it is now owned by Cheetah Mobile a notorious spyware publisher.  I replaced it with Gallery Pro by Simple Mobile for which your descriptio

I'm no photo expert, but I think it might come out better if you open the window before taking the photo.

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  • 3 weeks later...

here's a list of apps i've gathered from these two posts (this one and the landscape post)  98% of these apps come from F-Droid, the other two you have to download the APK, not from google play store.


  • Silence SMS app - i tried textra, mentioned here, i liked it.  then i saw the trackers for it and quickly uninstalled.
  • Briar secure messaging app  -  kind of high tech, but secure.  and you need to get your friends to install it (replaces whatsapp) (search internets for their repository for F-Droid)
  • Element.io matrix Slack, IRC or XMPP messaging app - replaces whatsapp
  • Kodi - with titanium build for movies and sports
  • NewPipe - for youtube with no ads, you can import your subscriptions. and download videos. and play soundcloud within the same app.
  • Fennec F-Droid  -  the current firefox build 79 and 81 on android, has a bug where it doesn't autofill your saved logins
  • BitWarden -  the best password manager (search internets for repository for F-Droid)
  • Email  - tutanota - has all the keyboard shortcuts for our pro1
      i just use the web based email.  and add a shortcut with notifications to my home screen.  Notable email providers are mailfence, ctemplar, criptext.  cTemplar does have an F-Droid app, and ios and playstore. criptext does have an ios and playstore app.
  • Poweramp music player (you can get the pro free version by https://modlooters.com/poweramp-pro/ )
  • Simple Gallery PRO - gallery viewer + editor (pro free version in f-droid)
  • Open Camera + lineage stock camera app for barcode scanning
  • VLC media player  - to watch your downloaded youtube videos
  • Markor -  quick notes and To-Do lists
  • Librera PRO -  pdf and doc and ebook viewer
  • Notecase PRO - i don't know, was recommended in this thread (direct apk from their website notecasepro.com)
  • Scrambled Exif -  scrambles your metadata before sharing pictures on the internet and to friends
  • Imagepipe - scrambles exif and metadata and can also resize images for email , mms
  • 3C all-in-one  -  pretty darn good tool manager, comes with battery manager
  • KB backlight manager -  i don't know, this has not worked for me.  keyboard light stays on even when toggled off. (google it or find the thread in this forum with this name) https:// community.fxtec.com/topic/2721-kb-backlight-manager-for-lineageos-builds/
  • F-Droid app -  where all of these apps i have downloaded from (f-droid.org to download apk)
  • Ghost Commander -  pretty cool file manager where you have 2 panes and you can copy files to and from different locations
  • WaveUp  - wakes your phone up when you take it out of your pocket
  • Fx Service  -  wakes your phone up when you flip your cover case (their website also has fulguris browser)
  • Aurora Store -  if you really need some sort of app, (wouldn't recommend anything from play store, even with a spoofed play store account)
  • Exodus - The grand daddy -  haven't seen it mentioned here,  the app searches your installed apps and sees the integrity, the trackers, and permissions.  the web site can give you a report on trackers for your future app installation decisions from play store and F-Droid (https://reports.exodus-privacy.eu.org/) (https://reports.exodus-privacy.eu.org/en/analysis/submit/)
  • HERE WeGo maps -  i use it instead of google maps for navigation (aurora store)
  • Osmand - an open source online and offline navigation from f-droid
  • Trekarta - open source, good privacy, replaces locus maps and maps.cy for hiking and trails

Launchtime -  launcher

ScreenShot Assistant -  instead of google assistant.  it easily screenshot fast and you can write on it and share it.  does not save the SS, use your actual normal SS function to save SS.

Swisscows - my default search engine. duckduckgo's information is read and saved by microsoft.  you can find on swisscows.com how to make it your default search engine in your browser.

if you're feeling froggy, and want to take a jump for more apps on f-droid than there are listed > https://forum.f-droid.org/t/known-repositories/721

Some apps mentioned here, i've uninstalled after seeing the trackers,  GSam battery monitor. locus maps, maps.cy, Textra and i don't know , maybe a few others.

running on lineageOS.

(edit: added links, more apps, better descriptions)

Edited by internationaltraitor
added sources to apps not found in standard F-Droid
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Reviving an (almost) zombie thread, because I stumbled upon this:

On 1/5/2020 at 3:05 PM, Rob. S. said:

[...] I'm mostly using LibreOffice on Linux (and Windows, until my desktop migration to Linux 2½ years ago) and overall I'm quite happy with it, but not only is there no compatible Android alternative, [...]

