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Freaking out - F(x)tec Pro delivery gone wrong (Order 42664)

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1 hour ago, JHutch9923 said:

Sigh....12 days since the last response from support. I let them know the phone was returned back and wanted to know the status of it, but still no response back. Was hoping at the least they could confirm the return and put it towards the purchase of the X model...

They are pretty bad at logistics, small operation...

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22 hours ago, internationaltraitor said:

at least you know it was returned to them.. if you wanted a model x... you will have to wait until march-april.. and with a second covid (covid-21) expect the model x to be next christmas... i would get your original phone shipped to you directly and asap.


I know it was sent back, I am not sure if they received it. I'd prefer a refund at the end of the day 😕 

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