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Phone stuck in FastBoot Mode?

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  • 2 months later...

This just happened to me. I didn't do anything with it. I used my phone as I was leaving work and when I got home and pulled it out of my bag, it looked like that. Is there any way to fix this? I am so frustrated and I don't want it to become a brick by using something that won't work. Any suggestions?

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9 hours ago, ajstreuk said:

This just happened to me. I didn't do anything with it. I used my phone as I was leaving work and when I got home and pulled it out of my bag, it looked like that. Is there any way to fix this? I am so frustrated and I don't want it to become a brick by using something that won't work. Any suggestions?


Try the factory flash tool.  Make sure to tell it not to flash data, or all your data will be erased.


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So .. I am stuck with the same problem. I have not attempted to even flash the phone at all. I suppose, that the last system update (in contrast to most others it did contain information on what it is going to update) might be the culprit.

My screen is nearly the same as the one @cjacksonz has on his picture. No matter what I chose ("Restart bootloader", "Recovery mode", "Power off", "Boot to FFBM", "Boot to QMMI", "Start"), I end up at this very screen cjacksonz showed in the first post. If I detach the USB cord, "Power off" turns off the phone (otherwise it restarts the phone).

I have tried fiddling around with Minimal ADB + Fastboot and when doing "fastboot devices", this device is properly seen. "fastboot reboot" restarts the device, but it still restarts into the same screen.

I tried Q Flash Tool, but it does not recognize this device as it is in Fastboot Mode. It keeps saying I should connect the device.

Does anyone have an idea what to do?