It seems like few know that Collabora, one of the major developers of LibreOffice (and many more FOSS projects), make a free (like in 'freedom') Android (and iOS) version of LibreOffice, rebranding it to "CollaboraOffice". The apps are officially recommended on libreoffice.org.

They regularly update the app to keep it in-sync with the stable LibreOffice code base. And while it is of course difficult to compare to the desktop version in terms of usability, the software does a quite good job at viewing and editing (!) documents (text, spreadsheet, and presentations) created on my Linux PCs. I haven't tested Microsoft Office compatibility much, but up to now it digested all the .docx I have thrown at it and -- logically -- I see no reason why it would not be on-par with upstream LibreOffice in this respect.

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35 minutes ago, chippisc said:

Or you pay 5$ to support the devs who did an awesome job...


I am a FOSS enthusiast. But unlike many, I do not think that the security advantage of FOSS stems primarily from technical superiority. The main problem with non-free as-in-'freedom' platforms is that -- sooner-or-later -- they end up being also non-free as-in-'beer'. Then, some class of users, who are more willing to download any SPOS¹ off the Internet than to pay their 5 bucks for an official copy, reach a critical mass. The rest is history. 🙂 

¹ steaming pile of sh*t

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My favorites are:

  1. YouTube Vanced with Vanced Manager for updates - ad-free youtube, background playback, tons of options, skip resolution check and combined with the microg app from vanced manager you can also login to your account (it also has a black version and youtube music also has a vanced version in vanced manager).
  2. WPS Office for documents
  3. PowerDirector for on the go video editing (just for fun I was thinking a mobile version of Premiere would be really cool on the Pro1, and I found one 😄 )
  4. Malwarebytes - antimalware app that saved my a** multiple times across the years
  5. Opera - the only browser I found that has a desktop UI option, by that I mean that I have all the tabs above the URL bar the whole time, so switching and knowing what I have open is instantaneous
  6. Navigation Gestures and Pie Control - so I can always have a full screen experience with no navbar. I also globally hid the status bar from ADB
  7. Force Landscape - forces landscape and also has a status bar on/off toggle
  8. Xplore - file explorer that can even open xapk files as archives so I can extract apk and obb data from them and then install normally. It also supports wifi file sharing between devices with the app installed
  9. VLC for video playback
  10. I used to use gb whatsapp for the extra options it had but upgrading became a pain so I switched to the official app
  11. Screenshot Touch - screenshot app with option to also record video that works flawlessly for me and has a satisfactory amount of settings
  12. Nova Launcher with the Min icon pack - min icon pack can't be found on the play store anymore but I tracked it on the web and works just fine.

Screenshot of point 12:

Screenshot of point 2:


Screenshot of point 1:


Screenshot of point 5:


Screenshot of point 6:


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2 hours ago, EskeRahn said:

@Rud Sorry for going off topic, but you seem to have amazing vision to work with these font sizes.
I tried to make a simple vision test over here, would be interesting to hear if you beat the currently best I met,

I could distinguish the double lines until 1080p, not sure if I did the test correctly, I just opened the images at full size.

Beyond 1080p, up to the largest resolution, the double line crosses looked different (thinner) from the single line ones but I couldn't tell why.

Regarding my homescreen text, I can read it comfortably from about 30cm from my eyes on the Pro1 and about 40cm on my Priv, this maybe because of the Priv's huge ppi density.

Pixel density may also be why I can't read the homescreen text in my screenshot above on my 4k PC monitor but can on my phone.

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47 minutes ago, Rud said:

Pixel density may also be why I can't read the homescreen text in my screenshot above on my 4k PC monitor but can on my phone.

(The resolution limit is the product of the viewing distance and the density - assuming it is at a range where we can focus
It is important to make sure the image is displayed so one pixel in the display is one pixel of the image. NO automatic scaling/zooming/squeezing)

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3 hours ago, EskeRahn said:

(The resolution limit is the product of the viewing distance and the density - assuming it is at a range where we can focus
It is important to make sure the image is displayed so one pixel in the display is one pixel of the image. NO automatic scaling/zooming/squeezing)

Understood. I'll give it another go tomorrow.

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  • 8 months later...

I just confirmed that the brand-new German AusweisApp2  (meaning "passport app 2") – which uses the credentials stored in the latest version of the NFC-enabled German passport (which I had to renew recently) to safely and securely authorize me online in various situations like dealing with the authorities (instead of having to visit them in person) for things like registering a new car – works perfectly with the F(x)tec Pro1 running LineageOS 18.1 (with Magisk and MagiskHide). Our phone is not yet mentioned in the list of compatible smartphones, but it might be soon, because I made use of the app's option to notify them of a compatible device 🙂  


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