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Sailfish OS for 2021

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Can someone point in the right direction to a fresh and updated solution on how to get latest Sailfish OS on this phone. I feel ready to do this step - I've waited for something more official for this phone from Sailfish, but there seems to be no information for someone who is not following this everyday.

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Absolutely. I think now it's only a matter of downloading the image, extracting it, and executing the supplied .sh script. On Windows, one would copy the content of the script and execute things one by one (or use WSL, or convert to .bat, I guess).

Note however that users have reported that the late ≥4.0 images do not work and would end up in a boot loop. Adam is on it, but no update has been posted yet. The way to go for now is therefore to flash an older image somewhere between 3.4 and 4.0, and then use OTA update. I haven't tried, but other users on Discord can probably elaborate.

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