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EDIT: Sold.


I decided to sell my Pro1, too. I prefer to sell it in Germany only.

If you want to bid or buy: https://www.ebay.de/itm/F-x-tec-Pro-1-128GB-Schwarz-Ohne-Simlock-Dual-SIM-6-Display-QX1000/373198744195

Not sure how the price is, so if it doesn't sell for this price, I'm gonna lower it. Please: when I posted it on ebay-kleinanzeigen, I got like 30 messages from people supposedly wanting it and asking me to deliver it to the UK. I won't do it unless you are an active member on here. In this case I might lower the price by around 75€ compared to the buyout price, too, ending up at around 600€ give or take.

If you are a known poster on here and want this device, it doesn't matter where you're from. Just let me know on here and we will try to make it work. Please don't be upset though if I don't sell to you.

The device has had a hard reset, locking it back again worked and the device runs smoothly right now. I have a spare screen I'll add to the original box with the device. It's a QWERTZ-layout device.

I decided I am typing too little to keep it (though it's heaven for SSH and RDP as well as long E-Mails) and I might go with a ROG Phone 3 instead... probably.

I hope I didn't hijack this thread. If I did, I'd like to kindly ask to make this post a standalone thread.

Best regards,


Edit: I have used the device since mid-December 2019. It is in good condition, but one can find a few scratches here and there. This however doesn't have an impact on its functionality whatsoever.

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