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Screen Burn

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Yeah its like plasma tv not got a camera available atm!! (sounds weird I know n ospare phone around)

It's purely the blue channel and it's butn in from a game but I didn't play it for long periods it's a play for 10 mins here and there type game but it uses blue on it's ui.

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hmm...thats why i hate amoled display...i see it every week in my work - approx half year old samsung phones with burned displays 😞

Here is only one "solution" - you can test to overburn it. Test to play this youtube video in fullscreen and full brightness...or search on store something like galaxy burn fix.

If is fx display 21:9 then search for another video


For future is needed to set brightness to approx low, enable anto brightness, better no static images with high contrast and maybe set quick display timeout....yess amoled is shit 😞

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5 hours ago, CornholioGSM said:

you are one of the 5-10% without problems

I have never had any issues on an amoled screen except on some of the very first the E870 with a always on clock on the front, that display deteriorated over time.
And none of min friends have had issues either so I guess tht "you are not one of the 5-10% with problems" would be closer to the reallity...

(btw your link is broken with some odd double tail)

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5 minutes ago, CornholioGSM said:

..soo maybe 30% i dont know. i am service technician for cell phones and i see burned screen every week

I guess most of my friends are tech nerds and/or listen to what nerds like me tell them, so they most likely use the displays at a much lower brightness in average than the general average.

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