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Typing in Reddit now pop-ups the onscreen keyboard + the annoying "copy paste search" bar

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I was just having a reddit convo and noticed that the onscreen keyboard popped up when I selected the reply field. At first I thought it might've been because I swapped from touch to keyboard, but everytime I tried typing in a new screen it pops up as well; it disappeared after I switched between tabs. This comes on top of an annoying "copy paste search" bar bug that has persisted accross updates: it just comes up for no reason at all, nothing is selected and when you do push "copy", it doesn't copy anything. This bug is not present on other platforms, so it might have something to do with the Markdown engine Reddit uses (if that's what it's called; I'm having difficulty finding out what runs Reddit). Have others seen these bugs as well? 

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Could be interesting if someone using reddit on Android tried with a BT keyboard or similar (e.g. BB Priv). To me it sounds like a bug in Reddit not correctly supporting real keyboards. As the handling of the existence of a real keyboard and suppressing the fake keyboard is something build into core Android.

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