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[email protected]$ sudo fastboot getvar all
(bootloader) hw-revision:20001
(bootloader) unlocked:no
(bootloader) off-mode-charge:0
(bootloader) charger-screen-enabled:0
(bootloader) battery-soc-ok:yes
(bootloader) battery-voltage:3950
(bootloader) version-baseband:
(bootloader) version-bootloader:
(bootloader) erase-block-size: 0x1000
(bootloader) logical-block-size: 0x1000
(bootloader) variant:MSM UFS
(bootloader) partition-type:fsc:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:fsc: 0x1000
(bootloader) partition-type:fsg:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:fsg: 0x200000
(bootloader) partition-type:modemst2:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:modemst2: 0x200000
(bootloader) partition-type:modemst1:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:modemst1: 0x200000
(bootloader) partition-type:storsec:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:storsec: 0x20000
(bootloader) partition-type:logdump:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:logdump: 0x4000000
(bootloader) partition-type:sti:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:sti: 0x200000
(bootloader) partition-type:logfs:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:logfs: 0x800000
(bootloader) partition-type:toolsfv:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:toolsfv: 0x100000
(bootloader) partition-type:limits:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:limits: 0x1000
(bootloader) partition-type:splash:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:splash: 0x20A4000
(bootloader) partition-type:dpo:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:dpo: 0x1000
(bootloader) partition-type:msadp:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:msadp: 0x40000
(bootloader) partition-type:apdp:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:apdp: 0x40000
(bootloader) partition-type:dip:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:dip: 0x100000
(bootloader) partition-type:devinfo:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:devinfo: 0x1000
(bootloader) partition-type:sec:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:sec: 0x4000
(bootloader) partition-type:vendor_b:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:vendor_b: 0x40000000
(bootloader) partition-type:devcfg_b:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:devcfg_b: 0x20000
(bootloader) partition-type:cmnlib64_b:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:cmnlib64_b: 0x80000
(bootloader) partition-type:cmnlib_b:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:cmnlib_b: 0x80000
(bootloader) partition-type:vbmeta_b:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:vbmeta_b: 0x10000
(bootloader) partition-type:dtbo_b:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:dtbo_b: 0x800000
(bootloader) partition-type:boot_b:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:boot_b: 0x4000000
(bootloader) partition-type:keymaster_b:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:keymaster_b: 0x80000
(bootloader) partition-type:abl_b:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:abl_b: 0x100000
(bootloader) partition-type:dsp_b:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:dsp_b: 0x1000000
(bootloader) partition-type:mdtp_b:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:mdtp_b: 0x2000000
(bootloader) partition-type:mdtpsecapp_b:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:mdtpsecapp_b: 0x400000
(bootloader) partition-type:bluetooth_b:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:bluetooth_b: 0x100000
(bootloader) partition-type:modem_b:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:modem_b: 0x6E00000
(bootloader) partition-type:pmic_b:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:pmic_b: 0x80000
(bootloader) partition-type:hyp_b:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:hyp_b: 0x80000
(bootloader) partition-type:tz_b:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:tz_b: 0x200000
(bootloader) partition-type:rpm_b:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:rpm_b: 0x80000
(bootloader) partition-type:vendor_a:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:vendor_a: 0x40000000
(bootloader) partition-type:devcfg_a:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:devcfg_a: 0x20000
(bootloader) partition-type:cmnlib64_a:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:cmnlib64_a: 0x80000
(bootloader) partition-type:cmnlib_a:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:cmnlib_a: 0x80000
(bootloader) partition-type:vbmeta_a:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:vbmeta_a: 0x10000
(bootloader) partition-type:dtbo_a:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:dtbo_a: 0x800000
(bootloader) partition-type:boot_a:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:boot_a: 0x4000000
(bootloader) partition-type:keymaster_a:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:keymaster_a: 0x80000
(bootloader) partition-type:abl_a:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:abl_a: 0x100000
(bootloader) partition-type:dsp_a:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:dsp_a: 0x1000000
(bootloader) partition-type:mdtp_a:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:mdtp_a: 0x2000000
(bootloader) partition-type:mdtpsecapp_a:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:mdtpsecapp_a: 0x400000
(bootloader) partition-type:bluetooth_a:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:bluetooth_a: 0x100000
(bootloader) partition-type:modem_a:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:modem_a: 0x6E00000
(bootloader) partition-type:pmic_a:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:pmic_a: 0x80000
(bootloader) partition-type:hyp_a:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:hyp_a: 0x80000
(bootloader) partition-type:tz_a:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:tz_a: 0x200000
(bootloader) partition-type:rpm_a:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:rpm_a: 0x80000
(bootloader) partition-type:ddr:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:ddr: 0x100000
(bootloader) partition-type:cdt:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:cdt: 0x1000
(bootloader) partition-type:xbl_b:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:xbl_b: 0x3F5000
(bootloader) partition-type:xbl_a:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:xbl_a: 0x3F5000
(bootloader) partition-type:userdata:ext4
(bootloader) partition-size:userdata: 0x1AE05F3000
(bootloader) partition-type:system_b:ext4
(bootloader) partition-size:system_b: 0xC0000000
(bootloader) partition-type:system_a:ext4
(bootloader) partition-size:system_a: 0xC0000000
(bootloader) partition-type:frp:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:frp: 0x80000
(bootloader) partition-type:keystore:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:keystore: 0x80000
(bootloader) partition-type:misc:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:misc: 0x100000
(bootloader) partition-type:persist:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:persist: 0x2000000
(bootloader) partition-type:ssd:raw
(bootloader) partition-size:ssd: 0x2000
(bootloader) has-slot:modem:yes
(bootloader) has-slot:system:yes
(bootloader) current-slot:b
(bootloader) has-slot:boot:yes
(bootloader) slot-retry-count:b:0
(bootloader) slot-unbootable:b:yes
(bootloader) slot-successful:b:no
(bootloader) slot-retry-count:a:0
(bootloader) slot-unbootable:a:yes
(bootloader) slot-successful:a:no
(bootloader) slot-count:2
(bootloader) secure:no
(bootloader) serialno:dc4648e9
(bootloader) product:msm8998
(bootloader) max-download-size:536870912
(bootloader) kernel:uefi

This is `getvar all` result..

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1 hour ago, divstar said:
(bootloader) slot-unbootable:b:yes 
(bootloader) slot-successful:b:no 
(bootloader) slot-retry-count:a:0 
(bootloader) slot-unbootable:a:yes 
(bootloader) slot-successful:a:no


These certainly explains why it will not boot... But how to get out of this mess is another matter....

If anybody can use it, the similar from mine (on stock) is attached.
fastboot getvar all 2>fastboot_getvar_all.txt


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